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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. 3D Silk Fibroin-Gelatin/Hyaluronic Acid/Heparan Sulfate Scaffold Enhances Expression of Stemness and EMT Markers in Cholangiocarcinoma. Buhome O
Wongwattanakul M
Daduang J
Limpaiboon T
2022 In vivo (Athens, Greece)
3 (36), pp. 1155-1167
2. 6-Iodopurine as a Versatile Building Block for RNA Purine Architecture Modifications. Xie Y
Fang Z
Yang W
He Z
Chen K
Heng P
Wang B
Zhou X
2022 Bioconjugate chemistry
2 (33), pp. 353-362
3. A comparison of surgical site infections in children after stoma reversal between purse-string and linear closure. Sayuen C
Phannua R
Chusilp S
Tanming P
Areemit S
Decharun K
Vejchapipat P
Thaiwatcharamas K
2022 Pediatric surgery international
1 (38), pp. 149-156
4. A comparison of using a smartphone versus a surgical microscope for microsurgical anastomosis in a non-living model. Jianmongkol S
Vinitpairot C
Thitiworakarn N
Wattanakamolchai S
2022 Archives of plastic surgery
1 (49), pp. 121-126
5. A COVID-19 disruption: The great acceleration of digitally planned and transformed behaviors in Thailand. Srisathan WA
Naruetharadhol P
2022 Technology in society
(68), pp. 101912
6. A Cross-Sectional Study on the Quality of Life in Women with Endometrioma. Thammasiri C
Amnatbuddee S
Sothornwit J
Temtanakitpaisan T
Buppasiri P
2022 International journal of women's health
(14), pp. 9-14
7. Activity of 3,19-isopropylidinyl andrographolide against herpes simplex virus type 1 in an animal model. Chuerduangphui J
Nukpook T
Pientong C
Aromdee C
Suebsasana S
Khunkitti W
So-In C
Proyrungroj K
Ekalaksananan T
2022 Antiviral chemistry & chemotherapy
(30), pp. 20402066221089724
8. Adherence of to gut epithelium and the tegument mediated via L-fucose binding adhesin. Thanaphongdecha P
Chamgramol Y
Pairojkul C
Deenonpoe R
Suttiprapa S
Brindley PJ
Sripa B
2022 Parasitology
(), pp. 1-21
9. A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Appropriate Site of Botulinum Toxin Therapy in Hemifacial Spasm. Jitpimolmard S
Thinkhamrop B
Tiamkao S
Arunpongpaisal S
Arayavichanon P
Kosuwan W
Jitpimolmard S
Sawanyawisuth K
2022 Advances in therapy
5 (39), pp. 2025-2034
10. All--retinoic acid induces RARB-dependent apoptosis via ROS induction and enhances cisplatin sensitivity by NRF2 downregulation in cholangiocarcinoma cells. Butsri S
Kukongviriyapan V
Senggunprai L
Kongpetch S
Prawan A
2022 Oncology letters
6 (23), pp. 179
11. Alterations of serum biochemical parameters and tyrosine phosphorylation in kidney and liver of chronic stress-induced rats. Khanthiyong B
Arun S
Bunsueb S
Thongbuakaew T
Suwannakhan A
Iamsaard S
Chaiyamoon A
2022 Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia
(84), pp. e254646
12. Altered metabolome and microbiome features provide clues in understanding irritable bowel syndrome and depression comorbidity. Han L
Zhao L
Zhou Y
Yang C
Xiong T
Lu L
Deng Y
Luo W
Chen Y
Qiu Q
Shang X
Huang L
Mo Z
Huang S
Liu Z
Yang W
Zhai L
Ning Z
Lin C
Huang T
Cheng C
Zhong LLD
Li S
Bian Z
Fang X
2022 The ISME journal
4 (16), pp. 983-996
13. A meta-analysis to identify factors associated with CPAP machine purchasing in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Sawunyavisuth B
Ngamjarus C
Sawanyawisuth K
2022 Biomedical reports
6 (16), pp. 45
14. Analysis of bacterial and fungal communities in fermented fish (pla-ra) from Northeast Thailand. Sirichoat A
Lulitanond V
Faksri K
2022 Archives of microbiology
6 (204), pp. 302
15. Analytical validity and clinical utility of whole-genome sequencing for cytogenetically balanced chromosomal abnormalities in prenatal diagnosis: abridged secondary publication. Chung BHY
Chan KYK
Yang W
Tang MHY
Leung GKC
2022 Hong Kong medical journal = Xianggang yi xue za zhi
1 (28), pp. 4-7
16. Anchoring ultra-small MoC nanocrystals on honeycomb-structured N-doped carbon spheres for efficient hydrogen evolution. Shi C
Li X
Yang W
Liu X
An Y
Zhou L
Mai L
2022 Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
34 (58), pp. 5269-5272
17. A new diarylhexane and two new diarylpropanols from the roots of . Sriphana U
Yenjai C
Suthiwong J
Poopasit K
2022 Natural product research
7 (36), pp. 1741-1748
18. A new sesquiterpenoid juvenile hormone III from the stems of . Phatchana R
Senawong T
Lakornwong W
Sribuhom T
Yenjai C
2022 Journal of Asian natural products research
(), pp. 1-7
19. Annexin A1 Is a Potential Prognostic Marker for, and Enhances the Metastasis of, Cholangiocarcinoma. Kotepui KU
Obchoei S
Vaeteewoottacharn K
Okada S
Wongkham S
Sawanyawisuth K
2022 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP
2 (23), pp. 715-721
20. An optimal intervention threshold of FRAX in postmenopausal Thai women. Sribenjalak D
Charoensri S
Pongchaiyakul C
2022 Archives of osteoporosis
1 (17), pp. 21
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