PUBMED : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2023 (คณะเกษตรศาสตร์)

Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Body size of fungus-growing termites infers on the volume and density of their fungal cultivar. Chiu CI
Kuan KC
Chen CY
Huang YT
Sripontan Y
2023 Royal Society open science
6 (10), pp. 230126
2. Can dietary fermented total mixed ration additives biological and chemical improve digestibility, performance, and rumen fermentation in ruminants? Supapong C
Cherdthong A
2023 Animal biotechnology
(), pp. 1-11
3. Characterization of the bacterial microbiota of cattle ticks in northeastern Thailand through 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing. Thanchomnang T
Rodpai R
Thinnabut K
Boonroumkaew P
Sadaow L
Tangkawanit U
Sanpool O
Janwan P
Intapan PM
Maleewong W
2023 Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases
(), pp. 105511
4. Chemical Profiles and Lethal Toxicities of Native Botanical Insecticides for the Control of Musca domestica Linnaeus and Stomoxys indicus Picard (Diptera: Muscidae) in Songkhla Province, Thailand. Klakankhai W
Sathantriphop S
Ngoenklan R
Dada N
Muenworn V
Khawniam T
Tainchum K
2023 Journal of economic entomology
1 (116), pp. 249-255
5. Combining ability of tropical × temperate maize inducers for haploid induction rate, seed set, and agronomic traits. Dermail A
Lübberstedt T
Suwarno WB
Chankaew S
Lertrat K
Ruanjaichon V
Suriharn K
2023 Frontiers in plant science
(14), pp. 1154905
6. Comparative study and relationship analysis between purine content, uric acid, superoxide dismutase, and growth traits in purebred and crossbred Thai native chickens. Tantiyasawasdikul V
Chomchuen K
Loengbudnark W
Chankitisakul V
Boonkum W
2023 Frontiers in veterinary science
(10), pp. 1263829
7. Crop model determined mega-environments for cassava yield trials on paddy fields following rice. Sawatraksa N
Banterng P
Jogloy S
Vorasoot N
Hoogenboom G
2023 Heliyon
3 (9), pp. e14201
8. Dietary supplementation with full-fat Hermetia illucens larvae and multi-probiotics, as a substitute for antibiotics, improves the growth performance, gut health, and antioxidative capacity of weaned pigs. Phaengphairee P
Boontiam W
Wealleans A
Hong J
Kim YY
2023 BMC veterinary research
1 (19), pp. 7
9. Effect of Brazilian spinach (Alternanthera sissoo) pellet supplementation and dietary ratios on rumen characteristics, microorganisms, methane production, milk yield, and milk composition in dairy cows. Sommai S
Wanapat M
Prachumchai R
Cherdthong A
2023 Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition
6 (107), pp. 1336-1346
10. Effect of cyanide-utilizing bacteria and sulfur on feed utilization, microbiomes, and cyanide degradation in cattle supplemented with fresh cassava root. Sombuddee N
Prachumchai R
Khota W
Boontiam W
Cherdthong A
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 18689
11. Growth Performance, Feed Utilisation, Endogenous Digestive Enzymes, Intestinal Morphology, and Antimicrobial Effect of Pacific White Shrimp () Fed with Feed Supplemented with Pineapple Waste Crude Extract as a Functional Feed Additive. Klahan R
Deevong P
Wiboonsirikul J
Yuangsoi B
2023 Aquaculture nutrition
(2023), pp. 1160015
12. How feedback loops between meso- and macrofauna and organic residues contrasting in chemical quality determine decomposition dynamics in soils. Sanghaw R
Vityakon P
Rasche F
2023 Heliyon
5 (9), pp. e15534
13. Improvement of rooster semen freezability and fertility rate after sericin supplementation in freezing semen extender. Ratchamak R
Authaida S
Boonkum W
Chankitisakul V
2023 Animal bioscience
10 (36), pp. 1530-1535
14. Increasing sperm production and improving cryosurvival of semen in aged Thai native roosters as affected by selenium supplementation. Authaida S
Ratchamak R
Boonkum W
Chankitisakul V
2023 Animal bioscience
11 (36), pp. 1647-1654
15. Indoor resting behavior of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in northeastern Thailand. Seang-Arwut C
Hanboonsong Y
Muenworn V
Rocklöv J
Haque U
Ekalaksananan T
Paul RE
Overgaard HJ
2023 Parasites & vectors
1 (16), pp. 127
16. In vitro evaluation of microencapsulated organic acids and pure botanicals as a supplement in lactating dairy cows diet on in vitro ruminal fermentation. Lobo RR
Watson M
Vinyard JR
Johnson ML
Bahmam A
Dagaew G
Sumadong P
Sarmikasoglou E
Grilli E
Arce-Cordero JA
Faciola AP
2023 Translational animal science
1 (7), pp. txad099
17. Low Cd-accumulating rice grain production through inoculation of germinating rice seeds with a plant growth-promoting endophytic bacterium. Thanwisai L
Janket A
Tran HTK
Siripornadulsil W
Siripornadulsil S
2023 Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
(251), pp. 114535
18. Single and co-inoculum of endophytic bacteria promote growth and yield of Jerusalem artichoke through upregulation of plant genes under drought stress. Boonmahome P
Namwongsa J
Vorasoot N
Jogloy S
Riddech N
Boonlue S
Mongkolthanaruk W
2023 PloS one
6 (18), pp. e0286625
19. Solid storage supplemented with serine of rooster semen enhances higher sperm quality and fertility potential during storage at 5°C for up to 120 h. Kheawkanha T
Chankitisakul V
Thananurak P
Pimprasert M
Boonkum W
Vongpralub T
2023 Poultry science
6 (102), pp. 102648
20. The combination of multiple plant growth promotion and hydrolytic enzyme producing rhizobacteria and their effect on Jerusalem artichoke growth improvement. Sritongon N
Boonlue S
Mongkolthanaruk W
Jogloy S
Riddech N
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 5917
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