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Title Authors Year Journal title
161. Deletion of osteopontin or bone sialoprotein induces opposite bone responses to mechanical stimulation in mice. Maalouf M
Çinar H
Bouleftour W
Thomas M
Vanden-Bossche A
Laroche N
Linossier MT
Peyroche S
Lafage-Proust MH
Vico L
Guignandon A
Malaval L
2022 Bone reports
(17), pp. 101621
162. Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccines Against Cancer: Challenges, Advances and Future Opportunities. Fu C
Ma T
Zhou L
Jiang A
2022 Immunological investigations
(), pp. 1-26
163. Detection of ovarian cancer using plasma cell-free DNA methylomes. Lu H
Liu Y
Wang J
Fu S
Wang L
Huang C
Li J
Xie L
Wang D
Li D
Zhou H
Rao Q
2022 Clinical epigenetics
1 (14), pp. 74
164. Developmental analysis of reconstructed embryos of second-generation cloned transgenic goats. Song S
Lu R
Cheng Y
Zhang T
Gu L
Yu K
Zhou M
Li D
2022 Reproduction in domestic animals = Zuchthygiene
5 (57), pp. 473-480
165. Development and Validation of Prediction Models for Hypertensive Nephropathy, the PANDORA Study. Yang X
Zhou B
Zhou L
Cui L
Zeng J
Wang S
Shi W
Zhang Y
Luo X
Xu C
Xue Y
Chen H
Chen S
Wang G
Guo L
Jose PA
Wilcox CS
Wu S
Wu G
Zeng C
2022 Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine
(9), pp. 794768
166. Development of a competitive ELISA based on estrogen receptor and weak competitive molecule for the screening of potential estrogens in foods. Wang Y
Wang M
Zhou L
Geng X
Xu Z
Zhang H
2022 Food chemistry
(401), pp. 134084
167. Development of carbazole-based fluorescent probe for highly sensitive application in fluoride ion detection. Li D
Tu S
Le Y
Zhou Y
Yang L
Ding Y
Huang L
Liu L
2022 Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy
(285), pp. 121816
168. Development of Cationic Benzimidazole-Containing UiO-66 through Step-by-Step Linker Modification to Enhance the Initial Sorption Rate and Sorption Capacities for Heavy Metal Oxo-Anions. Zhou L
Liu H
Pan PH
Deng B
Zhao SY
Liu P
Wang YY
2022 Inorganic chemistry
30 (61), pp. 11992-12002
169. Dexmedetomidine attenuates motor deficits via restoring the function of neurons in the nigrostriatal circuit in Parkinson's disease model mice. Zhou L
Xie Q
Zhang Q
Hu M
Ma T
Xie H
2022 European journal of pharmacology
(), pp. 174806
170. DHPPA, a major plasma alkylresorcinol metabolite reflecting whole-grain wheat and rye intake, and risk of metabolic syndrome: a case-control study. Zhou L
Hu S
Rong S
Mo X
Wang Q
Yin J
Peng X
Li X
Chen L
Shan Z
Liu G
Sun T
Liu L
2022 European journal of nutrition
6 (61), pp. 3247-3254
171. Diabetes mellitus aggravates humoral immune response in myasthenia gravis by promoting differentiation and activation of circulating Tfh cells. Li T
Yang CL
Du T
Zhang P
Zhou Y
Wang CC
Liu Y
Li H
Zhang M
Duan RS
2022 Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.)
(), pp. 109141
172. Differential uptake of nitrogen forms by two herbs in the Gurbantunggut desert, Central Asia. Zhuang W
Wang M
Xiao Y
Zhou X
Wu N
2022 Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany)
5 (24), pp. 758-765
173. Digital CRISPR/Cas12b-based platform enabled absolute quantification of viral RNA. Luo X
Xue Y
Ju E
Tao Y
Li M
Zhou L
Yang C
Zhou J
Wang J
2022 Analytica chimica acta
(1192), pp. 339336
174. Directed evolution of adeno-associated virus for efficient gene delivery to microglia. Lin R
Zhou Y
Yan T
Wang R
Li H
Wu Z
Zhang X
Zhou X
Zhao F
Zhang L
Li Y
Luo M
2022 Nature methods
8 (19), pp. 976-985
175. Discovery of -(4-(Benzyloxy)-phenyl)-sulfonamide Derivatives as Novel Antagonists of the Human Androgen Receptor Targeting the Activation Function 2. Chai X
Sun H
Zhou W
Chen C
Shan L
Yang Y
He J
Pang J
Yang L
Wang X
Cui S
Fu Y
Xu X
Xu L
Yao X
Li D
Hou T
2022 Journal of medicinal chemistry
3 (65), pp. 2507-2521
176. Discovery of novel antagonists targeting the DNA binding domain of androgen receptor by integrated docking-based virtual screening and bioassays. Pang JP
Shen C
Zhou WF
Wang YX
Shan LH
Chai X
Shao Y
Zhu F
Zhu DY
Xiao L
Xu L
Li D
Hou TJ
2022 Acta pharmacologica Sinica
1 (43), pp. 229-239
177. Discovery, Optimization, and Evaluation of Potent and Selective PI3Kδ-γ Dual Inhibitors for the Treatment of B-cell Malignancies. Liu K
Zheng W
Chen Y
Tang M
Li D
Deng D
Yang T
Zhang C
Liu J
Yuan X
Shi M
Li X
Guo Y
Zhou Y
Zhao M
Chen L
2022 Journal of medicinal chemistry
14 (65), pp. 9893-9917
178. Disordered Maternal and Fetal Iron Metabolism Occurs in Preterm Births in Human. Liu W
Wu Y
Zhang N
Liu S
Zhou L
2022 Disease markers
(2022), pp. 1664474
179. Disrupting metformin adaptation of liver cancer cells by targeting the TOMM34/ATP5B axis. Jin P
Jiang J
Zhou L
Huang Z
Qin S
Chen HN
Peng L
Zhang Z
Li B
Luo M
Zhang T
Ming H
Ding N
Li L
Xie N
Gao W
Zhang W
Nice EC
Wei Y
Huang C
2022 EMBO molecular medicine
(), pp. e16082
180. Distribution characteristics of microplastics in urban rivers in Chengdu city: The influence of land-use type and population and related suggestions. Zhang Y
Peng Y
Xu S
Zhang S
Zhou G
Yang J
Li H
Zhang J
2022 The Science of the total environment
(846), pp. 157411
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