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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Chemical Profiles and Lethal Toxicities of Native Botanical Insecticides for the Control of Musca domestica Linnaeus and Stomoxys indicus Picard (Diptera: Muscidae) in Songkhla Province, Thailand. Klakankhai W
Sathantriphop S
Ngoenklan R
Dada N
Muenworn V
Khawniam T
Tainchum K
2023 Journal of economic entomology
1 (116), pp. 249-255
2. Crop model determined mega-environments for cassava yield trials on paddy fields following rice. Sawatraksa N
Banterng P
Jogloy S
Vorasoot N
Hoogenboom G
2023 Heliyon
3 (9), pp. e14201
3. Dietary supplementation with full-fat Hermetia illucens larvae and multi-probiotics, as a substitute for antibiotics, improves the growth performance, gut health, and antioxidative capacity of weaned pigs. Phaengphairee P
Boontiam W
Wealleans A
Hong J
Kim YY
2023 BMC veterinary research
1 (19), pp. 7
4. Low Cd-accumulating rice grain production through inoculation of germinating rice seeds with a plant growth-promoting endophytic bacterium. Thanwisai L
Janket A
Tran HTK
Siripornadulsil W
Siripornadulsil S
2023 Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
(251), pp. 114535
5. The effect of excessive elemental sulfur addition on feed intake, digestibility, rumen characteristics, blood metabolites and nitrogen balance in Thai native beef cattle fed a diet containing high fresh cassava root. Sumadong P
So S
Cherdthong A
Wanapat M
2023 Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition
2 (107), pp. 435-443
6. The genetic impact of heat stress on the egg production of Thai native chickens (Pradu Hang dum). Loengbudnark W
Chankitisakul V
Boonkum W
2023 PloS one
2 (18), pp. e0281328
7. "The Yak"-A remarkable animal living in a harsh environment: An overview of its feeding, growth, production performance, and contribution to food security. Shah AM
Bano I
Qazi IH
Matra M
Wanapat M
2023 Frontiers in veterinary science
(10), pp. 1086985
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