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81. BCOR-CCNB3 sarcoma with concurrent RNF213-SLC26A11 gene fusion: a rare sarcoma with altered histopathological features after chemotherapy. Huang W
Wang W
Huang LL
Li H
Zhou WC
2022 World journal of surgical oncology
1 (20), pp. 156
82. Binary self-assembly of ordered BiSe/BiOSe lamellar architecture embedded into CNTs@Graphene as a binder-free electrode for superb Na-Ion storage. Liu H
Li D
Wang C
Wang Y
Chen Y
Linghu Y
Tian Z
Song H
Zhou J
Guo L
2022 Journal of colloid and interface science
(620), pp. 168-178
83. Biogenic volatile organic compound emission patterns and secondary pollutant formation potentials of dominant greening trees in Chengdu, southwest China. Liu L
Seyler BC
Liu H
Zhou L
Chen D
Liu S
Yan C
Yang F
Song D
Tan Q
Jia F
Feng C
Wang Q
Li Y
2022 Journal of environmental sciences (China)
(114), pp. 179-193
84. Biological Effectiveness of Ion Beam for Cell Irradiations. Li H 2022 Frontiers in oncology
(12), pp. 847090
85. Blocking autophagy overcomes resistance to dual histone deacetylase and proteasome inhibition in gynecologic cancer. Bi J
Zhang Y
Malmrose PK
Losh HA
Newtson AM
Devor EJ
Thiel KW
Leslie KK
2022 Cell death & disease
1 (13), pp. 59
86. BPTF activates the MAPK pathway through coexpression with Raf1 to promote proliferation of T-cell lymphoma. Bai D
Zhou Y
Shen F
Gao D
Suo W
Zhang H
Li H
2022 Oncology letters
1 (24), pp. 223
87. Brain-Targeted HFn-Cu-REGO Nanoplatform for Site-Specific Delivery and Manipulation of Autophagy and Cuproptosis in Glioblastoma. Jia W
Tian H
Jiang J
Zhou L
Li L
Luo M
Ding N
Nice EC
Huang C
Zhang H
2022 Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
(), pp. e2205354
88. Broadband nanostructured fiber mode convertors enabled by inverse design. Liu Z
Meng Y
Zhou Z
Wang L
He T
Li D
Yan P
Gong M
Xiao Q
2022 Optics express
10 (30), pp. 17625-17634
89. Burnout and well-being of healthcare workers in the post-pandemic period of COVID-19: a perspective from the job demands-resources model. Zhou T
Xu C
Wang C
Sha S
Wang Z
Zhou Y
Zhang X
Hu D
Liu Y
Tian T
Liang S
Zhou L
Wang Q
2022 BMC health services research
1 (22), pp. 284
90. Butein promotes ubiquitination-mediated survivin degradation inhibits tumor growth and overcomes chemoresistance. Dong X
Liu W
Li X
Gan Y
Zhou L
Li W
Xie L
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 20644
91. Cancer-associated fibroblasts promote tumor progression by lncRNA-mediated RUNX2/GDF10 signaling in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Zhang D
Song Y
Li D
Liu X
Pan Y
Ding L
Shi G
Wang Y
Ni Y
Hou Y
2022 Molecular oncology
3 (16), pp. 780-794
92. Cardiovascular disease risk prediction models in the Chinese population- a systematic review and meta-analysis. Zhiting G
Jiaying T
Haiying H
Yuping Z
Qunfei Y
Jingfen J
2022 BMC public health
1 (22), pp. 1608
93. Case Report: Complete Remission of a Patient With Metastatic Gastric Cancer Treated With Nivolumab Combined With Chemotherapy After Palliative Surgery. Dai P
Rao X
Zhang X
Qiu E
Wu G
Lin Y
Li S
Li Z
Cai Z
Han S
2022 Frontiers in immunology
(13), pp. 908558
94. Caspase-11 promotes NLRP3 inflammasome activation via the cleavage of pannexin1 in acute kidney disease. Yin F
Zheng PQ
Zhao LQ
Wang YZ
Miao NJ
Zhou ZL
Cheng Q
Chen PP
Xie HY
Zhou L
Zhang W
Wang XX
Liu J
2022 Acta pharmacologica Sinica
1 (43), pp. 86-95
95. Causal gene identification and desirable trait recreation in goldfish. Yu P
Wang Y
Li Z
Jin H
Han X
Wang ZW
Yang XL
Zhang XJ
Zhou L
Gui JF
2022 Science China. Life sciences
12 (65), pp. 2341-2353
96. Cbf-β is required for the development, differentiation, and function of murine mucosal-associated invariant T cells. Liu T
Toor JS
Subedi K
Wang J
Yi Q
Loveless I
Zhou L
2022 Cellular & molecular immunology
11 (19), pp. 1314-1316
97. CD4FoxP3CD73 regulatory T cell promotes cardiac healing post-myocardial infarction. Zhuang R
Meng Q
Ma X
Shi S
Gong S
Liu J
Li M
Gu W
Li D
Zhang X
Wang Z
Ge X
Tang J
Lin F
Liang X
Zheng L
Liu Z
Zhou X
2022 Theranostics
6 (12), pp. 2707-2721
98. Ceria Nanoenzyme-Based Hydrogel with Antiglycative and Antioxidative Performance for Infected Diabetic Wound Healing. Cheng F
Wang S
Zheng H
Shen H
Zhou L
Yang Z
Li Q
Zhang Q
Zhang H
2022 Small methods
(), pp. e2200949
99. Changes in primary care visits arising from the COVID-19 pandemic: an international comparative study by the International Consortium of Primary Care Big Data Researchers (INTRePID). Tu K
Sarkadi Kristiansson R
Gronsbell J
de Lusignan S
Flottorp S
Goh LH
Hallinan CM
Hoang U
Kang SY
Kim YS
Li Z
Ling ZJ
Manski-Nankervis JA
Pace WD
Wensaas KA
Wong WC
Stephenson E
2022 BMJ open
5 (12), pp. e059130
100. Changes in volatile profiles of a refrigerated-reheated xylose-cysteine-lecithin reaction model analyzed by GC×GC-MS and E-nose. Zhang Z
Zang M
Zhang K
Li D
Wang S
Li X
Zhou H
Zhang X
2022 Journal of food science
3 (87), pp. 1069-1081
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