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61. Association between phthalate exposure and accelerated bone maturation in Chinese girls with early puberty onset: a propensity score-matched case-control analysis. Huang S
Su Z
Su H
Jiao Y
Su Q
Yao Y
Zhou L
Zheng X
Zhang X
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 15166
62. Association between serum vitamin D level during pregnancy and recurrent spontaneous abortion: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Chen C
Wang S
Zhang C
Wu X
Zhou L
Zou X
Guan T
Zhang Z
Hao J
2022 American journal of reproductive immunology (New York, N.Y. : 1989)
(), pp. e13582
63. Association of Acute Perioperative Myocardial Injury With All-Cause Mortality Within 90 Days After Hip Fracture Repair in the Elderly: A Prospective Study. Wang L
Cai M
Li X
Deng X
Xue Q
Zhou L
Yang M
2022 Geriatric orthopaedic surgery & rehabilitation
(13), pp. 21514593211070129
64. Association of haemoglobin glycation index with outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndrome: results from an observational cohort study in China. Li J
Xin Y
Zhou L
Qiu H
Shen A
Chen H
Li H
2022 Diabetology & metabolic syndrome
1 (14), pp. 162
65. Association of serum bisphenol AF concentration with depressive symptoms in adolescents: A nested case-control study in China. Zhang C
Zhou L
Guan TY
Zou XM
Chen C
Yuan MY
Wang S
Tao FB
Hao JH
2022 Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
(241), pp. 113734
66. Associations between the kynurenine pathway and the brain in patients with major depressive disorder-A systematic review of neuroimaging studies. Wang L
Feng Z
Zheng T
Dai G
Wang M
Zhou L
Zheng Y
Chen G
2022 Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry
(121), pp. 110675
67. Asymmetric Living Supramolecular Polymerization: Precise Fabrication of One-Handed Helical Supramolecular Polymers. Wang C
Xu L
Zhou L
Liu N
2022 Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
(), pp. e202207028
68. A targeted nanomodulator capable of manipulating tumor microenvironment against metastasis. Tian H
Zhou L
Wang Y
Nice EC
Huang C
Zhang H
2022 Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society
(348), pp. 590-600
69. A teenager with combined methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria (CblC type) presenting with neurological symptoms and congenital heart diseases: a case report. Zhou L
Yang Q
2022 Neurocase
(), pp. 1-5
70. A TET1-PSPC1-Neat1 molecular axis modulates PRC2 functions in controlling stem cell bivalency. Huang X
Bashkenova N
Hong Y
Lyu C
Guallar D
Hu Z
Malik V
Li D
Wang H
Shen X
Zhou H
Wang J
2022 Cell reports
10 (39), pp. 110928
71. A transformer-based deep neural network for arrhythmia detection using continuous ECG signals. Hu R
Chen J
Zhou L
2022 Computers in biology and medicine
(144), pp. 105325
72. Auricular acupressure for adverse events following immunization after COVID-19 vaccine injection: A multicentre, blinded, randomized controlled trial. Fu Q
Xie H
Zhou L
Li X
Liu Y
Luo H
Zhang C
Peng W
Wang Z
Su C
Xiao Z
Lin H
Xiao X
Wu X
Huang J
Wang X
Hu S
Tang J
Xiao H
Zhou J
Feng C
Wang L
Ao Z
Chen X
Zhang Q
Jiang L
2022 Complementary therapies in medicine
(71), pp. 102900
73. Author Correction: A fast radio burst source at a complex magnetized site in a barred galaxy. Xu H
Niu JR
Chen P
Lee KJ
Zhu WW
Dong S
Zhang B
Jiang JC
Wang BJ
Zhang CF
Fu H
Filippenko AV
Peng EW
Zhou DJ
Zhang YK
Wang P
Feng Y
Li Y
Brink TG
Lu W
Yang YP
Caballero RN
Cai C
Chen MZ
Dai ZG
Djorgovski SG
Esamdin A
Gan HQ
Guhathakurta P
Han JL
Hao LF
Huang YX
Jiang P
Li D
Li H
Liu ZY
Luo R
Men YP
Niu CH
Peng WX
Qian L
Song LM
Stern D
Stockton A
Sun JH
Wang FY
Wang M
Wang N
Wang WY
Xiao S
Xiong SL
Yang J
Yang X
Yao R
Yue YL
Yuan JP
Zhang BB
Zhang SB
Zhang SN
Zhao Y
Zheng WK
Zhu Y
Zou JH
2022 Nature
7937 (611), pp. E12
74. Author Correction: SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain radio-probe: a noninvasive approach for angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 mapping in mice. Li D
Ding J
Liu TL
Wang F
Meng XX
Liu S
Yang Z
Zhu H
2022 Acta pharmacologica Sinica
7 (43), pp. 1885-1886
75. Authors' response to "Comment on Al-Hakim et al. 'The effect of psychological meaningfulness and perceived organisational support on the relationship between nursing workload and job satisfaction: A prospective, cross-sectional investigation'". Al-Hakim L
Zhang Y
Jin J
Sevdalis N
2022 International journal of nursing studies
(), pp. 104345
76. Autonomic dysfunction as the initial presentation in spinocerebellar ataxia type 3: A case report and review of the literature. Jin Y
Chen Y
Li D
Qiu M
Zhou M
Hu Z
Cai Q
Weng X
Lu X
Wu B
2022 Frontiers in neurology
(13), pp. 967293
77. Autophagy activation attenuates the circadian clock oscillators in U2OS cells via the ATG5 pathway. Gao D
Ma T
Gao L
Zhang J
Zhang H
Zhang L
Dong H
Li Y
Zhao L
Liu W
Zhao H
Li D
Zhou D
Wang A
Jin Y
Chen H
2022 Cellular signalling
(), pp. 110502
78. Bats and their ectoparasites (Nycteribiidae and Spinturnicidae) carry diverse novel Bartonella genotypes, China. Han HJ
Li X
Liu JX
Peng QM
Wang R
Jiang Y
Zhou CM
Li D
Xiao X
2022 Transboundary and emerging diseases
4 (69), pp. e845-e858
79. B cell Receptor Signatures Associating with Strong and Poor SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Response. Lin K
Zhou Y
Ai J
Wang YA
Zhang S
Qiu C
Lian C
Gao B
Liu T
Wang H
Zhang H
Zhang Y
Fu Z
Li D
Jiang N
Guo J
Wu J
Wang YO
Song S
Li Q
Yin Y
Xia J
Xu Y
Yeap LS
Zheng X
Gu Y
Liu H
Zhang W
Meng FL
2022 Emerging microbes & infections
(), pp. 1-43
80. BCMA-targeting chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for multiple myeloma. Yang J
Zhou W
Li D
Niu T
Wang W
2022 Cancer letters
(), pp. 215949
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