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Title Authors Year Journal title
341. Effect of zymosan on feed passage in the digestive tract in chicks. Tachibana T
Takahashi M
Takeda K
Ogino M
Khan MSI
Makino R
Cline MA
2021 British poultry science
(), pp. 1-10
342. Effects of a national policy advocating rational drug use on decreases in outpatient antibiotic prescribing rates in Thailand. Waleekhachonloet O
Rattanachotphanit T
Limwattananon C
Thammatacharee N
Limwattananon S
2021 Pharmacy practice
1 (19), pp. 2201
343. Effects of atosiban on uterine peristalsis following frozen embryo transfer: A randomized controlled trial. Buddhabunyakan N
Sothornwit J
Seejorn K
Buppasiri P
Salang L
2021 European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology
(265), pp. 96-101
344. Effects of elastic tape in pregnant women with low back pain: A randomized controlled trial. Chamnankrom M
Manimmanakorn N
Manimmanakorn A
Kongwattanakul K
Hamlin MJ
2021 Journal of back and musculoskeletal rehabilitation
1 (34), pp. 111-119
345. Effects of FGFR4 G388R, V10I polymorphisms on the likelihood of cancer. Peng T
Sun Y
Lv Z
Zhang Z
Su Q
Wu H
Zhang W
Yuan W
Zuo L
Shi L
Zhang LF
Zhou X
Mi Y
2021 Scientific reports
1 (11), pp. 1373
346. Effects of FSH treatment and withdrawal during proestrus on uterine proliferation and steroid hormone receptor expression in beef heifers. Bunma T
Kanjanaruch C
Kogram N
Uriyapongson S
Khanthusaeng V
Navanukraw C
2021 Animal science journal = Nihon chikusan Gakkaiho
1 (92), pp. e13621
347. Effects of Proprioceptive and Craniocervical Flexor Training on Static Balance in University Student Smartphone Users with Balance Impairment: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Wah SW
Puntumetakul R
Boucaut R
2021 Journal of pain research
(14), pp. 1935-1947
348. Effects of supplemental Bacillus subtilis, injectable vitamin E plus selenium, or both on health parameters during the transition period in dairy cows in a tropical environment. Choonkham W
Intanon M
Chewonarin T
Bernard JK
Suriyasathaporn W
2021 Tropical animal health and production
2 (53), pp. 298
349. Efficacy and outcome of simple limbal epithelial transplantation for limbal stem cell deficiency verified by epithelial phenotypes integrated with clinical evaluation. Prabhasawat P
Chirapapaisan C
Ngowyutagon P
Ekpo P
Tangpagasit W
Lekhanont K
Sikarinkul R
Matamnan S
Boonwong C
Pinitpuwadol W
Thamphithak R
Sukon N
Neti N
2021 The ocular surface
(22), pp. 27-37
350. Efficacy and safety of interferon α-2b spray for herpangina in children: A randomized, controlled trial. Ye YZ
Dou YL
Hao JH
Zhou L
Lin AW
Wang SN
Deng JK
Lei M
Luo RP
Liao YN
Chen Y
Long YY
Chen BQ
Yang Z
Gan L
Nong GM
Yan WL
Yu H
2021 International journal of infectious diseases : IJID : official publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases
(107), pp. 62-68
351. Efficacy and Safety of the Biosimilar IBI301 Plus Standard CHOP (I-CHOP) in Comparison With Rituximab Plus CHOP (R-CHOP) in Patients with Previously Untreated Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL): A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Phase 3 Trial. Song Y
Zhou H
Zhang H
Liu W
Shuang Y
Zhou K
Lv F
Xu H
Zhou J
Li W
Wang H
Huang H
Zhang Q
Xu W
Ge Z
Xiang Y
Wang S
Gao D
Yang S
Lin J
Wang L
Zou L
Zheng M
Liu J
Shao Z
Pang Y
Xia R
Chen Z
Hou M
Yao H
Feng R
Cai Z
Zhang M
Ran W
Liu L
Zeng S
Yang W
Liu P
Liang A
Zuo X
Zou Q
Ma J
Sang W
Guo Y
Zhang W
Cao Y
Li Y
Feng J
Du X
Zhang X
Zhao H
Yu J
Sun X
Zhu J
Qiu L
2021 Advances in therapy
4 (38), pp. 1889-1903
352. Efficacy and safety of two artificial saliva-based polymers containing 0.1% pilocarpine for treatment of xerostomia: A randomized clinical pilot trial. Sarideechaigul W
Priprem A
Limsitthichaikoon S
Phothipakdee P
Chaijit R
Jorns TP
Lungruammit N
Chaiya K
2021 Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry
10 (13), pp. e994-e1000
353. Efficacy and Safety of (Xueshuantong) in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke (EXPECT) Trial: Rationale and Design. Feng L
Han F
Zhou L
Wu S
Du Y
Zhang D
Zhang C
Gao Y
2021 Frontiers in pharmacology
(12), pp. 648921
354. Efficacy of Combination Docetaxel and Nintedanib in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Thailand: A Multicenter Study. Korphaisarn K
Danchaivijitr P
Reungwetwattana T
Chewaskulyong B
Thongthieang L
Chindaprasirt J
Maneenil K
Sathitruangsak C
Vinayanuwattikun C
2021 Frontiers in oncology
(11), pp. 572740
355. Efficacy of Generic Atorvastatin in a Real-World Setting. Manasirisuk P
Chainirun N
Tiamkao S
Lertsinudom S
Phunikhom K
Sawunyavisuth B
Sawanyawisuth K
2021 Clinical pharmacology : advances and applications
(13), pp. 45-51
356. Efficacy of Intraoperative Hemodynamic Optimization Using FloTrac/EV1000 Platform for Early Goal-Directed Therapy to Improve Postoperative Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft with Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Tribuddharat S
Sathitkarnmanee T
Ngamsangsirisup K
Nongnuang K
2021 Medical devices (Auckland, N.Z.)
(14), pp. 201-209
357. Efficacy of selected pretreatment processes in the mitigation of low-pressure membrane fouling and its correlation to their removal of microbial DOM. Jutaporn P
Cory RM
Singer PC
Coronell O
2021 Chemosphere
(277), pp. 130284
358. Efficacy of Venetoclax Combined with Decitabine-Based Treatment for Heavily Pre-Treated Relapsed or Refractory AML Patients in a Real-World Setting. Tong J
Zhao N
Hu X
Yao W
Cheng Y
Zhou L
Liu H
Geng L
Sun Z
Zheng C
2021 Cancer management and research
(13), pp. 5613-5621
359. Efficiency of High Rate Treatment of Low-strength Municipality Sewage by a Pilot-scale Combination System of a Sedimentation Tank and a Down-flow Hanging Sponge Reactor. Kirishima Y
Choeisai P
Khotwieng W
Hatamoto M
Watari T
Choeisai K
Panchaban P
Wong-Asa T
Yamaguchi T
2021 Environmental technology
(), pp. 1-33
360. Electrochemical Biosensor Based on HRP/TiC/Nafion Film for Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide in Serum Samples of Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Xu W
Sakran M
Fei J
Li X
Weng C
Yang W
Zhu G
Zhu W
Zhou X
2021 ACS biomaterials science & engineering
6 (7), pp. 2767-2773
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