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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Assessment of glomerular filtration rate measurement in dogs using dynamic contrast CT compared to serum iohexol clearance. Kaenkangploo D
Kampa N
Jitpean S
Seesupa S
Yongvanit K
2022 Veterinary radiology & ultrasound : the official journal of the American College of Veterinary Radiology and the International Veterinary Radiology Association
1 (63), pp. 38-46
2. Clinical Evidence and Risk Factors for Reproductive Disorders Caused by Bacterial Infections in Meat Goats in Northeastern Thailand. Rerkyusuke S
Lerk-U-Suke S
Sirimalaisuwan A
2022 Veterinary medicine international
(2022), pp. 1877317
3. Copper(II) Compounds of 4-Nitrobenzohydrazide with Different Anions (ClO , NO and Br ): Synthesis, Characterization, DFT Calculations, DNA Interactions and Cytotoxic Properties. Nonkuntod P
Senawong T
Soikum C
Chaveerach P
Watwiangkham A
Suthirakun S
Chaveerach U
2022 Chemistry & biodiversity
(), pp. e202100708
4. Does circulate between humans and domestic cats in an endemic area in Thailand? Sota P
Suttiprapa S
Tangkawattana S
Sripa M
Blair D
Sripa B
2022 Parasitology
(), pp. 1-23
5. Effects of farrowing induction using cloprostenol on sow farrowing characteristics. Nam NH
Sukon P
2022 Veterinary world
6 (15), pp. 1535-1540
6. Efficacy of common disinfection processes against infective spores (arthroconidia) and mycelia of causing avian dermatophytosis. Thongkham E
Junnu S
Borlace GN
Uopasai S
Aiemsaard J
2022 Veterinary world
6 (15), pp. 1413-1422
7. First report on molecular characteristics and risk factor analysis of in dogs in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Mitpasa T
Sarker BR
Macotpet A
Bupata PA
Sangmaneedet S
Taweenan W
2022 Veterinary world
1 (15), pp. 232-238
8. Global prevalence of subclinical ketosis in dairy cows: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Loiklung C
Sukon P
Thamrongyoswittayakul C
2022 Research in veterinary science
(144), pp. 66-76
9. Immunolocalization and functional analysis of -M60-like-1 metallopeptidase in animal models. Wendo WD
Tangkawattana S
Saichua P
Candra ARK
Tangkawattana P
Suttiprapa S
2022 Parasitology
(), pp. 1-27
10. Incidence of dystocia at piglet level in cloprostenol-induced farrowings and associated risk factors. Nam NH
Sukon P
2022 Archives animal breeding
1 (65), pp. 97-103
11. Knockout of liver fluke granulin, Ov-grn-1, impedes malignant transformation during chronic infection with Opisthorchis viverrini. Chaiyadet S
Tangkawattana S
Smout MJ
Ittiprasert W
Mann VH
Deenonpoe R
Arunsan P
Loukas A
Brindley PJ
Laha T
2022 PLoS pathogens
9 (18), pp. e1010839
12. Protective efficacy of new-generation anticoccidial vaccine candidates against Eimeria infection in chickens: A meta-analysis of challenge trials. Nasri T
Sangmaneedet S
Nam NH
Worawong K
Taweenan W
Sukon P
2022 Veterinary parasitology
(306), pp. 109724
13. QST 713 Supplementation during Late Gestation in Gilts Reduces Stillbirth and Increases Piglet Birth Weight. Nam NH
Truong ND
Thanh DTH
Duan PN
Hai TM
Sukon P
2022 Veterinary medicine international
(2022), pp. 2462241
14. Risk factors associated with prevalence, its antibiotic resistance, and egg antibiotic residues in the layer farming environment. Sornplang P
Aieamsaard J
Saksangawong C
Suayroop N
2022 Veterinary world
3 (15), pp. 543-550
15. Risk factors for canine magnesium ammonium phosphate urolithiasis associated with bacterial infection. Uttamamul N
Jitpean S
Lulitanond A
Wonglakorn L
Sae-Ung N
Boonsiri P
Daduang J
Tavichakorntrakool R
2022 Journal of veterinary science
1 (23), pp. e6
16. Salinity Stress Response of Rice ( L. cv. Luem Pua) Calli and Seedlings. Taratima W
Chomarsa T
Maneerattanarungroj P
2022 Scientifica
(2022), pp. 5616683
17. Systematic TB screening using WHO radiograph categorisation and care outcomes. Jittimanee S
Namonta A
Charuenporn C
2022 The international journal of tuberculosis and lung disease : the official journal of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
5 (26), pp. 419-425
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