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Title Authors Year Journal title
41. A NR2E1-interacting peptide of LSD1 inhibits the proliferation of brain tumour initiating cells. Hu R
Hameed UFS
Sun X
Moorthy BS
Zhang W
Jeffrey PD
Zhou L
Ma X
Chen F
Pei J
Giri PK
Mou Y
Swaminathan K
Yuan P
2022 Cell proliferation
(), pp. e13350
42. Anticancer properties and pharmaceutical applications of ginsenoside compound K: A review. Zhou L
Liang YQ
Yang F
2022 Chemical biology & drug design
2 (99), pp. 286-300
43. Antioxidant properties of polyphenols from snow chrysanthemum () and the modulation on intestinal microflora . Zhang M
Zhao N
Xie M
Dong D
Chen W
He Y
Yan D
Fu H
Liang X
Zhou L
2022 Pharmaceutical biology
1 (60), pp. 1771-1780
44. An Unusual Cause of Acute Abdominal Pain and Unexplained Dyspnea in a Young Man: A Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm. Annabathula RV
Zhou L
Kincaid EH
Stacey RB
Vasu S
Upadhya B
2022 CASE (Philadelphia, Pa.)
4 (6), pp. 167-172
45. A PD-L1-targeting chimeric switch receptor enhances efficacy of CAR-T cell for pleural and peritoneal metastasis. Ma Q
He X
Zhang B
Guo F
Ou X
Yang Q
Shu P
Chen Y
Li K
Gao G
Zhu Y
Qin D
Tang J
Li X
Jing M
Zhao J
Mo Z
Liu N
Zeng Y
Zhou K
Feng M
Liao W
Lei W
Li Q
Li D
Wang Y
2022 Signal transduction and targeted therapy
1 (7), pp. 380
46. A PMM2-CDG caused by an A108V mutation associated with a heterozygous 70 kilobases deletion case report. Lebredonchel E
Riquet A
Neut D
Broly F
Matthijs G
Klein A
Foulquier F
2022 Italian journal of pediatrics
1 (48), pp. 178
47. Application of antibody-conjugated small intestine submucosa to capture urine-derived stem cells for bladder repair in a rabbit model. Song YT
Tian MX
Zhang XR
Liu PC
Zhang XZ
Zhang QY
Zhou L
Zhao LM
Li-Ling J
Xie HQ
2022 Bioactive materials
(14), pp. 443-455
48. Application of a Remotely Controlled Artificial Intelligence Analgesic Pump Device in Painless Treatment of Children. Zhang F
Wu S
Qu M
Zhou L
2022 Contrast media & molecular imaging
(2022), pp. 1013241
49. Application of Chain Nursing Process in the Nursing of Elderly Inpatients with Implantable Venous Infusion Port. Hu J
Zhou L
Ding J
2022 Emergency medicine international
(2022), pp. 5496533
50. Aqueous hybrid electrochemical capacitors with ultra-high energy density approaching for thousand-volts alternating current line filtering. Li Z
Wang X
Zhao L
Chi F
Gao C
Wang Y
Yan M
Zhou Q
Zhao M
Wang J
Yuan M
Wu M
Wang L
Zhao Y
Qu L
2022 Nature communications
1 (13), pp. 6359
51. A relatively high zoonotic trematode prevalence in Orientogalba ollula and the developmental characteristics of isolated trematodes by experimental infection in the animal model. Li J
Ren Y
Yang L
Guo J
Chen H
Liu J
Tian H
Zhou Q
Huang W
Hu W
Feng X
2022 Infectious diseases of poverty
1 (11), pp. 91
52. Are mindful people less involved in online trolling? A moderated mediation model of perceived social media fatigue and moral disengagement. Wu B
Li F
Zhou L
Liu M
Geng F
2022 Aggressive behavior
3 (48), pp. 309-318
53. A resilient and lightweight cellulose/graphene oxide/polymer-derived multifunctional carbon aerogel generated from Pickering emulsion toward a wearable pressure sensor. Liao D
Wang Y
Xie P
Zhang C
Li M
Liu H
Zhou L
Wei C
Yu C
Chen Y
2022 Journal of colloid and interface science
0 (628), pp. 574-587
54. A review on peach gum polysaccharide: Hydrolysis, structure, properties and applications. Zeng S
Long J
Sun J
Wang G
Zhou L
2022 Carbohydrate polymers
(279), pp. 119015
55. as a Rare Cause of Mitral Valve Infective Endocarditis With Mesenteric Arterial Branch Pseudoaneurysm, Splenic Infarction, and Renal Infarction: A Case Report. Li J
Zhou L
Gong X
Wang Y
Yao D
Li H
2022 Frontiers in medicine
(9), pp. 780828
56. A Self-Powered Optogenetic System for Implantable Blood Glucose Control. Liu Z
Zhou Y
Qu X
Xu L
Zou Y
Shan Y
Shao J
Wang C
Liu Y
Xue J
Jiang D
Fan Y
Li Z
Ye H
2022 Research (Washington, D.C.)
(2022), pp. 9864734
57. Assessing the Quality of Hearing Aids-Related Videos on TikTok. Chen K
Zhou L
Zhao R
Tang Y
2022 Frontiers in public health
(10), pp. 901976
58. Assessment of Noninvasive Markers of Steatosis and Liver Fibrosis in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Monoinfected Patients on Stable Antiretroviral Regimens. Busca C
Sánchez-Conde M
Rico M
Rosas M
Valencia E
Moreno A
Moreno V
Martín-Carbonero L
Moreno S
Pérez-Valero I
Bernardino JI
Arribas JR
González J
Olveira A
Castillo P
Abadía M
Guerra L
Mendez C
Montes ML
2022 Open forum infectious diseases
7 (9), pp. ofac279
59. Association Between Grip Strength and Cognitive Function in US Older Adults of NHANES 2011-2014. Yang J
Deng Y
Yan H
Li B
Wang Z
Liao J
Cai X
Zhou L
Tan W
Rong S
2022 Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD
2 (89), pp. 427-436
60. Association between human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) and cognitive function in the elderly population in Shenzhen, China. Huang C
Liu W
Ren X
Lv Y
Wang L
Huang J
Zhu F
Wu D
Zhou L
Huang X
Liu J
2022 Aging clinical and experimental research
10 (34), pp. 2407-2415
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