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141. Coronary artery calcium score quantification using a deep-learning algorithm. Wang W
Wang H
Chen Q
Zhou Z
Wang R
Zhang N
Chen Y
Sun Z
Xu L
2020 Clinical radiology
3 (75), pp. 237.e11-237.e16
142. Correction: A chemical inhibitor of PPM1D that selectively kills cells overexpressing PPM1D. Rayter S
Elliott R
Travers J
Rowlands MG
Richardson TB
Boxall K
Jones K
Linardopoulos S
Workman P
Aherne W
Lord CJ
Ashworth A
2020 Oncogene
24 (39), pp. 4780
143. Correction: Comprehensive Analysis of Human Cytomegalovirus MicroRNA Expression during Lytic and Quiescent Infection. Shen ZZ
Pan X
Miao LF
Chavanas S
Davrinche C
McVoy M
Luo MH
2020 PloS one
4 (15), pp. e0231909
144. Correction to: Signaling lipids as diagnostic biomarkers for ocular surface cicatrizing conjunctivitis. Di Zazzo A
Yang W
Coassin M
Micera A
Antonini M
Piccinni F
De Piano M
Kohler I
Harms AC
Hankemeier T
Bonini S
Mashaghi A
2020 Journal of molecular medicine (Berlin, Germany)
7 (98), pp. 1049
145. Corrigendum to "Huachansu capsule inhibits the proliferation of human gastric cancer cells via Akt/mTOR pathway" [Biomed. Pharmacother. 118 (2019) 109241]. Ni T
Wang H
Li D
Tao L
Lv M
Jin F
Wang W
Feng J
Qian Y
Sunagawa M
Liu Y
2020 Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie
(), pp. 109823
146. Cost-effectiveness of denosumab for high-risk postmenopausal women with osteoporosis in Thailand. Pongchaiyakul C
Nanagara R
Songpatanasilp T
Unnanuntana A
2020 Journal of medical economics
(), pp. 1
147. COVID-19: from epidemiology to treatment. Pericàs JM
Hernandez-Meneses M
Sheahan TP
Quintana E
Ambrosioni J
Sandoval E
Falces C
Marcos MA
Tuset M
Vilella A
Moreno A
Miro JM
2020 European heart journal
22 (41), pp. 2092-2112
148. Critical Care Bed Capacity in Asian Countries and Regions. Phua J
Faruq MO
Kulkarni AP
Redjeki IS
Detleuxay K
Mendsaikhan N
Sann KK
Shrestha BR
Hashmi M
Palo JEM
Haniffa R
Wang C
Hashemian SMR
Konkayev A
Mat Nor MB
Patjanasoontorn B
Nafees KMK
Ling L
Nishimura M
Al Bahrani MJ
Arabi YM
Lim CM
Fang WF
2020 Critical care medicine
5 (48), pp. 654-662
149. CT Imaging of Acute Ischemic Stroke. Byrne D
Walsh JP
Sugrue G
Nicolaou S
Rohr A
2020 Canadian Association of Radiologists journal = Journal l'Association canadienne des radiologistes
(), pp. 846537120902068
150. CTXA hip: the effect of partial volume correction on volumetric bone mineral density data for cortical and trabecular bone. Liu Y
Wang L
Su Y
Brown K
Yang R
Zhang Y
Duanmu Y
Guo Z
Zhang W
Yan C
Yan D
Cheng X
2020 Archives of osteoporosis
1 (15), pp. 50
151. Curative effect of xanthohumol supplementation during liver fluke-associated cholangiocarcinogenesis: Potential involvement of autophagy. Thongchot S
Thanee M
Loilome W
Techasen A
Boonmars T
Sa-Ngiamwibool P
Titapun A
Yongvanit P
Isidoro C
Namwat N
2020 Journal of traditional and complementary medicine
3 (10), pp. 230-235
152. Curcumin enhances chemotherapeutic effects and suppresses ANGPTL4 in anoikis-resistant cholangiocarcinoma cells. San TT
Khaenam P
Prachayasittikul V
Sripa B
Kunkeaw N
Chan-On W
2020 Heliyon
1 (6), pp. e03255
153. Current status of Opisthorchis viverrini, minute intestinal fluke and Taenia spp. infections among inhabitants in the Kenethao district of northern Lao PDR. Senephansiri P
Thongseesuksai T
Sithay P
Laymanivong S
Boonmar T
Laummaunwai P
2020 Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
5 (114), pp. 397-400
154. Cutting antiparallel DNA strands in a single active site. Chen X
Cui Y
Best RB
Wang H
Zhou ZH
Yang W
Gellert M
2020 Nature structural & molecular biology
2 (27), pp. 119-126
155. Cytotoxic compounds from the stems of and their bioactivity. Wosawat P
Senawong T
Suchaichit N
Suchaichit NP
Kanokmedhakul K
Kanokmedhakul S
Moosophon P
2020 Natural product research
(), pp. 1-8
156. Cytotoxicity of acylphloroglucinol derivatives from the fruits of . Suthiwong J
Sribuhom T
Wongphakham P
Senawong T
Yenjai C
2020 Natural product research
(), pp. 1-9
157. Daily Preventive Zinc Supplementation Decreases Lymphocyte and Eosinophil Concentrations in Rural Laotian Children from Communities with a High Prevalence of Zinc Deficiency: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial. Kewcharoenwong C
Schuster GU
Wessells KR
Hinnouho GM
Barffour MA
Kounnavong S
Brown KH
Hess SY
Samer W
Tussakhon I
Peerson JM
Lertmemongkolchai G
Stephensen CB
2020 The Journal of nutrition
8 (150), pp. 2204-2213
158. Dataset of serum proteomic spectra from tuberculosis patients detected by Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Kaewseekhao B
Nuntawong N
Eiamchai P
Roytrakul S
Reechaipichitkul W
Faksri K
2020 Data in brief
(28), pp. 104891
159. DC591017, a phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE4) inhibitor with robust anti-inflammation through regulating PKA-CREB signaling. Li H
Li J
Zhang X
Feng C
Fan C
Yang X
Zhang R
Zhu F
Zhou Y
Xu Y
Liu H
Tang W
2020 Biochemical pharmacology
(), pp. 113958
160. Deep neuromuscular blockade for endolaryngeal procedures: A multicenter randomized study. Laosuwan P
Songarj P
Lapisatepun W
Boonsri S
Rodanant O
Wasinwong W
Sriraj W
Watcharotayangul J
Wongyingsinn M
2020 The Laryngoscope
2 (130), pp. 437-441
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