PUBMED : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (คณะวิทยาศาสตร์)

Title Authors Year Journal title
21. Characterization of the plastid genome of Cratoxylum species (Hypericaceae) and new insights into phylogenetic relationships. Sudmoon R
Kaewdaungdee S
Tanee T
Siripiyasing P
Ameamsri U
Syazwan SA
Lee SY
Chaveerach A
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 18810
22. Chemical constituents from the flowers of (Dunal) J. Sinclair. Chompupong T
Schevenels FT
Senawong T
Lekphrom R
2022 Natural product research
(), pp. 1-4
23. Chitosan biological molecule improves bactericidal competence of ceftazidime against Burkholderia pseudomallei biofilms. Thonglao N
Pakkulnan R
Paluka J
Chareonsudjai P
Kanokmedhakul S
Kanokmedhakul K
Chareonsudjai S
2022 International journal of biological macromolecules
(201), pp. 676-685
24. Comparative lead adsorptions in synthetic wastewater by synthesized zeolite A of recycled industrial wastes from sugar factory and power plant. Jangkorn S
Youngme S
Praipipat P
2022 Heliyon
4 (8), pp. e09323
25. Comparative Reactive Blue 4 Dye Removal by Lemon Peel Bead Doping with Iron(III) Oxide-Hydroxide and Zinc Oxide. Praipipat P
Ngamsurach P
Prasongdee V
2022 ACS omega
45 (7), pp. 41744-41758
26. Copper(II) Compounds of 4-Nitrobenzohydrazide with Different Anions (ClO , NO and Br ): Synthesis, Characterization, DFT Calculations, DNA Interactions and Cytotoxic Properties. Nonkuntod P
Senawong T
Soikum C
Chaveerach P
Watwiangkham A
Suthirakun S
Chaveerach U
2022 Chemistry & biodiversity
(), pp. e202100708
27. Correction: Structural modification of olibergin A, an isoflavonoid, from Roxb. and its cytotoxicity. Arthan S
Posri P
Walunchapruk S
Senawong T
Yenjai C
2022 RSC advances
31 (12), pp. 19868
28. Correction to: Hospital-acquired malnutrition in paediatric patients: a multicenter trial focusing on prevalence, risk factors, and impact on clinical outcomes. Saengnipanthkul S
Chongviriyaphan N
Densupsoontorn N
Apiraksakorn A
Chaiyarit J
Kunnangja S
Wongpratoom S
Papakhee S
Det-Amnatkul W
Monwiratkul J
Saengpanit P
Limthongthang P
Panthongviriyakul C
2022 European journal of pediatrics
3 (181), pp. 1305
29. Correlating the effect of preparation methods on the structural and magnetic properties, and reducibility of CuFeO catalysts. Khunphonoi R
Khemthong P
Luadthong C
Kuboon S
Kongmark C
Viriya-Empikul N
Kidkhunthod P
Pinitsoontorn S
Faungnawakij K
2022 RSC advances
24 (12), pp. 15526-15533
30. Cytotoxic and antibacterial xanthones from the roots of . Lakornwong W
Kanokmedhakul K
Masranoi J
Tontapha S
Yahuafai J
Laphookhieo S
Suthiphasilp V
Kanokmedhakul S
2022 Natural product research
(), pp. 1-10
31. Discovery of Intentional Self-Harm Patterns from Suicide and Self-Harm Surveillance Reports. Vichianchai V
Kasemvilas S
2022 Healthcare informatics research
4 (28), pp. 319-331
32. Does freelancing have a future? Mathematical analysis and modeling. Khan FS
Khalid M
Ali AH
Bazighifan O
Nofal TA
Nonlaopon K
2022 Mathematical biosciences and engineering : MBE
9 (19), pp. 9357-9370
33. Editorial: A Genetic Perspective on Asian Populations. Kutanan W
Changmai P
Wang CC
2022 Frontiers in genetics
(13), pp. 883843
34. Effect of harvest time on the compositional changes in essential oils, cannabinoids, and waxes of hemp ( L.). Noppawan P
Bainier C
Lanot A
McQueen-Mason S
Supanchaiyamat N
Attard TM
Hunt AJ
2022 Royal Society open science
6 (9), pp. 211699
35. Effect of hydrogen on magnetic properties in MgO studied by first-principles calculations and experiments. Fongkaew I
Yotburut B
Sailuam W
Jindata W
Thiwatwaranikul T
Khamkongkaeo A
Chuewangkam N
Tanapongpisit N
Saenrang W
Utke R
Thongbai P
Pinitsoontorn S
Limpijumnong S
Meevasana W
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 10063
36. Effect of Vancomycin on Cellular Fatty Acid Profiles of Vancomycin-Susceptible and Nonsusceptible . Wongthong S
Taron W
Chanawong A
Tippayawat P
Pongdontri P
Srisrattakarn A
Panpru P
Lulitanond A
2022 Microbial drug resistance (Larchmont, N.Y.)
3 (28), pp. 267-273
37. Efficacy study of recycling materials by lemon peels as novel lead adsorbents with comparing of material form effects and possibility of continuous flow experiment. Threepanich A
Praipipat P
2022 Environmental science and pollution research international
30 (29), pp. 46077-46090
38. Electrochemical detection of methyl parathion using calix[6]arene/bismuth ferrite/multiwall carbon nanotube-modified fluorine-doped tin oxide electrode. Gissawong N
Srijaranai S
Nanan S
Mukdasai K
Uppachai P
Teshima N
Mukdasai S
2022 Mikrochimica acta
12 (189), pp. 461
39. Enhanced interfacial interaction between modified cellulose nanocrystals and epoxidized natural rubber via ultraviolet irradiation. Somseemee O
Saeoui P
Schevenels FT
Siriwong C
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 6682
40. Enhancement of growth and Cannabinoids content of hemp () using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Seemakram W
Paluka J
Suebrasri T
Lapjit C
Kanokmedhakul S
Kuyper TW
Ekprasert J
Boonlue S
2022 Frontiers in plant science
(13), pp. 845794
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