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Title Authors Year Journal title
161. Obese children and their families: a study of a discussion group. Court JM
Johns N
Wilson M
1977 Australian paediatric journal
3 (13), pp. 170-5
162. Properties of a transposon conferring resistance to penicillins and streptomycin. Hedges RW
Matthew M
Smith DI
Cresswell JM
Jacob AE
1977 Gene
3 (1), pp. 241-53
163. Properties of the beta-lactamase specified by the Pseudomonas plasmid RPL11. Matthew M
Sykes RB
1977 Journal of bacteriology
1 (132), pp. 341-5
164. Pulmonary function screening tests in industry. Foley M
Tomashefski J
Underwood E
1977 The American journal of nursing
9 (77), pp. 1480-4
165. The nurse and family planning. Foley M 1977 Queen's nursing journal
12 (19), pp. 330-1
166. The speech spectrum--some aspects of its significance for hearing aid selection and evaluation. Byrne D 1977 British journal of audiology
2 (11), pp. 40-6
167. Towards a method for assessing social support systems. Henderson S
Byrne D
1977 Mental health and society
3 (4), pp. 163-70
168. Treatment of acute gonorrhoea with ampicillin and probenecid in Bangkok. Bunnag S
Sucharit S
1977 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet
3 (60), pp. 125-8
169. Two hitherto unidentified copies of the Livre des propriétés des choses, from the Royal Library of the Louvre and the library of Jean de Berry. Byrne D 1977 Scriptorium
1 (31), pp. 90-8
170. Vasomotor reactions in the islets affecting the blood glucose levels. Bunnag SC
Warner NE
Bunnag S
1977 Bibliotheca anatomica
16 (), pp. 445-9
171. Adrenal insufficiency in newborn infant born of a mother who received corticosteroid throughout pregnancy. Isarangkura M
Bhongvej S
Bunnag S
1978 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet
11 (61), pp. 647-50
172. Aetiologic agents of septic sore throat in Thai children. Jayanetra P
Vorachit M
Pienthaweechai K
Pongpanich B
Niemsiri S
1978 The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health
4 (9), pp. 549-57
173. Congenital hip dysplasia in Thai children. Limpaphayom M
Jeeravipoolvarn P
Chomcharn U
1978 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet
10 (61), pp. 565-9
174. Efficient record-keeping for continuing medical education credits--can it be done? Kennedy WR
Cullen R
Foley M
Lavan P
1978 Journal - Association for Hospital Medical Education
(1), pp. 53-6
175. Partial purification of hepatitis B surface antigen and survey of this antigen in man and animals in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Makonkawkeyoon S
Sanyanusin P
Amastayakul K
1978 The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health
3 (9), pp. 361-8
176. Selection of hearing aids for severely deaf children. Byrne D 1978 British journal of audiology
1 (12), pp. 9-14, 19-22
177. Serum lipid pattern in urban and rural Thai population. Pongpaew P
Saovakontha S
Schelp FP
Supawan V
Hongtong K
Boonperm P
1978 Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology
3 (24), pp. 289-96
178. Serum protein fractions in acute falciparum malaria obtained by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Migasena P
Schelp FP
Vudhivai N
Boonperm P
Supawan V
Pongpaew P
Harinasuta C
Intraprasert R
Tharakul C
1978 Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology
1 (72), pp. 3-12
179. Sodium overload from Karo syrup. Hopp R
Woodruff C
1978 The Journal of pediatrics
5 (93), pp. 883-4
180. The defined antigen substrate sphere system with direct immunohistoperoxidase for detection of soluble dengue antigen in sera of patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever. Boonpucknavig S
Bunnag C
Vuttiviroj O
Nimmannitya S
1978 American journal of clinical pathology
3 (70), pp. 343-7
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