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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. All-Natural Immunomodulatory Bioadhesive Hydrogel Promotes Angiogenesis and Diabetic Wound Healing by Regulating Macrophage Heterogeneity. Fu YJ
Shi YF
Wang LY
Zhao YF
Wang RK
Li K
Zhang ST
Zha XJ
Wang W
Zhao X
Yang W
2023 Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
(), pp. e2206771
2. Alterations of plasma exosomal proteins and motabolies are associated with the progression of castration-resistant prostate cancer. Liu P
Wang W
Wang F
Fan J
Guo J
Wu T
Lu D
Zhou Q
Liu Z
Wang Y
Shang Z
Chan FL
Yang W
Li X
Zhao SC
Zheng Q
Wu D
2023 Journal of translational medicine
1 (21), pp. 40
3. Anthalona vandammei sp. nov. from Thailand, a sibling species of Neotropical Anthalona brandorffi (Sinev & Holwedell, 2002) (Cladocera: Anomopoda: Chydoridae). Sinev AY
Tiang-Nga S
Sanoamuang L
2023 Zootaxa
1 (5230), pp. 67-78
4. A physiologically-based kinetic (PBK) model for work-related diisocyanate exposure: Relevance for the design and reporting of biomonitoring studies. Scholten B
Westerhout J
Pronk A
Stierum R
Vlaanderen J
Vermeulen R
Jones K
Santonen T
Portengen L
2023 Environment international
(174), pp. 107917
5. A sandwiched patch toward leakage-free and anti-postoperative tissue adhesion sealing of intestinal injuries. Yang W
Xuan C
Liu X
Zhang Q
Wu K
Bian L
Shi X
2023 Bioactive materials
(24), pp. 112-123
6. A Scoping Review of the Psychological and Emotional Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children and Young People. Jones K
Mallon S
Schnitzler K
2023 Illness, crises, and loss
1 (31), pp. 175-199
7. Bone suppression of lateral chest x-rays with imperfect and limited dual-energy subtraction images. Liu Y
Zeng F
Ma M
Zheng B
Yun Z
Qin G
Yang W
Feng Q
2023 Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society
(105), pp. 102186
8. Calculated inflammatory markers derived from complete blood count results, along with routine laboratory and clinical data, predict treatment failure of acute peritonitis in chronic peritoneal dialysis patients. Zhou D
Yang H
Zeng L
Yang W
Guo F
Cui W
Chen C
Zhao J
Wu S
Yang N
Lin H
Yin A
Li L
2023 Renal failure
1 (45), pp. 2179856
9. Characteristics of phenotypic antibiotic resistance of Helicobacter pylori and its correlation with genotypic antibiotic resistance: A retrospective study in Ningxia. Hu S
Zhou Y
Deng Y
Bo Y
Chen X
Yang W
Shi R
Zhao W
Hou Z
Hu J
Liu J
Zhang X
Yong H
Wang P
Li F
Qi H
Wang X
Jin L
Cui T
Li X
Yang B
Yu Y
Ma B
Fu L
Ma Z
Tang N
You Y
Guo J
Yu X
Yao L
Gao R
Li Y
Xin R
Cao Z
Li H
Ma L
Ma S
Cao Y
Tang Y
Hao Q
Mu R
Niu M
Su X
Gao H
2023 Helicobacter
(), pp. e12960
10. Comparing the bioequivalence and safety of liraglutide in healthy Chinese subjects: an open, single-dose, randomized, repeated, two-sequence, two-cycle phase I clinical trial. Xu Z
Liu Z
Wang Y
Xue J
Chang T
Cui Y
Cheng Y
Liu G
Wang W
Zhou Y
Yu S
Ren Q
Yang W
Qu X
Chen J
Chen X
Deng Q
Yang H
Wang X
2023 Expert review of clinical pharmacology
(), pp. 1-8
11. Damage analysis and mechanism study of sol-gel coating over KDP crystal under multi-pulse of laser irradiation at low flux. You TH
Yang W
Hui HH
Lei XY
Wang TY
Zhang QH
Ju X
Deng XR
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 3451
12. Effectiveness of strategies to increase participation in school-based epidemiological surveys: a rapid review. Dyer TA
Glenny AM
MacDonald L
Marshman Z
Jones K
2023 Community dental health
1 (40), pp. 53-59
13. Effect of national holidays on health outcomes of patients receiving peritoneal dialysis in a single center over a ten-year period. Yang W
Zeng L
Yang H
Guo F
Zhou D
Cui W
Wu S
Chen C
Zhao J
Wang W
Yang N
Lin H
Li L
2023 Renal failure
1 (45), pp. 2153697
14. Elevated exosome-transferrable lncRNA EPB41L4A-AS1 in CD56 NK cells is responsible for the impaired NK function in neuroblastoma patients by suppressing cell glycolysis. Chai W
Wang X
Lu Z
Zhang S
Wang W
Wang H
Chen C
Yang W
Cheng H
Feng J
Yang S
Li Q
Song W
Jin F
Zhang H
Su Y
Gui J
2023 Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.)
(), pp. 109322
15. Fetal bovine serum, an important factor affecting the reproducibility of cell experiments. Liu S
Yang W
Li Y
Sun C
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 1942
16. Frenkel Defect-modulated Anti-thermal Quenching Luminescence in Lanthanide-doped Sc2(WO4)3. Huang L
Wei Y
Pan Y
Zhou E
Yuan Z
Song H
Wang Y
Zhou J
Rui J
Xu M
Ning L
Liu Z
Wang H
Xie X
Tang X
Su H
Xing X
2023 Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
(), pp. e202303482
17. Genomic and metabolic analyses reveal antagonistic lanthipeptides in archaea. Liang H
Song ZM
Zhong Z
Zhang D
Yang W
Zhou L
Older EA
Li J
Wang H
Zeng Z
2023 Microbiome
1 (11), pp. 74
18. Geography, ecology, and history synergistically shape across-range genetic variation in a calanoid copepod endemic to the north-eastern Oriental. Zhang X
Huang Q
Liu P
Sun C
Papa RDS
Sanoamuang L
Dumont HJ
Han BP
2023 Evolution; international journal of organic evolution
2 (77), pp. 422-436
19. Hypothalamic warm-sensitive neurons require TRPC4 channel for detecting internal warmth and regulating body temperature in mice. Zhou Q
Fu X
Xu J
Dong S
Liu C
Cheng D
Gao C
Huang M
Liu Z
Ni X
Hua R
Tu H
Sun H
Shen Q
Chen B
Zhang J
Zhang L
Yang H
Hu J
Yang W
Pei W
Yao Q
Sheng X
Yang WZ
Shen WL
2023 Neuron
3 (111), pp. 387-404.e8
20. Interlayer structure and dynamic properties of CTMAB-montmorillonite: experiment and molecular dynamics. Yang W
Xia X
Liu X
Zhang S
2023 RSC advances
19 (13), pp. 13324-13336
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