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Title Authors Year Journal title
221. Digital image processing software for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy from fundus photograph. Ratanapakorn T
Daengphoonphol A
Eua-Anant N
Yospaiboon Y
2019 Clinical ophthalmology (Auckland, N.Z.)
(13), pp. 641-648
222. Discovery and Qualification of Serum Protein Biomarker Candidates for Cholangiocarcinoma Diagnosis. Duangkumpha K
Stoll T
Phetcharaburanin J
Yongvanit P
Thanan R
Techasen A
Namwat N
Khuntikeo N
Chamadol N
Roytrakul S
Mulvenna J
Mohamed A
Shah AK
Hill MM
Loilome W
2019 Journal of proteome research
9 (18), pp. 3305-3316
223. Discovery of processive catalysis by an exo-hydrolase with a pocket-shaped active site. Streltsov VA
Luang S
Peisley A
Varghese JN
Ketudat Cairns JR
Fort S
Hijnen M
Tvaroška I
Ardá A
Jiménez-Barbero J
Alfonso-Prieto M
Rovira C
Mendoza F
Tiessler-Sala L
Sánchez-Aparicio JE
Rodríguez-Guerra J
Lluch JM
Maréchal JD
Masgrau L
Hrmova M
2019 Nature communications
1 (10), pp. 2222
224. Disease- and Treatment-related Morbidity in Adolescents With Perinatal HIV Infection in Asia. Bartlett AW
Mohamed TJ
Sudjaritruk T
Kurniati N
Nallusamy R
Hansudewechakul R
Truong KH
Lumbiganon P
Puthanakit T
Chokephaibulkit K
Nguyen LV
Kumarasamy N
Nik Yusoff NK
Fong MS
Wati DK
Sohn AH
Kariminia A
2019 The Pediatric infectious disease journal
3 (38), pp. 287-292
225. Disparities in the impact of overweight on hypertension among Asians: a Japanese and Thai population-based study. Kotruchin P
Hoshide S
Kanegae H
Pongchaiyakul C
Kario K
2019 Journal of human hypertension
2 (33), pp. 123-130
226. Distinct structural classes of activating FOXA1 alterations in advanced prostate cancer. Parolia A
Cieslik M
Chu SC
Xiao L
Ouchi T
Zhang Y
Wang X
Vats P
Cao X
Pitchiaya S
Su F
Wang R
Feng FY
Lonigro RJ
Robinson DR
Chinnaiyan AM
2019 Nature
7765 (571), pp. 413-418
227. Diverging Awareness of Postoperative Delirium and Cognitive Dysfunction in German Health Care Providers. Sturm H
Wildermuth R
Stolz R
Bertram L
Eschweiler GW
Thomas C
Rapp M
Joos S
2019 Clinical interventions in aging
(14), pp. 2125-2135
228. Diverse cutaneous manifestation of Langerhans cell histiocytosis: a 10-year retrospective cohort study. Poompuen S
Chaiyarit J
Techasatian L
2019 European journal of pediatrics
5 (178), pp. 771-776
229. D-LL-31 in combination with ceftazidime synergistically enhances bactericidal activity and biofilm destruction in . Wongkaewkhiaw S
Taweechaisupapong S
Anutrakunchai C
Nazmi K
Bolscher JGM
Wongratanacheewin S
Kanthawong S
2019 Biofouling
(), pp. 1-12
230. Does poverty cause dental caries? Foley M
Akers HF
2019 Australian dental journal
1 (64), pp. 96-102
231. Dogs are reservoir hosts for possible transmission of human strongyloidiasis in Thailand: molecular identification and genetic diversity of causative parasite species. Sanpool O
Intapan PM
Rodpai R
Laoraksawong P
Sadaow L
Tourtip S
Piratae S
Maleewong W
Thanchomnang T
2019 Journal of helminthology
(94), pp. e110
232. Dolutegravir versus ritonavir-boosted lopinavir both with dual nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor therapy in adults with HIV-1 infection in whom first-line therapy has failed (DAWNING): an open-label, non-inferiority, phase 3b trial. Aboud M
Kaplan R
Lombaard J
Zhang F
Hidalgo JA
Mamedova E
Losso MH
Chetchotisakd P
Brites C
Sievers J
Brown D
Hopking J
Underwood M
Nascimento MC
Punekar Y
Gartland M
Smith K
2019 The Lancet. Infectious diseases
3 (19), pp. 253-264
233. Dual Analysis of Loss to Follow-up for Perinatally HIV-Infected Adolescents Receiving Combination Antiretroviral Therapy in Asia. Bartlett AW
Lumbiganon P
Jamal Mohamed TA
Lapphra K
Muktiarti D
Hansudewechakul R
Truong KH
Van Nguyen L
Puthanakit T
Sudjaritruk T
Chokephaibulkit K
Kumarasamy N
Nik Yusoff NK
Kurniati N
Fong MS
Wati DK
Nallusamy R
Sohn AH
Kariminia A
2019 Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999)
5 (82), pp. 431-438
234. Dual-Task Obstacle Crossing Training Could Immediately Improve Ability to Control a Complex Motor Task and Cognitive Activity in Chronic Ambulatory Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury. Amatachaya S
Srisim K
Arrayawichanon P
Thaweewannakij T
Amatachaya P
2019 Topics in spinal cord injury rehabilitation
3 (25), pp. 260-270
235. Early and Late Virologic Failure After Virologic Suppression in HIV-Infected Asian Children and Adolescents. Mu W
Bartlett AW
Bunupuradah T
Chokephaibulkit K
Kumarasamy N
Hansudewechakul R
Nguyen LV
Lumbiganon P
Sudjaritruk T
Mohamed TAJ
Yusoff NKN
Truong KH
Fong MS
Nallusamy R
Kurniati N
Wati DK
Sohn AH
Kariminia A
Zhang F
2019 Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999)
3 (80), pp. 308-315
236. Early Diagnosis of Spastic Cerebral Palsy in Infants with Periventricular White Matter Injury Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging. Jiang H
Li X
Jin C
Wang M
Liu C
Chan KC
Yang J
2019 AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology
1 (40), pp. 162-168
237. Early-Onset Neonatal Sepsis and Antibiotic Use in Northeast Thailand. Kiatchoosakun P
Jirapradittha J
Sirikarn P
Laopaiboon M
Pattanittum P
Chandrakachorn W
Srirojana S
Jeffery H
Green S
Lumbiganon P
2019 American journal of perinatology
12 (36), pp. 1295-1303
238. ECG triad of chronic kidney disease. Pannu AK
Dutta M
Singh HM
2019 QJM : monthly journal of the Association of Physicians
6 (112), pp. 465-466
239. Economic development and road traffic injuries and fatalities in Thailand: an application of spatial panel data analysis, 2012-2016. Suphanchaimat R
Sornsrivichai V
Limwattananon S
Thammawijaya P
2019 BMC public health
1 (19), pp. 1449
240. EFCD Curriculum for undergraduate students in Integrated Conservative Oral Healthcare (ConsCare). Meyer-Lueckel H
Opdam NJM
Breschi L
Buchalla W
Ceballos L
Doméjean S
Federlin M
Field J
Gurgan S
Hayashi M
Laegreid T
Loomans BAC
Lussi A
Lynch CD
Pallesen U
Peumans M
Toth Z
Wilson NHF
2019 Clinical oral investigations
9 (23), pp. 3661-3670
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