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Title Authors Year Journal title
181. Correlation Between Dual-Time-Point FDG PET and Tumor Microenvironment Immune Types in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Zhou J
Zou S
Cheng S
Kuang D
Li D
Chen L
Liu C
Yan J
Zhu X
2021 Frontiers in oncology
(11), pp. 559623
182. Correlations Between TIMD-4 Gene Variants and the Risk and Clinical Features of Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Chinese Population. Yang Z
Liu S
Zhou L
Zhang H
Xu N
2021 Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
(14), pp. 221-228
183. Corrigendum to "Injectable muscle-adhesive antioxidant conductive photothermal bioactive nanomatrix for efficiently promoting full-thickness skeletal muscle regeneration" [Bioact Mater, 6(2021)1605-1617]. Zhou L
Ge J
Wang M
Cheng W
Ji W
Lei B
2021 Bioactive materials
12 (6), pp. 4319-4320
184. Corrigendum to "Molecular networking uncovers steroidal saponins of Paris tengchongensis" [Fitoterapia 145 (2020) 104629]. Wang J
Li D
Ni W
Qin XJ
Liu H
Qiao X
He L
Nian SH
Liu HY
2021 Fitoterapia
(), pp. 104830
185. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Ginkgolide Injection in the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke Based on a Randomized Clinical Trial. Xiang Y
Yang N
Guo Z
Zhou L
Guo JJ
Hu M
2021 Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.)
4 (27), pp. 331-341
186. [COVID-19 and the central and peripheral nervous system]. Ritschel N
Radbruch H
Herden C
Schneider N
Dittmayer C
Franz J
Thomas C
Silva Boos G
Pagenstecher A
Schulz-Schaeffer W
Stadelmann C
Glatzel M
Heppner FL
Weis J
Sohrabi K
Schänzer A
Németh A
Acker T
2021 Der Pathologe
2 (42), pp. 172-182
187. Cross-oncopanel study reveals high sensitivity and accuracy with overall analytical performance depending on genomic regions. Gong B
Li D
Kusko R
Novoradovskaya N
Zhang Y
Wang S
Pabón-Peña C
Zhang Z
Lai K
Cai W
LoCoco JS
Lader E
Richmond TA
Mittal VK
Liu LC
Johann DJ
Willey JC
Bushel PR
Yu Y
Xu C
Chen G
Burgess D
Cawley S
Giorda K
Haseley N
Qiu F
Wilkins K
Arib H
Attwooll C
Babson K
Bao L
Bao W
Lucas AB
Best H
Bhandari A
Bisgin H
Blackburn J
Blomquist TM
Boardman L
Burgher B
Butler DJ
Chang CJ
Chaubey A
Chen T
Chierici M
Chin CR
Close D
Conroy J
Coleman JC
Craig DJ
Crawford E
Del Pozo A
Deveson IW
Duncan D
Eterovic AK
Fan X
Foox J
Furlanello C
Ghosal A
Glenn S
Guan M
Haag C
Hang X
Happe S
Hennigan B
Hipp J
Hong H
Horvath K
Hu J
Hung LY
Jarosz M
Kerkhof J
Kipp B
Kreil DP
Łabaj P
Lapunzina P
Li P
Li W
Li Z
Liang Y
Liu S
Liu Z
Ma C
Marella N
Martín-Arenas R
Megherbi DB
Meng Q
Mieczkowski PA
Morrison T
Muzny D
Ning B
Parsons BL
Paweletz CP
Pirooznia M
Qu W
Raymond A
Rindler P
Ringler R
Sadikovic B
Scherer A
Schulze E
Sebra R
Shaknovich R
Shi Q
Shi T
Silla-Castro JC
Smith M
López MS
Song P
Stetson D
Strahl M
Stuart A
Supplee J
Szankasi P
Tan H
Tang LY
Tao Y
Thakkar S
Thierry-Mieg D
Thierry-Mieg J
Thodima VJ
Thomas D
Tichý B
Tom N
Garcia EV
Verma S
Walker K
Wang C
Wang J
Wang Y
Wen Z
Wirta V
Wu L
Xiao C
Xiao W
Xu S
Yang M
Ying J
Yip SH
Zhang G
Zhang S
Zhao M
Zheng Y
Zhou X
Mason CE
Mercer T
Tong W
Shi L
Jones W
Xu J
2021 Genome biology
1 (22), pp. 109
188. Cross-shift change of acute kidney injury biomarkers in sugarcane farmers and cutters. Pundee R
Kongtip P
Nankongnab N
Anutrakulchai S
Robson MG
Woskie S
