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141. Assessment of ramie leaf (Boehmeria nivea L. gaud) as an animal feed supplement in P.R. China. Mu L
Cai M
Wang Z
Liu J
Liu T
Wanapat M
Huang B
2020 Tropical animal health and production
1 (52), pp. 115-121
142. Assessment of the clinical efficacy of simultaneous transurethral resection of both bladder cancer and the prostate: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Zhou L
Liang X
Zhang K
2020 The aging male : the official journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male
(), pp. 1-12
143. Assessment of the Risks of the Major Use Antibiotics in China's Surface Waters Using a Probabilistic Approach. Li Q
Cheng B
Liu S
Zhang Y
Zhou L
Guo J
2020 Integrated environmental assessment and management
1 (16), pp. 43-52
144. Assignment of Dental Hygienists Improves Outcomes in Japanese Rehabilitation Wards: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Suzuki R
Nagano A
Wakabayashi H
Maeda K
Nishioka S
Takahashi M
Momosaki R
2020 The journal of nutrition, health & aging
1 (24), pp. 28-36
145. Associated factors of early-onset pulmonary hypertension and clinical difference between early- and late-onset pulmonary hypertension in Thai systemic sclerosis. Krikeerati T
Pussadhamma B
Mahakkanukrauh A
Suwannaroj S
Nanagara R
Foocharoen C
2020 Modern rheumatology
(), pp. 1-20
146. Association between dexamethasone treatment and alterations in serum concentrations of trace metals. Yamashita K
Ogihara T
Hayashi M
Nakagawa T
Ishizaki Y
Kume M
Yano I
Niigata R
Hiraoka J
Yasui H
Nakamura T
2020 Die Pharmazie
5 (75), pp. 217-221
147. [Association between perceived built environment attributes and adults' leisure-time physical activity in four cities of China]. Duan YJ
Yang SC
Han YT
Fan JN
Wang SJ
Yu M
Zhou JY
Tian XC
Liang MB
Hua YJ
Chen L
Gao WJ
Cao WH
Lyu J
2020 Zhonghua liu xing bing xue za zhi = Zhonghua liuxingbingxue zazhi
8 (41), pp. 1280-1285
148. Association between self-reported snoring and hypertension among Chinese Han population aged 30-79 in Chongqing, China. Xiao M
Tang X
Zhang F
Zhou L
Bu X
Liu X
Ding X
Shen Z
Chen L
Wu Y
Tang W
Qiu J
2020 Environmental health and preventive medicine
1 (25), pp. 78
149. Association of combined genetic variations in SOD3, GPX3, PON1, and GSTT1 with hypertension and severity of coronary artery disease. Decharatchakul N
Settasatian C
Settasatian N
Komanasin N
Kukongviriyapan U
Intharapetch P
Senthong V
Sawanyawisuth K
2020 Heart and vessels
7 (35), pp. 918-929
150. Association of Genetic Variations in NRF2, NQO1, HMOX1, and MT with Severity of Coronary Artery Disease and Related Risk Factors. Sarutipaiboon I
Settasatian N
Komanasin N
Kukongwiriyapan U
Sawanyawisuth K
Intharaphet P
Senthong V
Settasatian C
2020 Cardiovascular toxicology
2 (20), pp. 176-189
151. Association of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Long Control Region Variations with Cervical Cancer in a Han Chinese Population. Dai S
Li C
Yan Z
Zhou Z
Wang X
Wang J
Sun L
Shi L
Yao Y
2020 International journal of medical sciences
7 (17), pp. 931-938
152. Association of mineralocorticoid receptor gene (NR3C2) hypermethylation in adult males with aggressive behavior. Qing L
Gao C
Ji A
Lü X
Zhou L
Nie S
2020 Behavioural brain research
(398), pp. 112980
153. Association of plasma β-amyloid 40 and 42 concentration with type 2 diabetes among Chinese adults. Peng X
Xu Z
Mo X
Guo Q
Yin J
Xu M
Peng Z
Sun T
Zhou L
Xu S
Yang W
Bao W
Shan Z
Li X
Liu L
2020 Diabetologia
5 (63), pp. 954-963
154. Association of plasma chromium with metabolic syndrome among Chinese adults: a case-control study. Chen S
Zhou L
Guo Q
Fang C
Wang M
Peng X
Yin J
Li S
Zhu Y
Yang W
Zhang Y
Shan Z
Chen X
Liu L
2020 Nutrition journal
1 (19), pp. 107
155. Associations among thermal biology, preovulatory follicle diameter, follicular and luteal vascularities, and sex steroid hormone concentrations during preovulatory and postovulatory periods in tropical beef cows. Jitjumnong J
Moonmanee T
Sudwan P
Mektrirat R
Osathanunkul M
Navanukraw C
Panatuk J
Yama P
Pirokad W
U-Krit W
Chaikol W
2020 Animal reproduction science
(213), pp. 106281
156. Association study of genetic variants at TTC32-WDR35 gene cluster with coronary artery disease in Chinese Han population. Xu Y
Zhuo Y
Ye M
Li M
Tang X
Zhou L
2020 Journal of clinical laboratory analysis
(), pp. e23594
157. A Standardized Strategy for Simultaneous Quantification of Urine Metabolites to Validate Development of a Biomarker Panel Allowing Comprehensive Assessment of Dietary Exposure. Beckmann M
Wilson T
Zubair H
Lloyd AJ
Lyons L
Phillips H
Tailliart K
Gregory N
Thatcher R
Garcia-Perez I
Frost G
Mathers JC
Draper J
2020 Molecular nutrition & food research
(), pp. e2000517
158. Astrocyte-derived VEGF increases cerebral microvascular permeability under high salt conditions. Deng Z
Zhou L
Wang Y
Liao S
Huang Y
Shan Y
Tan S
Zeng Q
Peng L
Huang H
Lu Z
2020 Aging
12 (12), pp. 11781-11793
159. A study of 30 odors panel smell identification test, smell detection threshold and University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT) in Thailand. Kasemsuk N
Thanaviratananich S
Piromchai P
2020 Auris, nasus, larynx
6 (47), pp. 1003-1008
160. Atractylodis Rhizoma: a review of its traditional uses, phytochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and quality control. Zhang WJ
Zhao ZY
Chang LK
Cao Y
Wang S
Kang CZ
Wang HY
Zhou L
Huang LQ
Guo LP
2020 Journal of ethnopharmacology
(), pp. 113415
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