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Title Authors Year Journal title
141. Correction to "A DNA Nanoraft-Based Cytokine Delivery Platform for Alleviation of Acute Kidney Injury". Li W
Wang C
Lv H
Wang Z
Zhao M
Liu S
Gou L
Zhou Y
Li J
Zhang J
Li L
Wang Y
Lou P
Wu L
Zhou L
Chen Y
Lu Y
Cheng J
Han YP
Cao Q
Huang W
Tong N
Fu X
Liu J
Zheng X
Berggren PO
2022 ACS nano
4 (16), pp. 6940
142. Correction to "Design, Synthesis, and Bioactivity Evaluation of Dual-Target Inhibitors of Tubulin and Src Kinase Guided by Crystal Structure". Wang L
Zheng Y
Li D
Yang J
Lei L
Yan W
Zheng W
Tang M
Shi M
Zhang R
Cai X
Ni H
Ma X
Li N
Hong F
Ye H
Chen L
2022 Journal of medicinal chemistry
17 (65), pp. 11889
143. Correction to: Differentiating total from subtotal arterial occlusion in lower extremities by using reverse attenuation gradient sign in CT angiography. Qu TT
Li J
Ding NN
Zhou L
Guo J
Li Y
Liu Z
Han Y
Cui Y
Yang J
2022 European radiology
2 (32), pp. 1408
144. Correlation between age and curative effects of selective dorsal neurectomy for primary premature ejaculation. Yang J
Chu M
Qi Y
Zhang H
Yuan T
Zhou L
Cao W
Zhang C
2022 Advances in clinical and experimental medicine : official organ Wroclaw Medical University
8 (31), pp. 837-845
145. Corrigendum: Controlled Synthesis of Cyclic-Helical Polymers with Circularly Polarized Luminescence. Xu L
Gao BR
Zhou L
Liu N
2022 Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
(), pp. e202210170
146. Corrigendum to "Human MLL-AF9 Overexpression Induces Aberrant Hematopoietic Expansion in Zebrafish". Tan J
Zhao L
Wang G
Li T
Li D
Xu Q
Chen X
Shang Z
Wang J
Zhou J
2022 BioMed research international
(2022), pp. 9839650
147. Corrigendum to "The effect of psychological meaningfulness and perceived organizational support on the relationship between nursing workload and job satisfaction" [Int. J. Nurs. Stud., Volume 133 (2022), 104274]. Al-Hakim L
Zhang Y
Jin J
Sevdalis N
2022 International journal of nursing studies
(), pp. 104346
148. Cost-effectiveness of insulin degludec/insulin aspart versus biphasic insulin aspart in Chinese population with type 2 diabetes. Luo Q
Zhou L
Zhou N
Hu M
2022 Frontiers in public health
(10), pp. 1016937
149. Coupling Fe C Nanoparticles and N-Doping on Wood-Derived Carbon to Construct Reversible Cathode for Zn-Air Batteries. Cao M
Liu Y
Sun K
Li H
Lin X
Zhang P
Zhou L
Wang A
Mehdi S
Wu X
Jiang J
Li B
2022 Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
(), pp. e2202014
150. CoVac501, a self-adjuvanting peptide vaccine conjugated with TLR7 agonists, against SARS-CoV-2 induces protective immunity. Long Y
Sun J
Song TZ
Liu T
Tang F
Zhang X
Ding L
Miao Y
Zhu W
Pan X
An Q
Qin M
Tong X
Peng X
Yu P
Zhu P
Xu J
Zhang Y
Liu D
Chen B
Chen H
Zhang L
Xiao G
Zuo J
Tang W
Zhou J
Li H
Xu Z
Zheng HY
Long XY
Qin Q
Gan Y
Ren J
Huang W
Zheng YT
Jin G
Gong L
2022 Cell discovery
1 (8), pp. 9
151. Cucurbit[7]uril-Mediated Supramolecular Bactericidal Nanoparticles: Their Assembly Process, Controlled Release, and Safe Treatment of Intractable Plant Bacterial Diseases. Ji QT
Tian XX
Zhou L
Yao S
Wang XH
Xiang SZ
Fan LJ
Wang PY
2022 Nano letters
12 (22), pp. 4839-4847
152. Cumulative incidence and risk factors of brain metastasis for acral and mucosal melanoma patients with stages I-III. Wang Y
Lian B
Si L
Mao L
Chi Z
Sheng X
Kong Y
Wang X
Bai X
Yan X
Li S
Tang B
Dai J
Zhou L
Wei X
Cui C
Guo J
2022 European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990)
(175), pp. 196-203
153. Current status of therapeutic drug monitoring for methotrexate, imatinib, paclitaxel in China. Zhou W
Deng Y
Zhang C
Liu Z
Zhang J
Zhou L
Shao L
2022 Clinical biochemistry
(104), pp. 44-50
154. Cytokine receptor DOME controls wing disc development in Bombyx mori. Wang Y
Zhou L
Liang W
Dang Z
Wang S
Zhang Y
Zhao P
Lu Z
2022 Insect biochemistry and molecular biology
(), pp. 103828
155. Cytokine Regulation and Fast Inflammation Resolution in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis by Cerium-Modified Gold Nanoclusters. Lin S
Zhou Z
Xu C
Zeng F
Shi Z
Sun J
Mei X
Liu C
Li D
2022 ACS applied materials & interfaces
16 (14), pp. 18053-18063
156. Cytomegalovirus-specific neutralizing antibodies effectively prevent uncontrolled infection after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Wang H
Liu H
Zhou L
Wang D
Wang S
Liu Q
Wu Y
Tu M
Sun Z
Zheng X
Fu B
Wang B
Wei H
2022 iScience
10 (25), pp. 105065
157. Ddx20, an Olig2 binding factor, governs the survival of neural and oligodendrocyte progenitor cells via proper Mdm2 splicing and p53 suppression. Bizen N
Bepari AK
Zhou L
Abe M
Sakimura K
Ono K
Takebayashi H
2022 Cell death and differentiation
5 (29), pp. 1028-1041
158. Decreased E2F2 Expression Correlates with Poor Prognosis and Immune Infiltrates in Patients with Colorectal Cancer. Shang Y
Zhang Y
Liu J
Chen L
Yang X
Zhu Z
Li D
Deng Y
Zhou Z
Lu B
2022 Journal of Cancer
2 (13), pp. 653-668
159. Deep learning-based relapse prediction of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder with anti-aquaporin-4 antibody. Wang L
Du L
Li Q
Li F
Wang B
Zhao Y
Meng Q
Li W
Pan J
Xia J
Wu S
Yang J
Li H
Ma J
ZhangBao J
Huang W
Chang X
Tan H
Yu J
Zhou L
Lu C
Wang M
Dong Q
Lu J
Zhao C
Quan C
2022 Frontiers in neurology
(13), pp. 947974
160. Deep oncopanel sequencing reveals within block position-dependent quality degradation in FFPE processed samples. Zhang Y
Blomquist TM
Kusko R
Stetson D
Zhang Z
Yin L
Sebra R
Gong B
Lococo JS
Mittal VK
Novoradovskaya N
Yeo JY
Dominiak N
Hipp J
Raymond A
Qiu F
Arib H
Smith ML
Brock JE
Farkas DH
Craig DJ
Crawford EL
Li D
Morrison T
Tom N
Xiao W
Yang M
Mason CE
Richmond TA
Jones W
Johann DJ
Shi L
Tong W
Willey JC
Xu J
2022 Genome biology
1 (23), pp. 141
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