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Title Authors Year Journal title
101. Prior induced affect and sex differences in attraction. Bleda PR
Bell PA
Byrne D
1973 Memory & cognition
4 (1), pp. 435-8
102. Regulation of nematode behavior by physical means. Samoiloff MR
McNicholl P
Cheng R
Balakanich S
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2 (33), pp. 253-62
103. Side-effects from oral contraceptives. Human L 1973 South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde
32 (47), pp. 1444
104. The defendant's dilemma: effects of jurors' attitudes and authoritarianism on judicial decisions. Mitchell HE
Byrne D
1973 Journal of personality and social psychology
1 (25), pp. 123-9
105. Tissue zinc in malignant disease. Griffith K
Wright EB
Dormandy TL
1973 Nature
5384 (241), pp. 60
106. Continuing education: a continuing debate. Foley M 1974 Imprint
2 (21), pp. 15 passim
107. Conversion of protein nitrogen into gaseous catabolites by the chick embryo. Costa G
Kerins ME
Kantor F
Griffith K
Cummings WB
1974 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
2 (71), pp. 451-4
108. Deficiency of two enzymes of galactose metabolism in kangaroos. Stephens T
Irvine S
Mutton P
Gupta JD
Marley JD
1974 Nature
448 (248), pp. 524-5
109. Development of nematode behavior: sex attraction among different strains of the free-living Panagrellus redivivus. Balakanich S
Samoiloff MR
1974 Canadian journal of zoology
7 (52), pp. 835-45
110. Erythrocytic galactokinase activity in neonatal and adult blood from various mammalian species. Harley JD
Irvine S
Gupta JD
1974 The Australian journal of experimental biology and medical science
2 (52), pp. 397-9
111. Evaluations of erotica: facts or feelings? Byrne D
Fisher JD
Lamberth J
Mitchell HE
1974 Journal of personality and social psychology
1 (29), pp. 111-6
112. Evidence for the two-state model of nematode behaviour. Samoiloff MR
Balakanich S
Petrovich M
1974 Nature
5435 (247), pp. 73-4
113. In situ localization of globin messenger RNA formation. II. After treatment of Friend virus-transformed mouse cells with dimethyl sulfoxide. Conkie D
Affara N
Harrison PR
Paul J
Jones K
1974 The Journal of cell biology
2 (63), pp. 414-9
114. Intestinal capiliariasis from Saraburi Province, Thailand: report on the second case. Sanpakit S
Suksungvol S
Bhaibulaya M
1974 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet
9 (57), pp. 458-60
115. Long-term care of the hemiplegic patient in the home. Draper J 1974 Nursing mirror and midwives journal
6 (139), pp. 76-8
116. Maternal enzymes of galactose metabolism and the "inexplicable" infantile cataract. Harley JD
Mutton P
Irvine S
Gupta JD
1974 Lancet (London, England)
7875 (2), pp. 259-61
117. Oral contraceptives and riboflavine nutrition. Sanpitak N
Chayutimonkul L
1974 Lancet (London, England)
7862 (1), pp. 836-7
118. The case of the cataractous kangaroo. Stephens T
Irvine S
Mutton P
Gupta JD
Harley JD
1974 The Medical journal of Australia
25 (2), pp. 910-1
119. The infant born of a single mother pregnancy. A study of the risk. Johns N 1974 Australian paediatric journal
5 (10), pp. 277-80
120. The relationship between protein-calorie malnutrition and trichinosis: 1. Studies on the number of intestinal worms and muscular larvae in rats fed low and high protein diets. Saowakontha S 1974 The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health
4 (5), pp. 586-92
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