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61. Morphology, mating system and taxonomy of Volvox africanus (Volvocaceae, Chlorophyceae) from Thailand. Nozaki H
Mahakham W
Heman W
Matsuzaki R
Kawachi M
2022 Botanical studies
1 (63), pp. 1
62. Multifunctionality of Extract and Its Active Constituents against Alzheimer's Disease. Boonyarat C
Yenjai C
Monthakantirat O
Kaewamatawong R
Poonsawas P
Wangboonskul J
Chaiwiwatrakul S
Waiwut P
2022 Current issues in molecular biology
8 (44), pp. 3681-3694
63. Natural deep eutectic solvent-decorated magnetic layered double hydroxide as a sorbent for the enrichment of organochlorine pesticides in environmental samples. Phosiri P
Santaladchaiyakit Y
Burakham R
2022 Journal of chromatography. A
(1673), pp. 463111
64. Non-Fourier energy transmission in power-law hybrid nanofluid flow over a moving sheet. Alhowaity A
Bilal M
Hamam H
Alqarni MM
Mukdasai K
Ali A
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 10406
65. Nordentatin Inhibits Neuroblastoma Cell Proliferation and Migration through Regulation of GSK-3 Pathway. Boonyarat C
Boonput P
Tongloh N
Kaewamatawong R
Chaiwiwatrakul S
Yenjai C
Waiwut P
2022 Current issues in molecular biology
3 (44), pp. 1062-1074
66. Numerical study of non-Darcy hybrid nanofluid flow with the effect of heat source and hall current over a slender extending sheet. Raizah Z
Alrabaiah H
Bilal M
Junsawang P
Galal AM
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 16280
67. On controlled Hamilton and Hamilton-Jacobi differential equations of higher-order. Treanţă S
Nonlaopon K
Khan MB
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 14633
68. Photosynthetic bacteria with iron oxide nanoparticles as catalyst for cooking oil removal and valuable products recovery with heavy metal co-contamination. Chaiyarat A
Saejung C
2022 Waste management (New York, N.Y.)
(140), pp. 81-89
69. Positivity and monotonicity results for discrete fractional operators involving the exponential kernel. Mohammed PO
Srivastava HM
Mahmood SA
Nonlaopon K
Abualnaja KM
Hamed YS
2022 Mathematical biosciences and engineering : MBE
5 (19), pp. 5120-5133
70. Potent Ca3.2 channel inhibitors exert analgesic effects in acute and chronic pain models. Kamau PM
Li H
Yao Z
Han Y
Luo A
Zhang H
Boonyarat C
Yenjai C
Mwangi J
Zeng L
Yang S
Lai R
Luo L
2022 Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie
(153), pp. 113310
71. Production of fructan synthesis/hydrolysis of endophytic bacteria involved in inulin production in Jerusalem artichoke. Khamwan S
Boonlue S
Mongkolthanaruk W
2022 3 Biotech
11 (12), pp. 296
72. Production of plant-based fermented beverages possessing functional ingredients antioxidant, γ-aminobutyric acid and antimicrobials using a probiotic Lactiplantibacillus plantarum strain L42g as an efficient starter culture. Buatong A
Meidong R
Trongpanich Y
Tongpim S
2022 Journal of bioscience and bioengineering
3 (134), pp. 226-232
73. Promoting growth and production of sunchoke () by co-inoculation with phosphate solubilizing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under drought. Nacoon S
Seemakram W
Ekprasert J
Jogloy S
Kuyper TW
Mongkolthanaruk W
Riddech N
Somdee T
Boonlue S
2022 Frontiers in plant science
(13), pp. 1022319
74. Proteomic profiling reveals antitumor effects of RT2 peptide on a human colon carcinoma xenograft mouse model. Maijaroen S
Klaynongsruang S
Reabroi S
Chairoungdua A
Roytrakul S
Daduang J
Taemaitree L
Jangpromma N
2022 European journal of pharmacology
(), pp. 174753
75. Responses to arsenic stress of rice varieties coinoculated with the heavy metal-resistant and rice growth-promoting bacteria Pseudomonas stutzeri and Cupriavidus taiwanensis. Thongnok S
Siripornadulsil W
Siripornadulsil S
2022 Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB
(191), pp. 42-54
76. Rotenoids and isoflavones from the leaf and pod extracts of Millettia brandisiana Kurz. Meesakul P
Suthiphasilp V
Teerapongpisan P
Rujanapun N
Chaiyosang B
Tontapha S
Phukhatmuen P
Maneerat T
Charoensup R
Duangyod T
Patrick BO
Andersen RJ
Laphookhieo S
2022 Phytochemistry
(204), pp. 113440
77. Salt tolerance at vegetative stage is partially associated with changes in grain quality and starch physicochemical properties of rice exposed to salinity stress at reproductive stage. Sangwongchai W
Krusong K
Thitisaksakul M
2022 Journal of the science of food and agriculture
1 (102), pp. 370-382
78. Selective Fe(ii)-fluorescence sensor with validated two-consecutive working range using N,S,I-GQDs associated with garlic extract as an auxiliary green chelating agent. Pimsin N
Keawprom C
Areerob Y
Limchoowong N
Sricharoen P
Nuengmatcha P
Chanthai S
2022 RSC advances
23 (12), pp. 14356-14367
79. Simultaneous Occurrence of Vapochromism and Vapoluminescence in Formaldehyde-Responsive Amino-Functionalized Copper(I) Polymorphic Coordination Polymers. Tunsrichon S
Chainok K
Promarak V
Nalaoh P
Youngme S
Boonmak J
2022 Inorganic chemistry
30 (61), pp. 11734-11745
80. Simultaneous preconcentration and fluorescence detection of ATP by a hybrid nanocomposite of magnetic nanoparticles incorporated in mixed metal hydroxide. Sianglam P
Ngamdee K
Ngeontae W
2022 Analytical methods : advancing methods and applications
2 (14), pp. 188-198
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