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781. Valproic acid changes the expression of tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins in rat seminal vesicle. Tongpan S
Sukhorum W
Arun S
Sawatphanich T
Iamsaard S
2019 Andrologia
(), pp. e13303
782. Valproic acid withdrawal ameliorates impairments of hippocampal-spatial working memory and neurogenesis. Pannangrong W
Sirichoat A
Wongsiri T
Wigmore P
Welbat JU
2019 Journal of Zhejiang University. Science. B
3 (20), pp. 253-263
783. Value of cardiac computed tomography angiography in pre-operative assessment of infective endocarditis. Chaosuwannakit N
Makarawate P
2019 Journal of cardiothoracic surgery
1 (14), pp. 56
784. Vaporizing Effect of the Popcorn Technique for Laser Lithotripsy: Comparing the Different Settings of High Energy in a Caliceal Model. Jongjitaree K
Chotikawanich E
2019 Journal of endourology
10 (33), pp. 809-813
785. Variation between hospitals in outcomes following cardiac surgery in the UK. Soppa G
Theodoropoulos P
Bilkhu R
Harrison DA
Alam R
Beattie R
Bleetman D
Hussain A
Jones S
Kenny L
Khorsandi M
Lea A
Mensah K
Hici TN
Pinho-Gomes AC
Rogers L
Sepehripour A
Singh S
Steele D
Weaver H
Klein A
Fletcher N
Jahangiri M
2019 Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
(), pp. 1-9
786. Various surfaces challenge gait characteristics of ambulatory patients with spinal cord injury. Promkeaw D
Arrayawichanon P
Thaweewannakij T
Mato L
Amatachaya P
Amatachaya S
2019 Spinal cord
9 (57), pp. 805-813
787. Vesicular supramolecular solvent-based microextraction followed by high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of tetracyclines. Gissawong N
Boonchiangma S
Mukdasai S
Srijaranai S
2019 Talanta
(200), pp. 203-211
788. Virgin rice bran oil alleviates hypertension through the upregulation of eNOS and reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation in L-NAME-induced hypertensive rats. Jan-On G
Sangartit W
Pakdeechote P
Kukongviriyapan V
Sattayasai J
Senaphan K
Kukongviriyapan U
2019 Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.)
(69), pp. 110575
789. Vitamin D-Binding protein Gene Polymorphism Predicts Pegylated Interferon-Related HBsAg Seroclearance in HBeAg-Negative Thai Chronic Hepatitis B Patients: A Multicentre Study Thanapirom K
Suksawatamnuay S
Sukeepaisarnjaroen W
Treeprasertsuk S
Tanwandee T
Charatcharoenwitthaya P
Thongsawat S
Leerapun A
Piratvisuth T
Boonsirichan R
Bunchorntavakul C
Pattanasirigool C
Pornthisarn B
Tuntipanichteerakul S
Sripariwuth E
Jeamsripong W
Sanpajit T
Poovorawan Y
Komolmit P
2019 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP
4 (20), pp. 1257-1264
790. What do patients really want? An in-depth examination of patient experience in four Australian hospitals. Rapport F
Hibbert P
Baysari M
Long JC
Seah R
Zheng WY
Jones C
Preece K
Braithwaite J
2019 BMC health services research
1 (19), pp. 38
791. Who benefits from healthcare spending in Cambodia? Evidence for a universal health coverage policy. Asante AD
Ir P
Jacobs B
Supon L
Liverani M
Hayen A
Jan S
Wiseman V
2019 Health policy and planning
0 (34), pp. i4-i13
792. Who is biting you? DNA barcodes reveal cryptic diversity in human-biting black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae). Jomkumsing P
Tangkawanit U
Wongpakam K
Pramual P
2019 Acta tropica
(196), pp. 22-29
793. Wnt Production in Dental Epithelium Is Crucial for Tooth Differentiation. Xiong Y
Fang Y
Qian Y
Liu Y
Yang X
Huang H
Li Y
Zhang X
Zhang Z
Dong M
Qiu M
Zhu XJ
2019 Journal of dental research
(), pp. 22034519835194
794. Zika virus degrades the ω-3 fatty acid transporter Mfsd2a in brain microvascular endothelial cells and impairs lipid homeostasis. Zhou J
Chi X
Cheng M
Huang X
Liu X
Fan J
Xu H
Lin T
Shi L
Qin C
Yang W
2019 Science advances
10 (5), pp. eaax7142
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