PUBMED : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (คณะมนุษยศาสตร์และสังคมศาสตร์)

Title Authors Year Journal title
421. Proteomics profiling of colorectal cancer progression identifies PLOD2 as a potential therapeutic target. Shao Y
Xu K
Zheng X
Zhou B
Zhang X
Wang L
Sun Y
Li D
Chen T
Wang J
Yu S
Sun L
Xu X
Dai S
Gao H
Ruan G
Liu W
Cai X
Zhu T
Qi L
Chen J
Hu W
Weng X
Zhu Y
Xiang X
Hu Z
Li J
Chen L
Shao J
Zheng S
Guo T
2022 Cancer communications (London, England)
2 (42), pp. 164-169
422. PSMG3-AS1 enhances glioma resistance to temozolomide via stabilizing c-Myc in the nucleus. Zhou L
Huang X
Zhang Y
Wang J
Li H
Huang H
2022 Brain and behavior
(), pp. e2531
423. Publisher Correction: The asymmetry of antimatter in the proton. Dove J
Kerns B
McClellan RE
Miyasaka S
Morton DH
Nagai K
Prasad S
Sanftl F
Scott MBC
Tadepalli AS
Aidala CA
Arrington J
Ayuso C
Barker CL
Brown CN
Chang WC
Chen A
Christian DC
Dannowitz BP
Daugherity M
Diefenthaler M
El Fassi L
Geesaman DF
Gilman R
Goto Y
Guo L
Guo R
Hague TJ
Holt RJ
Isenhower D
Kinney ER
Kitts N
Klein A
Kleinjan DW
Kudo Y
Leung C
Lin PJ
Liu K
Liu MX
Lorenzon W
Makins NCR
de Medeiros MM
McGaughey PL
Miyachi Y
Mooney I
Nakahara K
Nakano K
Nara S
Peng JC
Puckett AJ
Ramson BJ
Reimer PE
Rubin JG
Sawada S
Sawada T
Shibata TA
Su D
Teo M
Tice BG
Towell RS
Uemura S
Watson S
Wang SG
Wickes AB
Wu J
Xi Z
Ye Z
2022 Nature
7907 (604), pp. E26
424. [Pulmonary mucosa during the perinatal period: Can understanding of the lung help to combat the infant's sensitivity to bronchiolitis?] Chottin C
Marquant Q
Saint-Criq V
Thomas M
Riffault S
Descamps D
2022 Revue des maladies respiratoires
2 (39), pp. 104-107
425. Quality appraisal of guidelines on physical restraints in intensive care units: A systematic review. Cui N
Zhang Y
Li Q
Tang J
Li Y
Zhang H
Chen D
Jin J
2022 Intensive & critical care nursing
(70), pp. 103193
426. Quantifying Older Black Americans' Exposure to Structural Racial Discrimination: How Can We Measure the Water In Which We Swim? LaFave SE
Bandeen-Roche K
Gee G
Thorpe RJ
Li Q
Crews D
Samuel L
Cooke A
Hladek M
Szanton SL
2022 Journal of urban health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
5 (99), pp. 794-802
427. Quantum Interference-Controlled Conductance Enhancement in Stacked Graphene-like Dimers. Li P
Hou S
Alharbi B
Wu Q
Chen Y
Zhou L
Gao T
Li R
Yang L
Chang X
Dong G
Liu X
Decurtins S
Liu SX
Hong W
Lambert CJ
Jia C
Guo X
2022 Journal of the American Chemical Society
34 (144), pp. 15689-15697
428. Rapid determination of illegally added Sudan I in cake by triphenylamine functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane fluorescence sensor. Li D
Zhou P
Hu Y
Li G
Xia L
2022 Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy
(282), pp. 121673
429. Rare germline variants in childhood cancer patients suspected of genetic predisposition to cancer. Sylvester DE
Chen Y
Grima N
Saletta F
Padhye B
Bennetts B
Wright D
Krivanek M
Graf N
Zhou L
Catchpoole D
Kirk J
Latchoumanin O
Qiao L
Ballinger M
Thomas D
Jamieson R
Dalla-Pozza L
Byrne JA
2022 Genes, chromosomes & cancer
2 (61), pp. 81-93
430. Rational Design of Chiral Tridentate Ligands: Bifunctional Cobalt(II) Complex/Hydrogen Bond for Enantioselective Michael Reactions. Wang XB
Tian Y
Zhou L
Xie MS
Guo HM
2022 Organic letters
21 (24), pp. 3861-3866
431. Realizing Efficient Emission in Three-Dimensional CsCdCl Single Crystals by Introducing Separated Emitting Centers. Zhang Y
Zhou L
Li D
Li H
Zhang L
Shen W
Li M
He R
2022 Inorganic chemistry
44 (61), pp. 17902-17910
432. Recent advances in hidradenitis suppurativa: Role of race, genetics, and immunology. Vellaichamy G
Amin AT
Dimitrion P
Hamzavi Z
Zhou L
Adrianto I
2022 Frontiers in genetics
(13), pp. 918858
433. Recent progress of collagen, chitosan, alginate and other hydrogels in skin repair and wound dressing applications. Peng W
Li D
Dai K
Wang Y
Song P
Li H
Tang P
Zhang Z
Li Z
Zhou Y
Zhou C
2022 International journal of biological macromolecules
(208), pp. 400-408
434. Reconciling Allergy Information in the Electronic Health Record After a Drug Challenge Using Natural Language Processing. Lo YC
Varghese S
Blackley S
Seger DL
Blumenthal KG
Goss FR
Zhou L
2022 Frontiers in allergy
(3), pp. 904923
435. Redox signaling at the crossroads of human health and disease. Zuo J
Zhang Z
Luo M
Zhou L
Nice EC
Zhang W
Wang C
Huang C
2022 MedComm
2 (3), pp. e127
436. Regressive Autism Spectrum Disorder: High Levels of Total Secreted Amyloid Precursor Protein and Secreted Amyloid Precursor Protein-α in Plasma. Li X
Zhou P
Li Q
Peng B
Cun Y
Dai Y
Wei H
Liu X
Yu Y
Jiang Z
Fan Q
Zhang Y
Yang T
Chen J
Cheng Q
Li T
Chen L
2022 Frontiers in psychiatry
(13), pp. 809543
437. Relationship between air pollution and childhood atopic dermatitis in Chongqing, China: A time-series analysis. Luo P
Wang D
Luo J
Li S
Chen H
Duan Y
Fan J
Cheng Z
Zhao MM
Liu X
Wang H
Luo XY
Zhou L
2022 Frontiers in public health
(10), pp. 990464
438. Repurposing econazole as a pharmacological autophagy inhibitor to treat pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Weng N
Qin S
Liu J
Huang X
Jiang J
Zhou L
Zhang Z
Xie N
Wang K
Jin P
Luo M
Peng L
Nice EC
Goel A
Han S
Huang C
Zhu Q
2022 Acta pharmaceutica Sinica. B
7 (12), pp. 3085-3102
439. Repurposing Oxiconazole against Colorectal Cancer via PRDX2-mediated Autophagy Arrest. Shi J
Zhou L
Huang HS
Peng L
Xie N
Nice E
Fu L
Jiang C
Huang C
2022 International journal of biological sciences
9 (18), pp. 3747-3761
440. Residue behavior and risk assessment of afidopyropen and its metabolite M440I007 in tea. Guo M
Sun H
Wang X
Yu J
Luo F
Zhang X
Yang M
Li Z
Chen Z
Zhou L
2022 Food chemistry
0 (404), pp. 134413
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