PUBMED : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2023 (คณะสหวิทยาการ)

Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Comparative analysis of three common imaging modalities for nasolabial cysts. Liu S
Hao D
Yu L
Ma H
Zhao H
Sun S
Yu P
Ji H
Shi L
Wan Y
Chen A
2023 The Journal of international medical research
1 (51), pp. 3000605221147201
2. Correction: Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields exposure alleviate the abnormal subchondral bone remodeling at the early stage of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis. Ma Y
Chen X
He F
Li S
He R
Liu Q
Dong Q
Zhou S
Miao H
Lu Q
Li F
Yang H
Zhang M
Lin Y
Yu S
2023 BMC musculoskeletal disorders
1 (24), pp. 45
3. Dipyridamole interacts with the N-terminal domain of HSP90 and antagonizes the function of the chaperone in multiple cancer cell lines. Gao J
Zhou C
Zhong Y
Shi L
Luo X
Su H
Li M
Xu Y
Zhang N
Zhou H
2023 Biochemical pharmacology
(207), pp. 115376
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