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1. Bioconversion of agro-industrial residues as a protein source supplementation for multiparous Holstein Thai crossbreed cows. Suriyapha C
Supapong C
So S
Wanapat M
Cherdthong A
2022 PloS one
9 (17), pp. e0273916
2. Biorefining and biotechnology prospects of low-cost fish feed on Red tilapia production with different feeding regime. Klahan R
Yuangsoi B
Whangchai N
Ramaraj R
Unpaprom Y
Khoo KS
Deepanraj B
Pimpimol T
2022 Chemosphere
(), pp. 137098
3. Description of the male of Simulium triglobus Takaoka & Kuvangkadilok (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Thailand. Pramual P
Jomkumsing P
Tangkawanit U
Wongpakam K
Bunchom N
Takaoka H
2022 Tropical biomedicine
1 (39), pp. 60-65
4. Effect of Larval Diets on House Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) Production and Host Suitability for a Pupal House Fly Parasitoid (Spalangia gemina) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). Ardburi W
Tangkawanit U
2022 Journal of medical entomology
4 (59), pp. 1376-1381
5. Effects of extenders and cryoprotectants on cryopreservation of Thai red junglefowl (Gallus gallus gallus) spermatozoa. Polsang S
Thananurak P
Polsang P
Inchaya S
Ponchunchoovong S
Chapanya J
Kunhareang S
Vongpralub T
2022 Cryobiology
(106), pp. 48-54
6. Effects of substituting agro-industrial by-products for soybean meal on beef cattle feed utilization and rumen fermentation. Suriyapha C
Suntara C
Wanapat M
Cherdthong A
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 21630
7. Effects of Thai native chicken breast meat consumption on serum uric acid level, biochemical parameters, and antioxidant activities in rats. Potue P
Chiangsaen P
Maneesai P
Khamseekaew J
Pakdeechote P
Chankitisakul V
Boonkum W
Duanghaklang N
Duangjinda M
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 14056
8. Enhancement of growth and Cannabinoids content of hemp () using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Seemakram W
Paluka J
Suebrasri T
Lapjit C
Kanokmedhakul S
Kuyper TW
Ekprasert J
Boonlue S
2022 Frontiers in plant science
(13), pp. 845794
9. Feed utilization efficiency and ruminal metabolites in beef cattle fed with cassava pulp fermented yeast waste replacement soybean meal. Dagaew G
Wongtangtintharn S
Suntara C
Prachumchai R
Wanapat M
Cherdthong A
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 16090
10. Fertilizing ability and survivability of rooster sperm diluted with a novel semen extender supplemented with serine for practical use on smallholder farms. Chankitisakul V
Boonkum W
Kaewkanha T
Pimprasert M
Ratchamak R
Authaida S
Thananurak P
2022 Poultry science
12 (101), pp. 102188
11. Fresh cassava root replacing cassava chip could enhance milk production of lactating dairy cows fed diets based on high sulfur-containing pellet. Prachumchai R
Cherdthong A
Wanapat M
So S
Polyorach S
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 3809
12. Genetic diversity of tick (Acari: Ixodidae) populations and molecular detection of Anaplasma and Ehrlichia infesting beef cattle from upper-northeastern Thailand. Thinnabut K
Rodpai R
Sanpool O
Maleewong W
Tangkawanit U
2022 Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases
(107), pp. 105394
13. Genome-wide association study on milk production and somatic cell score for Thai dairy cattle using weighted single-step approach with random regression test-day model. Buaban S
Lengnudum K
Boonkum W
Phakdeedindan P
2022 Journal of dairy science
1 (105), pp. 468-494
14. Growth performances, nutrient digestibility, ruminal fermentation and energy partition of Thai native steers fed exclusive rice straw and fermented sugarcane bagasse with Lactobacillus, cellulase and molasses. So S
Cherdthong A
Wanapat M
2022 Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition
1 (106), pp. 45-54
15. Influence of bamboo grass (Tiliacora triandra, Diels) pellet supplementation on in vitro fermentation and methane mitigation. Viennasay B
Totakul P
Matra M
Phesatcha B
Wanapat M
2022 Journal of the science of food and agriculture
11 (102), pp. 4927-4932
16. Influences of Thermal Stress During Three Weeks Before Market Age on Histology and Expression of Genes Associated With Adipose Infiltration and Inflammation in Commercial Broilers, Native Chickens, and Crossbreeds. Malila Y
Sanpinit P
Thongda W
Jandamook A
Srimarut Y
Phasuk Y
Kunhareang S
2022 Frontiers in physiology
(13), pp. 858735
17. Nutritional composition of various insects and potential uses as alternative protein sources in animal diets. Shah AA
Totakul P
Matra M
Cherdthong A
Hanboonsong Y
Wanapat M
2022 Animal bioscience
2 (35), pp. 317-331
18. Phytonutrient pellet supplementation enhanced rumen fermentation efficiency and milk production of lactating Holstein-Friesian crossbred cows. Matra M
Wanapat M
2022 Animal nutrition (Zhongguo xu mu shou yi xue hui)
(9), pp. 119-126
19. Promoting growth and production of sunchoke () by co-inoculation with phosphate solubilizing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under drought. Nacoon S
Seemakram W
Ekprasert J
Jogloy S
Kuyper TW
Mongkolthanaruk W
Riddech N
Somdee T
Boonlue S
2022 Frontiers in plant science
(13), pp. 1022319
20. Replacement of soybean meal by red yeast fermented tofu waste on feed intake, growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality in Thai Brahman crossbred beef cattle. Somboonchai T
Foiklang S
Panatuk J
Cherdthong A
Laorodphan N
Wanapat M
Yammuen-Art S
Kang S
2022 Tropical animal health and production
2 (54), pp. 133
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