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101. Bioactive galloyl flavans from the stems of Helixanthera parasitica. Rajachan OA
Hongtanee L
Chalermsaen K
Kanokmedhakul K
Kanokmedhakul S
2019 Journal of Asian natural products research
(), pp. 1-8
102. Bioactive homogentisic acid derivatives from fruits and flowers of Miliusa velutina. Promgool T
Kanokmedhakul K
Tontapha S
Amornkitbamrung V
Tongpim S
Jamjan W
Kanokmedhakul S
2019 Fitoterapia
(134), pp. 65-72
103. Bioactive oxaphenalenone dimers from the fungus Talaromyces macrosporus KKU-1NK8. Chaiyosang B
Kanokmedhakul K
Sanmanoch W
Boonlue S
Hadsadee S
Jungsuttiwong S
Kanokmedhakul S
2019 Fitoterapia
(134), pp. 429-434
104. Biogas production from palm oil mill effluent and empty fruit bunches by coupled liquid and solid-state anaerobic digestion. Suksong W
Tukanghan W
Promnuan K
Kongjan P
Reungsang A
Insam H
O-Thong S
2019 Bioresource technology
(296), pp. 122304
105. Biomechanical Problems Related to the Pedicle Screw System. Mizuno T
Sakakibara T
Yoshikawa T
Inaba T
Kato T
Kasai Y
2019 Turkish neurosurgery
1 (29), pp. 53-58
106. Bladder Safety during Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery Hysterectomy in the Patients with Extensive Vesicouterine Adhesion. Tantitamit T
Temtanakitpaisan T
Lee CL
2019 Gynecology and minimally invasive therapy
3 (8), pp. 129-131
107. Blocking of methionine aminopeptidase-2 by TNP-470 induces apoptosis and increases chemosensitivity of cholangiocarcinoma. Kidoikhammouan S
Seubwai W
Silsirivanit A
Wongkham S
Sawanyawisuth K
Wongkham C
2019 Journal of cancer research and therapeutics
1 (15), pp. 148-152
108. Blunted Nighttime Sympathetic Nervous System Response to Stress Among Thai Men with Positive Family History of Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome. Mongkhonsiri P
Tong-Un T
Wyss JM
Roysommuti S
2019 International heart journal
1 (60), pp. 55-62
109. Budget Impact Analysis of Extended-Release Phenytoin Capsules Compared With Immediate-Release Phenytoin Capsules for Epilepsy Patients in Thailand. Tiamkao S
Suthipinijtham P
2019 Value in health regional issues
(21), pp. 22-28
110. Budget impact analysis of the new reimbursement policy for day surgery in Thailand. Suphanchaimat R
Thungthong J
Sriprasert K
Tisayaticom K
Limwattananon C
Limwattananon S
2019 Risk management and healthcare policy
(12), pp. 41-55
111. Can a one-on-one mentorship program reduce the turnover rate of new graduate nurses in China? A longitudinal study. Zhang Y
Huang X
Xu S
Xu C
Feng X
Jin J
2019 Nurse education in practice
(40), pp. 102616
112. Can Generic Intravenous Levetiracetam Be Used for Acute Repetitive Convulsive Seizure or Status Epilepticus? A Randomized Controlled Trial. Wongjirattikarn R
Sawanyawisuth K
Pranboon S
Tiamkao S
Tiamkao S
2019 Neurology and therapy
2 (8), pp. 425-431
113. Capacity for survival in global warming: Adaptation of mesophiles to the temperature upper limit. Kosaka T
Nakajima Y
Ishii A
Yamashita M
Yoshida S
Murata M
Kato K
Shiromaru Y
Kato S
Kanasaki Y
Yoshikawa H
Matsutani M
Thanonkeo P
Yamada M
2019 PloS one
5 (14), pp. e0215614
114. Carotid plaque and lumbar bone mineral density status in post-menopausal women: An age-matched, analytical cross-sectional study. Sitthisombat P
Soontrapa S
Kaewrudee S
Sothornwit J
Eamudomkarn N
Promsorn J
Takong W
Somboonporn W
2019 Post reproductive health
(), pp. 2053369119890746
115. Carthamus Tinctorius L. extract attenuates cardiac remodeling in L-NAME-induced hypertensive rats by inhibiting the NADPH oxidase-mediated TGF-β1 and MMP-9 pathway. Bunbupha S
Pakdeechote P
Maneesai P
Prachaney P
Boonprom P
2019 Annals of anatomy = Anatomischer Anzeiger : official organ of the Anatomische Gesellschaft
(222), pp. 120-128
116. Cashew apple juice supplementation enhances leukocyte count by reducing oxidative stress after high-intensity exercise in trained and untrained men. Prasertsri P
Roengrit T
Kanpetta Y
Tong-Un T
Muchimapura S
Wattanathorn J
Leelayuwat N
2019 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition
1 (16), pp. 31
117. Causes of death in patients with status epilepticus. Sirikarn P
Pattanittum P
Sawanyawisuth K
Tiamkao S
2019 Epilepsy & behavior : E&B
(), pp. 106372
118. Cell growth inhibition by 3-deoxysappanchalcone is mediated by directly targeting the TOPK signaling pathway in colon cancer. Zhao R
Huang H
Choi BY
Liu X
Zhang M
Zhou S
Song M
Yin F
Chen H
Shim JH
Bode AM
Dong Z
Lee MH
2019 Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology
(61), pp. 152813
119. Cellular adaptation mediated through Nrf2-mediated glutamate cysteine ligase upregulation against oxidative stress caused by iron overload in β-thalassemia/HbE patients. Somparn N
Prawan A
Senggunprai L
Kukongviriyapan U
Jetsrisuparb A
Lee M
Kim DH
Kukongviriyapan V
Surh YJ
2019 Free radical research
(), pp. 1-181
120. Cerebroprotective Effect against Cerebral Ischemia of the Combined Extract of and in Metabolic Syndrome Rats. Wattanathorn J
Ohnon W
Thukhammee W
Muchmapura S
Wannanon P
Tong-Un T
2019 Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity
(2019), pp. 9658267
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