2021 Human and ecological risk assessment : HERA
5 (27), pp. 1170-1187
189. Crude saponin extract from Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Pers pod meal could modulate ruminal fermentation, and protein utilization, as well as mitigate methane production. Unnawong N
Cherdthong A
So S
2021 Tropical animal health and production
2 (53), pp. 196
190. CT based automatic clinical target volume delineation using a dense-fully connected convolution network for cervical Cancer radiation therapy. Ju Z
Guo W
Gu S
Zhou J
Yang W
Cong X
Dai X
Quan H
Liu J
Qu B
Liu G
2021 BMC cancer
1 (21), pp. 243
191. Cucurbitacin B Diminishes Metastatic Behavior of Cholangiocarcinoma Cells by Suppressing Focal Adhesion Kinase. Kaewmeesri P
Kukongviriyapan V
Prawan A
Kongpetch S
Senggunprai L
2021 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP
1 (22), pp. 219-225
192. Cu-doped cerium oxide-based nanomedicine for tumor microenvironment-stimulative chemo-chemodynamic therapy with minimal side effects. Cheng F
Wang S
Zheng H
Yang S
Zhou L
Liu K
Zhang Q
Zhang H
2021 Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
(205), pp. 111878
193. Curcumin-loaded nanocomplexes: Acute and chronic toxicity studies in mice and hamsters. Jantawong C
Priprem A
Intuyod K
Pairojkul C
Pinlaor P
Waraasawapati S
Mongkon I
Chamgramol Y
Pinlaor S
2021 Toxicology reports
(8), pp. 1346-1357
194. Curcumin Mitigates Hypertension, Endothelial Dysfunction and Oxidative Stress in Rats with Chronic Exposure to Lead and Cadmium. Tubsakul A
Sangartit W
Pakdeechote P
Kukongviriyapan V
Apaijit K
Kukongviriyapan U
2021 The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine
1 (253), pp. 69-76
195. Cytogenetic characterisation and chromosomal mapping of microsatellite and telomeric repeats in two gecko species (Reptilia, Gekkonidae) from Thailand. Thongnetr W
Aiumsumang S
Kongkaew R
Tanomtong A
Suwannapoom C
Phimphan S
2021 Comparative cytogenetics
1 (15), pp. 41-52
196. Decreased expression of AKAP4 and TyrPho proteins in testis, epididymis, and spermatozoa with low sexual performance of mice induced by modified CUMS. Choowong-In P
Sattayasai J
Poodendaen C
Iamsaard S
2021 Andrologia
(), pp. e13977
197. Decreasing trends in cholangiocarcinoma incidence and relative survival in Khon Kaen, Thailand: An updated, inclusive, population-based cancer registry analysis for 1989-2018. Kamsa-Ard S
Santong C
Kamsa-Ard S
Luvira V
Luvira V
Suwanrungruang K
Bhudhisawasdi V
2021 PloS one
2 (16), pp. e0246490
198. Deep Learning Approach for Ascaris lumbricoides Parasite Egg Classification. Butploy N
Kanarkard W
Maleewong Intapan P
2021 Journal of parasitology research
(2021), pp. 6648038
199. Description of Participants in the "Atout Age Mobility" Prevention Workshops at the University Hospital Center of La Réunion: A Prospective Study. Legrand F
Eychene JM
Audiffren J
Klein A
Labourdette C
Nicolaï A
Sandron F
Vidal PP
2021 The journal of nutrition, health & aging
5 (25), pp. 628-636
200. Design, Synthesis, and Bioactivity Evaluation of Dual-Target Inhibitors of Tubulin and Src Kinase Guided by Crystal Structure. Wang L
Zheng Y
Li D
Yang J
Lei L
Yan W
Zheng W
Tang M
Shi M
Zhang R
Cai X
Ni H
Ma X
Li N
Hong F
Ye H
Chen L
2021 Journal of medicinal chemistry
12 (64), pp. 8127-8141
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