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1. A Novel Conjugate Mechanism for Enhancing the Adsorption Capacity of Amine-Functionalized Activated Rice Husk Ash for Simultaneous Removal of Organics and Anions in Wastewater: Experimental and Theoretical Explanations. Phan PT
Nguyen TT
Padungthon S
Nguyen Thi T
Huy NN
2022 ACS omega
33 (7), pp. 28866-28874
2. A quantitative method for benchmarking fair income distribution. Sitthiyot T
Holasut K
2022 Heliyon
9 (8), pp. e10511
3. Artificial intelligence (AI) vs. human in hip fracture detection. Twinprai N
Boonrod A
Boonrod A
Chindaprasirt J
Sirithanaphol W
Chindaprasirt P
Twinprai P
2022 Heliyon
11 (8), pp. e11266
4. Bio-strengthening of cementitious composites from incinerated sugarcane filter cake by a calcifying bacterium Lysinibacillus sp. WH. Ditta ZM
Tanapongpisit N
Saenrang W
Fongkaew I
Chainakun P
Seemakram W
Boonlue S
Sata V
Ekprasert J
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 7026
5. Changes in molecular dissolved organic matter and disinfection by-product formation during granular activated carbon filtration by unknown screening analysis with Orbitrap mass spectrometry. Chantarasrisuriyawong T
Prasert T
Yuthawong V
Phungsai P
2022 Water research
(211), pp. 118039
6. Characterization of DBP precursor removal by magnetic ion exchange resin using spectroscopy and high-resolution mass spectrometry. Jutaporn P
Muenphukhiaw N
Phungsai P
Leungprasert S
Musikavong C
2022 Water research
(217), pp. 118435
7. Characterization of molecular dissolved organic matter removed by modified eucalyptus-based biochar and disinfection by-product formation potential using Orbitrap mass spectrometric analysis. Phinyothanmakorn N
Prasert T
Ngernyen Y
Siripattanakul-Ratpukdi S
Phungsai P
2022 The Science of the total environment
(), pp. 153299
8. Comparison of dehydration methods for untreated lignin resole by hot air oven and vacuum rotary evaporator to synthesize lignin-based phenolic foam. Suttaphakdee P
Neramittagapong S
Theerakulpisut S
Neramittagapong A
Kumsaen T
Jina P
Saengkhamsuk N
2022 Heliyon
1 (8), pp. e08769
9. Correlating the effect of preparation methods on the structural and magnetic properties, and reducibility of CuFeO catalysts. Khunphonoi R
Khemthong P
Luadthong C
Kuboon S
Kongmark C
Viriya-Empikul N
Kidkhunthod P
Pinitsoontorn S
Faungnawakij K
2022 RSC advances
24 (12), pp. 15526-15533
Cheewaruangroj N
Polpinit P
Laovirojjanakul W
2022 Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.)
9 (42), pp. 1709-1715
11. Degradation of doxycycline antibiotics using lanthanum copper oxide microspheres under simulated sunlight. Prabagar JS
Yashas SR
Gurupadayya B
Wantala K
Diganta DB
Shivaraju HP
2022 Environmental science and pollution research international
38 (29), pp. 57204-57214
12. Denitrification of nitrate in regeneration waste brine using hybrid cation exchanger supported nanoscale zero-valent iron with/without palladium nanoparticles. Patra S
Pranudta A
Chanlek N
Nguyen TT
Nhat NH
El-Moselhy MM
Padungthon S
2022 Chemosphere
(), pp. 136851
13. Effect of intermittency factor on singlet oxygen and PGE formation in azulene-mediated photodynamic therapy: A preliminary study. Damrongrungruang T
Phiphitaporn S
Salacheep N
Sritragool C
Teerakapong A
Meesawat K
Kruesubthaworn A
Ruangsuwan C
Weera-Archakul W
2022 Biochemistry and biophysics reports
(31), pp. 101290
14. Efficacy study of recycling materials by lemon peels as novel lead adsorbents with comparing of material form effects and possibility of continuous flow experiment. Threepanich A
Praipipat P
2022 Environmental science and pollution research international
30 (29), pp. 46077-46090
15. Enhancing the catalytic performance of calcium-based catalyst derived from gypsum waste for renewable light fuel production through a pyrolysis process: A study on the effect of magnesium content. Chansiriwat W
Wantala K
Khunphonoi R
Khemthong P
Suwannaruang T
Rood SC
2022 Chemosphere
(), pp. 133516
16. Facile fabrication of green synthesized silver-decorated magnetic particles for coating of bioactive packaging. Srichiangsa N
Ounkaew A
Kasemsiri P
Okhawilai M
Hiziroglu S
Theerakulpisut S
Chindaprasirt P
2022 Cellulose (London, England)
(), pp. 1-16
17. Factors affecting the biomass pellet using industrial eucalyptus bark residue. Laloon K
Junsiri C
Sanchumpu P
Ansuree P
2022 Biomass conversion and biorefinery
(), pp. 1-13
18. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using the extract of spent coffee used for paper-based hydrogen peroxide sensing device. Srikhao N
Ounkaew A
Kasemsiri P
Theerakulpisut S
Okhawilai M
Hiziroglu S
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 20099
19. Green-synthesized silver nanoparticle coating on paper for antibacterial and antiviral applications. Srikhao N
Ounkaew A
Srichiangsa N
Phanthanawiboon S
Boonmars T
Artchayasawat A
Theerakulpisut S
Okhawilai M
Kasemsiri P
2022 Polymer bulletin (Berlin, Germany)
(), pp. 1-18
20. High electrolyte uptake of MXene integrated membrane separators for Zn-ion batteries. Likitaporn C
Okhawilai M
Kasemsiri P
Qin J
Potiyaraj P
Uyama H
2022 Scientific reports
1 (12), pp. 19915
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