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121. Combined modifications of CaO and liquid fraction of digestate for augmenting volatile fatty acids production from rice straw: microbial and proteomics insights. Yuan H
Guan R
Cao C
Ji M
Gu J
Zhou L
Zuo X
Liu C
Li X
Yan B
Li J
2022 Bioresource technology
(), pp. 128089
122. Commercialized artemisinin derivatives combined with colistin protect against critical Gram-negative bacterial infection. Zhou Y
Liu B
Chu X
Su J
Xu L
Li L
Deng X
Li D
Lv Q
Wang J
2022 Communications biology
1 (5), pp. 931
123. Commonality and diversity in tRNA substrate recognition in t6A biogenesis by eukaryotic KEOPSs. Wang JT
Zhou JB
Mao XL
Zhou L
Chen M
Zhang W
Wang ED
Zhou XL
2022 Nucleic acids research
4 (50), pp. 2223-2239
124. Comparative genome anatomy reveals evolutionary insights into a unique amphitriploid fish. Wang Y
Wang K
Wu B
Xu M
Chen Y
Miao LJ
Wang ZW
Li Z
Zhang XJ
Yin Z
Zhou BT
Yang YL
Zhu CL
Zheng JM
Feng CG
Qiu Q
Tian LT
Lu M
Peng F
Tong JF
Tong JG
Yu P
Ding M
Gan RH
Zhang QQ
Jian JB
Zhang C
Yang W
Zhao ZC
Gao Q
Bai MZ
Zhang YP
Yang HM
Fang XD
Wang W
Zhou L
Gui JF
2022 Nature ecology & evolution
9 (6), pp. 1354-1366
125. Comparative mitogenomic analyses unveil conserved and variable mitogenomic features and phylogeny of Chedrinae fish. Yu P
Zhou L
Yang XL
Jin H
Li Z
Wang ZW
Zhang XJ
Wang Y
Gui JF
2022 Zoological research
1 (43), pp. 30-32
126. Comparing toxicity and biodegradation of racemic glufosinate and L-glufosinate in green algae Scenedesmus obliquus. Meng X
Wang F
Li Y
Deng P
Hu D
Zhang Y
2022 The Science of the total environment
(), pp. 153791
127. Comparison of different concentrations of a povidone iodine-diluted sitz bath in the prevention of perianal infection in patients undergoing chemotherapy for hematological malignancy: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Luo Y
Wang Y
Yang M
Luo T
Chen F
Leng Y
Zhou L
Fang J
Li Y
Chen C
2022 Trials
1 (23), pp. 895
128. Comparison of the Diagnostic Value of SARC-F and Its Three Modified Versions for Screening Sarcopenia in Chinese Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Zhou J
Li T
Chen X
Wang M
Jiang W
Jia H
2022 The journal of nutrition, health & aging
1 (26), pp. 77-83
129. Competing Nomogram for Late-Period Breast Cancer-Specific Death in Patients with Early-Stage Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer. Zhu J
Zheng H
Ge C
Lin H
Yu K
Wu L
Li D
Zhou S
Tang W
Wang Q
Zhang X
Jin X
Xu X
Du J
Fu J
2022 Clinical breast cancer
3 (22), pp. e296-e309
130. Comprehensive analysis of endoplasmic reticulum-related and secretome gene expression profiles in the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Gao R
Wang J
He X
Wang T
Zhou L
Ren Z
Yang J
Xiang X
Wen S
Yu Z
Ai H
Wang Y
Liang H
Li S
Lu Y
Zhu Y
Shi G
Chen Y
2022 Frontiers in endocrinology
(13), pp. 967016
131. Comprehensive analysis of the differential expression and prognostic value of COL1A2 in colon adenocarcinoma. Jin JJ
Zheng T
Zheng L
Zhou L
2022 Aging
18 (14), pp. 7390-7407
132. Concentrations, generation and risk characterization of phthalimide in tea-derived from folpet or not? Sun H
Zhang X
Zuo W
Dai Z
Zhou L
Luo F
Yang M
Wang X
Lou Z
Chen Z
2022 The Science of the total environment
(), pp. 158194
133. Configuration-Dependent Liquid Crystal and Gel Behaviors of Tetraphenylethene-Containing Main-Chain Copolyesters. Wang J
Wang T
Jiang Q
Zhang Y
Qiu Y
Wang H
Yin G
Liao Y
Xie X
2022 Macromolecular rapid communications
(), pp. e2200154
134. Connection of Ru nanoparticles with rich defects enables the enhanced electrochemical reduction of nitrogen. Tang X
Tian X
Zhou L
Yang F
He R
Zhao X
Zhu W
2022 Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
19 (24), pp. 11491-11495
135. Consideration of Monkeypox Surveillance in China, 2022. Zhou L
Wang Y
Li D
Han M
Shi G
Li Q
2022 China CDC weekly
41 (4), pp. 924-928
136. Construction of a High-Density Genetic Map and Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Linked to Fruit Quality Traits in Apricots Using Specific-Locus Amplified Fragment Sequencing. Zhang Q
Liu J
Liu W
Liu N
Zhang Y
Xu M
Liu S
Ma X
Zhang Y
2022 Frontiers in plant science
(13), pp. 798700
137. Construction of K and Tb Co-doped MnO nanoparticles for enhanced oxidation and detoxication of organic dye waste. Wang H
Liang Z
Liu C
Zhu L
Xu Y
Zhou L
Yan B
2022 Chemosphere
(297), pp. 134104
138. Controlled Synthesis of Cyclic-Helical Polymers with Circularly Polarized Luminescence. Xu L
Gao BR
Zhou L
Liu N
2022 Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
(), pp. e202204966
139. Coping Strategies and Workplace Supports for Peers with Substance Use Disorders. Brady LA
Wozniak ML
Brimmer MJ
Terranova E
Moore C
Kahn L
Vest BM
Thomas M
2022 Substance use & misuse
(), pp. 1-7
140. Correction: Age- and Sex-Specific Differences in Multimorbidity Patterns and Temporal Trends on Assessing Hospital Discharge Records in Southwest China: Network-Based Study. Wang L
Qiu H
Luo L
Zhou L
2022 Journal of medical Internet research
6 (24), pp. e39648
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