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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. 4DCT is long overdue for improvement. Tryggestad E
Li H
Rong Y
2023 Journal of applied clinical medical physics
(), pp. e13933
2. A bioinspired polydopamine-FeS nanocomposite with high antimicrobial efficiency NIR-mediated Fenton reaction. Xu N
Huang Q
Shi L
Wang J
Li X
Guo W
Yan D
Ni T
Yang Z
Yan Y
2023 Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)
6 (52), pp. 1687-1701
3. Achiral organoiodine-functionalized helical polyisocyanides for multiple asymmetric dearomative oxidations. Wu ZQ
Song X
Zhou L
Zhu YY
Chen Z
Liu N
2023 Nature communications
1 (14), pp. 566
4. Acid-catalysed reactions of amines with dimethyl carbonate. Worsawat P
Noppawan P
Croise C
Supanchaiyamat N
McElroy CR
Hunt AJ
2023 Organic & biomolecular chemistry
5 (21), pp. 1070-1081
5. A computational supervised neural network procedure for the fractional SIQ mathematical model. Mukdasai K
Sabir Z
Raja MAZ
Singkibud P
Sadat R
Ali MR
2023 The European physical journal. Special topics
(), pp. 1-12
6. Addressing the Challenges of Penicillin Allergy Delabeling With Electronic Health Records and Mobile Applications. Powell N
Elkhalifa S
Guyer A
Garcez T
Sandoe J
Zhou L
2023 The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice
2 (11), pp. 414-421
7. Adherence to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy in Pediatric Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Meta-Analysis. Sawunyavisuth B
Ngamjarus C
Sawanyawisuth K
2023 Therapeutics and clinical risk management
(19), pp. 143-162
8. Advances and perspectives on mass transfer and enzymatic hydrolysis in the enzyme-mediated lignocellulosic biorefinery: A review. Sun C
Meng X
Sun F
Zhang J
Tu M
Chang JS
Reungsang A
Xia A
Ragauskas AJ
2023 Biotechnology advances
(62), pp. 108059
9. A FRET sensor for the real-time detection of long chain acyl-CoAs and synthetic ABHD5 ligands. Mottillo EP
Mladenovic-Lucas L
Zhang H
Zhou L
Kelly CV
Ortiz PA
Granneman JG
2023 Cell reports methods
2 (3), pp. 100394
10. Aggression and Depression in Chinese Early Adolescents: Same-Domain and Cross-Domain Effects in Friendships. Zhou J
Chen X
Li D
Liu J
Wei L
Yang P
French D
2023 Research on child and adolescent psychopathology
3 (51), pp. 343-354
11. Alcohol use, suicidality and virologic non-suppression among young adults with perinatally acquired HIV in Thailand: a cross-sectional study. Aurpibul L
Kosalaraksa P
Kawichai S
Lumbiganon P
Ounchanum P
Natalie Songtaweesin W
Sudjaritruk T
Chokephaibulkit K
Rungmaitree S
Suwanlerk T
Ross JL
Sohn AH
Puthanakit T
2023 Journal of the International AIDS Society
2 (26), pp. e26064
12. Alkaline Protease Production from 6BS15-4 Using Dairy Effluent and Its Characterization as a Laundry Detergent Additive. Mahakhan P
Apiso P
Srisunthorn K
Vichitphan K
Vichitphan S
Punyauppa-Path S
Sawaengkaew J
2023 Journal of microbiology and biotechnology
2 (33), pp. 195-202
13. All-Natural Immunomodulatory Bioadhesive Hydrogel Promotes Angiogenesis and Diabetic Wound Healing by Regulating Macrophage Heterogeneity. Fu YJ
Shi YF
Wang LY
Zhao YF
Wang RK
Li K
Zhang ST
Zha XJ
Wang W
Zhao X
Yang W
2023 Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
(), pp. e2206771
14. Alterations of plasma exosomal proteins and motabolies are associated with the progression of castration-resistant prostate cancer. Liu P
Wang W
Wang F
Fan J
Guo J
Wu T
Lu D
Zhou Q
Liu Z
Wang Y
Shang Z
Chan FL
Yang W
Li X
Zhao SC
Zheng Q
Wu D
2023 Journal of translational medicine
1 (21), pp. 40
15. Alternative microbial-based functional ingredient source for lycopene, beta-carotene, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Saejung C
Lomthaisong K
Kotthale P
2023 Heliyon
3 (9), pp. e13828
16. A method for comparing multiple imputation techniques: a case study on the U.S. National COVID Cohort Collaborative. Casiraghi E
Wong R
Hall M
Coleman B
Notaro M
Evans MD
Tronieri JS
Blau H
Laraway B
Callahan TJ
Chan LE
Bramante CT
Buse JB
Moffitt RA
Stürmer T
Johnson SG
Raymond Shao Y
Reese J
Robinson PN
Paccanaro A
Valentini G
Huling JD
Wilkins KJ
2023 Journal of biomedical informatics
(), pp. 104295
17. A model for predicting reduction in mobile phosphorus of lake sediment by aluminum drinking water treatment residuals. Kuster AC
Huser BJ
Thongdamrongtham S
Patra S
Padungthon S
Kuster AT
2023 Water research
(232), pp. 119677
18. AMPAR autoimmunity: Neurological and oncological accompaniments and co-existing neural autoantibodies. McCombe JA
Zivelonghi C
Vorasoot N
Majed M
Flanagan EP
Dubey D
Pittock SJ
McKeon A
Zekeridou A
2023 Journal of neuroimmunology
(375), pp. 578012
19. Anaesthetic considerations in Shrinking Man syndrome: two case reports. Xu Y
Hong Y
Liu X
Zhou L
Jiang C
2023 BMC anesthesiology
1 (23), pp. 20
20. Analysis of canthin-6-one alkaloids derived from spp. by micellar liquid chromatography and conventional high-performance liquid chromatography: a comparative evaluation. Sakdamas A
Makliang F
Putalun W
Juengwatanatrakul T
Kanchanapoom T
Sakamoto S
Yusakul G
2023 RSC advances
9 (13), pp. 6317-6326
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