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41. Anticholinergics and benzodiazepines on cognitive impairment among elderly with Alzheimer's disease: a 1 year follow-up study. Jenraumjit R
Chinwong S
Chinwong D
Kanjanarach T
Kshetradat T
Wongpakaran T
Wongpakaran N
2020 BMC research notes
1 (13), pp. 4
42. Antidepressant Drugs Correct the Imbalance Between proBDNF/p75NTR/Sortilin and Mature BDNF/TrkB in the Brain of Mice with Chronic Stress. Yang CR
Zhang XY
Liu Y
Liang R
Yu M
Zhang FQ
Li F
Zhou L
Zhou FH
Meng FJ
Wang S
Ming D
Zhou XF
2020 Neurotoxicity research
1 (37), pp. 171-182
43. Antidepressant-like effects of Xiaochaihutang in perimenopausal mice. Zhang K
Wang Z
Pan X
Yang J
Wu C
2020 Journal of ethnopharmacology
(248), pp. 112318
44. Antihypertensive Effect and Safety Evaluation of Rice Bran Hydrolysates from Sang-Yod Rice. Jan-On G
Sangartit W
Pakdeechote P
Kukongviriyapan V
Senaphan K
Boonla O
Thongraung C
Kukongviriyapan U
2020 Plant foods for human nutrition (Dordrecht, Netherlands)
1 (75), pp. 89-95
45. Anti-inflammatory activity of the dietary supplement Houttuynia cordata fermentation product in RAW264.7 cells and Wistar rats. Woranam K
Senawong G
Utaiwat S
Yunchalard S
Sattayasai J
Senawong T
2020 PloS one
3 (15), pp. e0230645
46. Anti-inflammatory and immune properties of the peltatoside, isolated from the leaves of Annona crassiflora Mart., in a new experimental model zebrafish. Prata MNL
Charlie-Silva I
Gomes JMM
Barra A
Berg BB
Paiva IR
Melo DC
Klein A
Romero MGMC
Oliveira CC
Pimenta LPS
Júnior JDC
Perez AC
2020 Fish & shellfish immunology
(101), pp. 234-243
47. Anti-inflammatory effect of photodynamic therapy using guaiazulene and red lasers on peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Mangkhalthon AP
Teerakapong A
Tippayawat P
Morales NP
Morkmued S
Puasiri S
Priprem A
Damrongrungruang T
2020 Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy
(), pp. 101747
48. A panel of protein kinase high expression is associated with postoperative recurrence in cholangiocarcinoma. Padthaisong S
Thanee M
Namwat N
Phetcharaburanin J
Klanrit P
Khuntikeo N
Titapun A
Loilome W
2020 BMC cancer
1 (20), pp. 154
49. [A pediatric-inspired regimen for adolescents and young adults with Philadelphia chromosome-negative acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results from a single center]. Feng J
Zhang L
Cao XX
Zhang Y
Yang C
Cai HC
Chen M
Wang W
Zhang W
Zhu TN
Duan MH
Li J
Zhou DB
2020 Zhonghua xue ye xue za zhi = Zhonghua xueyexue zazhi
5 (41), pp. 399-404
50. A polyphenotypic malignant paediatric brain tumour presenting a MN1-PATZ1 fusion, no epigenetic similarities with CNS High-Grade Neuroepithelial Tumour with MN1 Alteration (CNS HGNET-MN1) and related to PATZ1-fused sarcomas. Burel-Vandenbos F
Pierron G
Thomas C
Reynaud S
Gregoire V
Duhil de Benaze G
Croze S
Chivoret N
Honavar M
Figarella-Branger D
Maurage CA
Pedeutour F
Hasselblatt M
Godfraind C
2020 Neuropathology and applied neurobiology
5 (46), pp. 506-509
51. [Application of multidisciplinary team (MDT) in the treatment of severe trauma]. DU Z
Huang W
Wang ZW
Zhou J
Xiong J
Li M
Zhang P
Liu ZD
Zhu FX
Wang CL
Jiang BG
Wang TB
2020 Beijing da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Peking University. Health sciences
2 (52), pp. 298-301
52. Application of quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasound for evaluation and guiding biopsy of peripheral pulmonary lesions: a preliminary study. Wang Y
Xu Z
Huang H
Zhou X
Xian M
2020 Clinical radiology
1 (75), pp. 79.e19-79.e24
53. [Application of urethral pressure profilometry in artificial urinary sphincter implantation]. Meng LF
Liu XD
Wang M
Zhang W
Hou HM
Zhao SY
Zhou YH
Chu X
Zhang YG
Wang XM
Wang JW
2020 Zhonghua yi xue za zhi
26 (100), pp. 2044-2048
54. Appropriate Blood Pressure in Cerebral Aneurysm Clipping for Prevention of Delayed Ischemic Neurologic Deficits. Thongrong C
Kasemsiri P
Duangthongphon P
Kitkhuandee A
2020 Anesthesiology research and practice
(2020), pp. 6539456
55. A Prospective Randomized Double-blind study of silicone gel plus Herbal Extracts Versus Placebo in Pre-sternal hypertrophic scar prevention and amelioration. Surakunprapha P
Winaikosol K
Chowchuen B
Punyavong P
Jenwitheesuk K
Jenwitheesuk K
2020 Heliyon
5 (6), pp. e03883
56. A rapid and simple method for the removal of dyes and organophosphorus pesticides from water and soil samples using deep eutectic solvent embedded sponge. Gissawong N
Mukdasai S
Boonchiangma S
Sansuk S
Srijaranai S
2020 Chemosphere
(260), pp. 127590
57. A recurrent subcutaneous tumour of the thumb: a case of a capicua transcriptional repressor (CIC)-rearranged sarcoma. Mizukami T
Yanagi T
Kitamura S
Narahira A
Maeda T
Hata H
Takakuwa E
Doi K
Sugita S
Hasegawa T
Ikenaga H
Shimizu H
2020 Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV
2 (34), pp. e59-e61
58. Are full-face helmets the most effective in preventing head and neck injury in motorcycle accidents? A -analysis. Chaichan S
Asawalertsaeng T
Veerapongtongchai P
Chattakul P
Khamsai S
Pongkulkiat P
Chotmongkol V
Limpawattana P
Chindaprasirt J
Senthong V
Ngamjarus C
Sittichanbuncha Y
Kitkhuandee A
Sawanyawisuth K
2020 Preventive medicine reports
(19), pp. 101118
59. Arginine GlcNAcylation of Rab small GTPases by the pathogen Salmonella Typhimurium. Meng K
Zhuang X
Peng T
Hu S
Yang J
Wang Z
Fu J
Xue J
Pan X
Lv J
Liu X
Shao F
Li S
2020 Communications biology
1 (3), pp. 287
60. Arginine, glutamine, and fish oil supplementation in cancer patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy: A randomized control study. Chitapanarux I
Traisathit P
Chitapanarux T
Jiratrachu R
Chottaweesak P
Chakrabandhu S
Rasio W
Pisprasert V
Sripan P
2020 Current problems in cancer
1 (44), pp. 100482
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