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441. Preparation and characterization of an eco-friendly dust suppression and sand-fixation liquid mulching film. Liang J
Ning R
Sun Z
Liu X
Sun W
Zhou X
2021 Carbohydrate polymers
(256), pp. 117429
442. Presence and Transfer of Antimicrobial Resistance Determinants in in Pigs, Pork, and Humans in Thailand and Lao PDR Border Provinces. Pungpian C
Sinwat N
Angkititrakul S
Prathan R
Chuanchuen R
2021 Microbial drug resistance (Larchmont, N.Y.)
4 (27), pp. 571-584
443. Preservation of the viability and gene expression of human periodontal ligament cells by Thai propolis extract. Bunwanna A
Damrongrungruang T
Puasiri S
Kantrong N
Chailertvanitkul P
2021 Dental traumatology : official publication of International Association for Dental Traumatology
1 (37), pp. 123-130
444. Prevalence and clinical associations with premature ovarian insufficiency, early menopause, and low ovarian reserve in systemic sclerosis. Jutiviboonsuk A
Salang L
Eamudomkarn N
Mahakkanukrauh A
Suwannaroj S
Foocharoen C
2021 Clinical rheumatology
6 (40), pp. 2267-2275
445. Prevalence and clinical association with acro-osteolysis in early systemic sclerosis. Sakchaikul A
Chowchuen P
Foocharoen C
Thammaroj P
2021 Clinical and experimental rheumatology
(), pp.
446. Prevalence and clinical association with calcinosis cutis in early systemic sclerosis. Muktabhant C
Thammaroj P
Chowchuen P
Foocharoen C
2021 Modern rheumatology
(), pp. 1-19
447. Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency in Females from Previously Malaria Endemic Regions in Northeastern Thailand and Identification of a Novel G6PD Variant. Dechyotin S
Sakunthai K
Khemtonglang N
Yamsri S
Sanchaisuriya K
Kitcharoen K
Kitcharoen S
2021 Mediterranean journal of hematology and infectious diseases
1 (13), pp. e2021029
448. Prevalence and predictive factors of osteoporosis in Thai systemic sclerosis. Chuealee W
Foocharoen C
Mahakkanukrauh A
Suwannaroj S
Pongchaiyakul C
Nanagara R
2021 Scientific reports
1 (11), pp. 9424
449. Prevalence of intracardiac thrombi on cardiac computed tomography angiography: Outcome and impact on consequent management. Chaosuwannakit N
Makarawate P
2021 European journal of radiology open
(8), pp. 100330
450. Prevalence of leucocyte antibodies in non-transfused male and female platelet apheresis donors. Simtong P
Sudwilai Y
Cheunta S
Leelayuwat C
Romphruk AV
2021 Transfusion medicine (Oxford, England)
3 (31), pp. 186-192
451. Production and characterization of antibody against Opisthorchis viverrini via phage display and molecular simulation. Siripanthong S
Techasen A
Nantasenamat C
Malik AA
Sithithaworn P
Leelayuwat C
Jumnainsong A
2021 PloS one
3 (16), pp. e0248887
452. Profiling of Bile Microbiome Identifies District Microbial Population between Choledocholithiasis and Cholangiocarcinoma Patients. Dangtakot R
Intuyod K
Ahooja A
Wongwiwatchai J
Hanpanich P
Lulitanond A
Chamgramol Y
Pinlaor S
Pinlaor P
2021 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP
1 (22), pp. 233-240
453. Promoter hypermethylation of early B cell factor 1 (EBF1) is associated with cholangiocarcinoma progression. Armartmuntree N
Jusakul A
Sakonsinsiri C
Loilome W
Pinlaor S
Ungarreevittaya P
Yong CH
Techasen A
Imtawil K
Kraiklang R
Suwannakul N
Kaewlert W
Chaiprasert T
Thanan R
Murata M
2021 Journal of Cancer
9 (12), pp. 2673-2686
454. [Prospects and developments in the technologies of high frequency oscillatory ventilation]. Yuan Y
Zhou L
Liu W
Dai Z
Chen Y
2021 Sheng wu yi xue gong cheng xue za zhi = Journal of biomedical engineering = Shengwu yixue gongchengxue zazhi
1 (38), pp. 185-190
455. Proteomic analysis of drug-susceptible and multidrug-resistant nonreplicating Beijing strains of cultured . Saiboonjan B
Roytrakul S
Sangka A
Lulitanond V
Faksri K
Namwat W
2021 Biochemistry and biophysics reports
(26), pp. 100960
456. Protocol for the adaptation of clinical practice guidelines for the management of physical restraints in critically ill patients. Cui N
Zhang Y
Liu Y
Zhou Y
Sun H
Jin J
2021 Annals of palliative medicine
4 (10), pp. 4889-4896
457. Pseudoginsenoside F11 Enhances the Viability of Random-Pattern Skin Flaps by Promoting TFEB Nuclear Translocation Through AMPK-mTOR Signal Pathway. Zhou F
Zhang X
Jiang L
Li S
Chen Y
Wu J
2021 Frontiers in pharmacology
(12), pp. 667524
458. Pyroptotic macrophages stimulate the SARS-CoV-2-associated cytokine storm. Zhang J
Wu H
Yao X
Zhang D
Zhou Y
Fu B
Wang W
Li H
Wang Z
Hu Z
Ren Y
Sun R
Tian Z
Bian X
Wei H
2021 Cellular & molecular immunology
5 (18), pp. 1305-1307
459. Q-methodology identifies distinctive viewpoints of the facilitators and barriers to six-month exclusive breastfeeding in Northeast Thailand. Thepha T
Marais D
Bell J
Muangpin S
2021 Nutrition and health
(), pp. 2601060211011823
460. Qualitative and Quantitative MRI Analysis in IDH1 Genotype Prediction of Lower-Grade Gliomas: A Machine Learning Approach. Cao M
Suo S
Zhang X
Wang X
Xu J
Yang W
Zhou Y
2021 BioMed research international
(2021), pp. 1235314
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