PUBMED : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (Faculty of Nursing)

Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Decision Delay Is a Significant Contributor to Prehospital Delay for Stroke Symptoms. Potisopha W
Vuckovic KM
DeVon HA
Park CG
Phutthikhamin N
Hershberger PE
2022 Western journal of nursing research
(), pp. 1939459221105827
2. Factors Associated with Nurses' Perceived Competence in Pressure Injury Care in a Tertiary Hospital in Yunnan, China. Huang S
Saensom D
2022 Advances in skin & wound care
8 (35), pp. 1-9
3. Factors influencing the implementation of labour companionship: formative qualitative research in Thailand. Rungreangkulkij S
Ratinthorn A
Lumbiganon P
Zahroh RI
Hanson C
Dumont A
de Loenzien M
Betrán AP
Bohren MA
2022 BMJ open
5 (12), pp. e054946
4. Family involvement in transitional care from hospital to home and its impact on older patients, families, and health care providers: a mixed methods systematic review protocol. Thiengtham S
D'Avolio D
Leethong-In M
2022 JBI evidence synthesis
2 (20), pp. 606-612
5. How Thai men cope with depression: A qualitative study. Kaewjanta N
Rungreangkulkij S
2022 Perspectives in psychiatric care
2 (58), pp. 651-657
6. Psychometric Properties of the Thai Version of Supportive Care Needs Survey-Partners and Caregivers (T- SCNS-P&C) for Cholangiocarcinoma Caregivers. Sangruangake M
Summart U
Methakanjanasak N
Ruangsuksud P
Songthamwat M
2022 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP
3 (23), pp. 1069-1076
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