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541. Hospital-acquired malnutrition in paediatric patients: a multicentre trial focusing on prevalence, risk factors, and impact on clinical outcomes. Saengnipanthkul S
Chongviriyaphan N
Densupsoontorn N
Apiraksakorn A
Chaiyarit J
Kunnangja S
Wongpratoom S
Papakhee S
Det-Amnatkul W
Monwiratkul J
Saengpanit P
Limthongthang P
Panthongviriyakul C
2021 European journal of pediatrics
6 (180), pp. 1761-1767
542. Household hazardous waste characterization and quantification at source in Thailand. Chaiyarit J
Intarasaksit P
2021 Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (1995)
(), pp. 1-6
543. HPLC-UV-Based Simultaneous Determination of Canthin-6-One Alkaloids, Quassinoids, and Scopoletin: The Active Ingredients in Eurycoma Longifolia Jack and Eurycoma Harmandiana Pierre, and Their Anti-Inflammatory Activities. Chaingam J
Juengwatanatrakul T
Yusakul G
Kanchanapoom T
Putalun W
2021 Journal of AOAC International
3 (104), pp. 802-810
544. Hsp90/C terminal Hsc70-interacting protein regulates the stability of Ikaros in acute myeloid leukemia cells. Liu M
Jin J
Ji Y
Shan H
Zou Z
Cao Y
Yang L
Liu L
Zhou L
Lei H
Wu Y
Xu H
2021 Science China. Life sciences
9 (64), pp. 1481-1490
545. Human Amniotic Epithelial Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells Repair Retinal Degeneration. Li J
Qiu C
Wei Y
Yuan W
Liu J
Cui W
Zhou J
Guo L
Huang L
Ge Z
Yu L
2021 Frontiers in cell and developmental biology
(9), pp. 737242
546. Human amniotic fluid stem cells attenuate cholangiocyte apoptosis in a bile duct injury model of liver ductal organoids. Chusilp S
Lee C
Li B
Lee D
Yamoto M
Ganji N
Vejchapipat P
Pierro A
2021 Journal of pediatric surgery
1 (56), pp. 11-16
547. Human Schlafen 5 Inhibits Proliferation and Promotes Apoptosis in Lung Adenocarcinoma via the PTEN/PI3K/AKT/mTOR Pathway. Gu X
Zhou L
Chen L
Pan H
Zhao R
Guang W
Wan G
Zhang P
Liu D
Deng LL
Zhao W
Lu C
2021 BioMed research international
(2021), pp. 6628682
548. Human sensor-inspired supervised machine learning of smartphone-based paper microfluidic analysis for bacterial species classification. Kim S
Lee MH
Wiwasuku T
Day AS
Youngme S
Hwang DS
Yoon JY
2021 Biosensors & bioelectronics
(188), pp. 113335
549. Hybrid genetic algorithm-based optimisation of the batch order picking in a dense mobile rack warehouse. Yang J
Zhou L
Liu H
2021 PloS one
4 (16), pp. e0249543
550. Hydrogen gas inhalation alleviates myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury by the inhibition of oxidative stress and NLRP3-mediated pyroptosis in rats. Nie C
Ding X
Zheng M
Li Z
Pan S
Yang W
2021 Life sciences
(272), pp. 119248
551. Hydrogen gas inhalation ameliorates cardiac remodelling and fibrosis by regulating NLRP3 inflammasome in myocardial infarction rats. Nie C
Zou R
Pan S
Gao Y
Yang H
Bai J
Xi S
Wang X
Hong X
Yang W
2021 Journal of cellular and molecular medicine
18 (25), pp. 8997-9010
552. β-Hydroxybutyrate inhibits histone deacetylase 3 to promote claudin-5 generation and attenuate cardiac microvascular hyperpermeability in diabetes. Li B
Yu Y
Liu K
Zhang Y
Geng Q
Zhang F
Li Y
Qi J
2021 Diabetologia
1 (64), pp. 226-239
553. Hypertensive crisis in patients with obstructive sleep apnea-induced hypertension. Khamsai S
Chootrakool A
Limpawattana P
Chindaprasirt J
Sukeepaisarnjaroen W
Chotmongkol V
Silaruks S
Senthong V
Sittichanbuncha Y
Sawunyavisuth B
Sawanyawisuth K
2021 BMC cardiovascular disorders
1 (21), pp. 310
554. Hypertriglyceridemia as an Independent Predictor for Ten-Year Incidence of Diabetes in Thais. Charoensri S
Turnsaket S
Pongchaiyakul C
2021 Vascular health and risk management
(17), pp. 519-525
555. Hyponatremia induced Brugada syndrome mimicking ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. Rattanawong P
Senthong V
2021 Journal of arrhythmia
5 (37), pp. 1377-1379
556. Hypoxia Promotes Breast Cancer Cell Growth by Activating a Glycogen Metabolic Program. Tang K
Zhu L
Chen J
Wang D
Zeng L
Chen C
Tang L
Zhou L
Wei K
Zhou Y
Lv J
Liu Y
Zhang H
Ma J
Huang B
2021 Cancer research
19 (81), pp. 4949-4963
557. Identification and Differentiation of Wide Edible Mushrooms Based on Lipidomics Profiling Combined with Principal Component Analysis. Yang F
Zhao M
Zhou L
Zhang M
Liu J
Marchioni E
2021 Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
34 (69), pp. 9991-10001
558. Identification and functional characterization of three irf7 transcript variants in obscure puffer (Takifugu obscurus). Gao FX
Shi Y
Zhou L
Gui JF
Zhao Z
2021 Developmental and comparative immunology
(119), pp. 104019
559. [Identification and inner relation between gastrointestinal stromal tumor and intra-abdominal desmoid tumor]. Ni B
Yang LX
Wang M
Cao H
2021 Zhonghua wei chang wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of gastrointestinal surgery
9 (24), pp. 830-835
560. Identification and validation of hub genes of synovial tissue for patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Ge Y
Chen Z
Fu Y
Xiao X
Xu H
Shan L
Tong P
Zhou L
2021 Hereditas
1 (158), pp. 37
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