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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. [ Ⅰ ]. Wang M
Zhou ZG
Li S
Gao F
Gao JB
2022 Zhonghua yi xue za zhi
31 (102), pp. 2458-2464
2. 1H NMR metabolic profiling of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolated from canine uroliths. Uttamamul N
Suksawat M
Phetcharaburanin J
Jitpean S
Lulitanond A
Sae-Ung N
Boonsiri P
Tavichakorntrakool R
2022 PloS one
11 (17), pp. e0277808
3. 3D Silk Fibroin-Gelatin/Hyaluronic Acid/Heparan Sulfate Scaffold Enhances Expression of Stemness and EMT Markers in Cholangiocarcinoma. Buhome O
Wongwattanakul M
Daduang J
Limpaiboon T
2022 In vivo (Athens, Greece)
3 (36), pp. 1155-1167
4. 6-Iodopurine as a Versatile Building Block for RNA Purine Architecture Modifications. Xie Y
Fang Z
Yang W
He Z
Chen K
Heng P
Wang B
Zhou X
2022 Bioconjugate chemistry
2 (33), pp. 353-362
5. Ability to detect history of falls among individuals with spinal cord injury using upper limb loading during a seated push-up test. Wiyanad A
Khamnon N
Thaweewannakij T
Amatachaya P
Sooknuan T
Amatachaya S
2022 European journal of physical and rehabilitation medicine
3 (58), pp. 405-411
6. A cadmium-tolerant endophytic bacterium reduces oxidative stress and Cd uptake in KDML105 rice seedlings by inducing glutathione reductase-related activity and increasing the proline content. Thanwisai L
Kim Tran HT
Siripornadulsil W
Siripornadulsil S
2022 Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB
(192), pp. 72-86
7. Acalabrutinib CYP3A-mediated drug-drug interactions: Clinical evaluations and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling to inform dose adjustment strategy. Chen B
Zhou D
Wei H
Yotvat M
Zhou L
Cheung J
Sarvaria N
Lai R
Sharma S
Vishwanathan K
Ware J
2022 British journal of clinical pharmacology
8 (88), pp. 3716-3729
8. Accumulation, metabolites formation and elimination behavior of rac-glufosinate-ammonium and glufosinate-P in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Wang F
Lin Q
Shi X
Li Y
Deng P
Zhang Y
Hu D
2022 Food chemistry: X
(15), pp. 100383
9. A cellular thermal shift assay for detecting amino acid sites involved in drug target engagement. Peng L
Jiang J
Zhou L
Nice EC
Huang C
2022 STAR protocols
2 (3), pp. 101423
10. Acinetobacter nosocomialis Causes as Severe Disease as Acinetobacter baumannii in Northeast Thailand: Underestimated Role of A. nosocomialis in Infection. Nithichanon A
Kewcharoenwong C
Da-Oh H
Surajinda S
Khongmee A
Koosakunwat S
Wren BW
Stabler RA
Brown JS
Lertmemongkolchai G
2022 Microbiology spectrum
(), pp. e0283622
11. A comparative study of mouse bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells isolated using three easy-to-perform approaches. Lu Y
Han Y
Zhou L
Shi G
Bai L
Wang K
Qin C
2022 FEBS open bio
12 (12), pp. 2154-2165
12. A comparison of surgical site infections in children after stoma reversal between purse-string and linear closure. Sayuen C
Phannua R
Chusilp S
Tanming P
Areemit S
Decharun K
Vejchapipat P
Thaiwatcharamas K
2022 Pediatric surgery international
1 (38), pp. 149-156
13. A comparison of the measurement properties of the PROMIS Fatigue (MS) 8a against legacy fatigue questionnaires. Kamudoni P
Johns J
Cook KF
Salem R
Salek S
Raab J
Middleton R
Henke C
Amtmann D
2022 Multiple sclerosis and related disorders
(66), pp. 104048
14. A comparison of the success rate of radial artery cannulation between the ultrasound-guided and conventional palpation techniques in elderly patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery. Chanthawong S
Tribuddharat S
Sathitkarnmanee T
Suwongkrua T
Silarat S
Plengpanich P
2022 Annals of cardiac anaesthesia
4 (25), pp. 447-452
15. A comparison of using a smartphone versus a surgical microscope for microsurgical anastomosis in a non-living model. Jianmongkol S
Vinitpairot C
Thitiworakarn N
Wattanakamolchai S
2022 Archives of plastic surgery
1 (49), pp. 121-126
16. A Complete Genome of NC_YFY_NT001 and Pan-Genomic Analysis Based on Different Sources of . Isolates Reveal Possibly Host-Related Virulence Factors. Cai Q
Huang Y
Zhou L
Hu N
Liu Y
Guo F
Liu Q
Huang X
Zhang Y
Zeng L
2022 Infection and drug resistance
(15), pp. 7259-7270
17. A comprehensive comparison of data fusion approaches to multi-source precipitation observations: a case study in Sichuan province, China. Duan Z
Ren Y
Liu X
Lei H
Hua X
Shu X
Zhou L
2022 Environmental monitoring and assessment
6 (194), pp. 422
18. A COVID-19 disruption: The great acceleration of digitally planned and transformed behaviors in Thailand. Srisathan WA
Naruetharadhol P
2022 Technology in society
(68), pp. 101912
19. A Cross-Sectional Study on the Quality of Life in Women with Endometrioma. Thammasiri C
Amnatbuddee S
Sothornwit J
Temtanakitpaisan T
Buppasiri P
2022 International journal of women's health
(14), pp. 9-14
20. A cross sectional survey on the effect of COVID-19 related restrictions on undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Qatar. Thomas M
Suliman S
Allen M
Hameed M
Ghaffar A
Emara MM
Fatima H
George S
Singh R
Ghazouaini H
Alkhal AL
2022 BMC medical education
1 (22), pp. 212
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