PUBMED : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2023 (Faculty of Nursing)

Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Assessing the acceptability and feasibility of reactive drug administration for malaria elimination in a Plasmodium vivax predominant setting: a qualitative study in two provinces in Thailand. Suwannarong K
Cotter C
Ponlap T
Bubpa N
Thammasutti K
Chaiwan J
Finn TP
Kitchakarn S
Mårtensson A
Baltzell KA
Hsiang MS
Lertpiriyasuwat C
Sudathip P
Bennett A
2023 BMC public health
1 (23), pp. 1346
2. "Because it eases my Childbirth Plan": a qualitative study on factors contributing to preferences for caesarean section in Thailand. Nuampa S
Ratinthorn A
Lumbiganon P
Rungreangkulkij S
Rujiraprasert N
Buaboon N
Jampathong N
Dumont A
Hanson C
de Loenzien M
Bohren MA
Betrán AP
2023 BMC pregnancy and childbirth
1 (23), pp. 280
3. Development and Evaluation of a Web-Based Application for Trauma Nursing Documentation in Thailand: A Feasibility Study. Pearkao C
Impool T
Tantibundit P
Hongveang S
Potisopha W
Sampaothong T
2023 Journal of trauma nursing : the official journal of the Society of Trauma Nurses
1 (30), pp. 41-47
4. Effectiveness of acute myocardial infarction interventions on selected outcomes among community dwelling-older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Banharak S
Metprommarat A
Mahikul W
Jeamjitvibool T
Karaket A
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 18538
5. Effectiveness of bowel preparation innovative technology instructions (BPITIs) on clinical outcomes among patients undergoing colonoscopy: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Wonggom P
Rattanakanokchai S
Suebkinorn O
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 10783
6. Effects of a back-care bundle for reducing back pain among patients undergoing transfemoral artery coronary angiography: A randomized controlled trial. Chaiyagad C
Rattanakanokchai S
Suebkinorn O
Ruaisungnoen W
2023 Applied nursing research : ANR
(69), pp. 151652
7. Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis in Older Intensive Care Patients: A Review and Case Report. Qiao G
Banharak S
2023 Journal of multidisciplinary healthcare
(16), pp. 3299-3308
8. Outcomes of Emergency Trauma Patients After the Implementation of Web Application Operating Systems. Pearkao C
Potisopha W
Wonggom P
Jumpamool A
Apiratwarakul K
Lenghong K
2023 Asian nursing research
3 (17), pp. 174-179
9. Pilot testing of the strengthening caregiving activities program for Thai informal caregivers of dependent older people. Sanprakhon P
Chusri O
Suriyawong W
Banharak S
2023 Geriatric nursing (New York, N.Y.)
(51), pp. 176-181
10. Predictive Factors for Post-Hepatectomy Liver Failure in Patients with Cholangiocarcinoma. Kriengkrai W
Somjaivong B
Titapun A
Wonggom P
2023 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP
2 (24), pp. 575-580
11. Study of medication use and effects of medication among hospitalized older Buddhist monks: An embedded mixed-method study. Chisana N
Banharak S
Panpanit L
Chanaboon S
Tipkanjanaraykha K
2023 Journal of advanced nursing
9 (79), pp. 3609-3621
12. The roles of community health nurses for older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in Northeastern Thailand: A qualitative study. Yodsuban P
Pengpid S
Amornchai R
Siripoon P
Kasemsuk W
Buasai N
2023 International journal of nursing sciences
1 (10), pp. 53-63
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