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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. 6-Iodopurine as a Versatile Building Block for RNA Purine Architecture Modifications. Xie Y
Fang Z
Yang W
He Z
Chen K
Heng P
Wang B
Zhou X
2022 Bioconjugate chemistry
2 (33), pp. 353-362
2. A COVID-19 disruption: The great acceleration of digitally planned and transformed behaviors in Thailand. Srisathan WA
Naruetharadhol P
2022 Technology in society
(68), pp. 101912
3. Altered metabolome and microbiome features provide clues in understanding irritable bowel syndrome and depression comorbidity. Han L
Zhao L
Zhou Y
Yang C
Xiong T
Lu L
Deng Y
Luo W
Chen Y
Qiu Q
Shang X
Huang L
Mo Z
Huang S
Liu Z
Yang W
Zhai L
Ning Z
Lin C
Huang T
Cheng C
Zhong LLD
Li S
Bian Z
Fang X
2022 The ISME journal
4 (16), pp. 983-996
4. Anadromous fish as biomarkers for the combined impact of marine and freshwater heavy metal pollution. Foley M
Askin N
Belanger MP
Wittnich C
2022 Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
(230), pp. 113153
5. Analytical validity and clinical utility of whole-genome sequencing for cytogenetically balanced chromosomal abnormalities in prenatal diagnosis: abridged secondary publication. Chung BHY
Chan KYK
Yang W
Tang MHY
Leung GKC
2022 Hong Kong medical journal = Xianggang yi xue za zhi
1 (28), pp. 4-7
6. Anchoring ultra-small MoC nanocrystals on honeycomb-structured N-doped carbon spheres for efficient hydrogen evolution. Shi C
Li X
Yang W
Liu X
An Y
Zhou L
Mai L
2022 Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
34 (58), pp. 5269-5272
7. An orally available M inhibitor is effective against wild-type SARS-CoV-2 and variants including Omicron. Quan BX
Shuai H
Xia AJ
Hou Y
Zeng R
Liu XL
Lin GF
Qiao JX
Wang FL
Wang K
Zhou RJ
Yuen TT
Chen MX
Yoon C
Wu M
Zhang SY
Huang C
Wang YF
Yang W
Tian C
Wei YQ
Yuen KY
Chan JF
Lei J
Chu H
Yang S
2022 Nature microbiology
5 (7), pp. 716-725
8. A randomized, double-blind, single-dose, parallel phase I clinical trial to compare the bioequivalence, immunogenicity, and safety of bevacizumab biosimilar and bevacizumab in healthy Chinese subjects. Liu Z
Gao Z
Yang W
Zhang L
Xiao N
Qu D
Su Z
Xu K
Liu G
Wang Y
Ren Q
Yu S
Cheng Y
Zhou Y
Deng Q
Zhao Y
Wang Z
Yang H
2022 Expert opinion on drug metabolism & toxicology
(), pp. 1-9
9. A randomized, open-label, single-dose, two-cycle crossover study to evaluate the bioequivalence and safety of lenvatinib and Lenvima® in Chinese healthy subjects. Xu Z
Wang Y
Liu G
Chen J
Wang W
Cheng Y
Ren Q
Cui Y
Yang W
Liu Z
Chen X
Xue J
Chang T
Qu X
Yu S
Zhou Y
Xu K
Su Z
Deng Q
Zhao Y
Yang H
2022 Expert opinion on investigational drugs
(), pp. 1-10
10. A robust experimental and computational analysis framework at multiple resolutions, modalities and coverages. Tran M
Yoon S
Teoh M
Andersen S
Lam PY
Purdue BW
Raghubar A
Hanson SJ
Devitt K
Jones K
Walters S
Monkman J
Kulasinghe A
Tuong ZK
Soyer HP
Frazer IH
Nguyen Q
2022 Frontiers in immunology
(13), pp. 911873
11. Assessing Bladder Radiotherapy Response With Quantitative Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis. Hafeez S
Koh M
Jones K
El Ghzal A
D'Arcy J
Kumar P
Khoo V
Lalondrelle S
McDonald F
Thompson A
Scurr E
Sohaib A
Huddart R
2022 Clinical oncology (Royal College of Radiologists (Great Britain))
10 (34), pp. 630-641
12. [Automatic Post-operative Cervical Cancer Target Area and Organ at Risk Outlining Based on Fusion Convolutional Neural Network]. Zhou J
Yang W
Gu S
Quan H
Liu J
Ju Z
2022 Zhongguo yi liao qi xie za zhi = Chinese journal of medical instrumentation
2 (46), pp. 132-136
13. Comparative genome anatomy reveals evolutionary insights into a unique amphitriploid fish. Wang Y
Wang K
Wu B
Xu M
Chen Y
Miao LJ
Wang ZW
Li Z
Zhang XJ
Yin Z
Zhou BT
Yang YL
Zhu CL
Zheng JM
Feng CG
Qiu Q
Tian LT
Lu M
Peng F
Tong JF
Tong JG
Yu P
Ding M
Gan RH
Zhang QQ
Jian JB
Zhang C
Yang W
Zhao ZC
Gao Q
Bai MZ
Zhang YP
Yang HM
Fang XD
Wang W
Zhou L
Gui JF
2022 Nature ecology & evolution
9 (6), pp. 1354-1366
14. Correction: Hypoxia-induced TUFT1 promotes the growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma by activating the Ca/PI3K/AKT pathway. Dou C
Zhou Z
Xu Q
Liu Z
Zeng Y
Wang Y
Li Q
Wang L
Yang W
Liu Q
Tu K
2022 Oncogene
37 (41), pp. 4330-4332
15. Determination of 5-Formyluracil via Oxime-Based Nucleotide-Metal Coordination. Zhang K
Fu B
Zou G
Yang W
Yan S
Tian T
Zhou X
2022 Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology
(), pp. e202200355
16. Development and validation of an immune-related gene signature for predicting the radiosensitivity of lower-grade gliomas. Yan D
Zhao Q
Du Z
Li H
Geng R
Yang W
Zhang X
Cao J
Yi N
Zhou J
Tang Z
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 6698
17. Effects of Ganoderic Acid A on Gastrointestinal Motility and Brain-Gut Peptide in Rats with Functional Dyspepsia. Yang W
Liu R
Zhou L
Chen X
Hu Y
2022 Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM
(2022), pp. 2298665
18. Elaphoidella longiramus sp. nov. (Copepoda: Harpacticoida, Canthocamptidae), a new species of cave-dwelling copepod from central Thailand. Watiroyram S
Janpong W
Sanoamuang L
2022 Zootaxa
2 (5138), pp. 152-166
19. Establishing an Irish autism research network. Ní Ghrálaigh F
Brennan A
Bolshakova N
Foley M
Gallagher L
Lopez LM
2022 Irish journal of psychological medicine
(), pp. 1-2
20. Evaluating the long-term survival benefits of high intensity focused ultrasound ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombus: a single center retrospective study. Chen X
Ma Y
Zhang J
Yang W
Jin C
Ran L
Zhu H
Bai J
Zhou K
2022 International journal of hyperthermia : the official journal of European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, North American Hyperthermia Group
1 (39), pp. 1245-1253
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