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1. 2-DG Re-Normalized IFN-γ Production in T Cells Excluding T Cells from Patients with Aplastic Anemia. Zhang Y
Zhang Y
Li X
Chen X
Liu X
Wu S
Li Y
Li B
2023 Immunological investigations
(), pp. 1-15
2. 4DCT is long overdue for improvement. Tryggestad E
Li H
Rong Y
2023 Journal of applied clinical medical physics
(), pp. e13933
3. A Comparative Analysis of Data Analysis Tools for Data-Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry. Zhang F
Ge W
Huang L
Li D
Liu L
Dong Z
Xu L
Ding X
Zhang C
Sun Y
Gao J
Guo T
2023 Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP
(), pp. 100623
4. A draft human pangenome reference. Liao WW
Asri M
Ebler J
Doerr D
Haukness M
Hickey G
Lu S
Lucas JK
Monlong J
Abel HJ
Buonaiuto S
Chang XH
Cheng H
Chu J
Colonna V
Eizenga JM
Feng X
Fischer C
Fulton RS
Garg S
Groza C
Guarracino A
Harvey WT
Heumos S
Howe K
Jain M
Markello C
Martin FJ
Mitchell MW
Munson KM
Mwaniki MN
Novak AM
Olsen HE
Pesout T
Porubsky D
Prins P
Sibbesen JA
Sirén J
Tomlinson C
Villani F
Vollger MR
Antonacci-Fulton LL
Baid G
Baker CA
Belyaeva A
Billis K
Carroll A
Chang PC
Cody S
Cook DE
Cook-Deegan RM
Cornejo OE
Diekhans M
Ebert P
Fairley S
Fedrigo O
Felsenfeld AL
Formenti G
Frankish A
Gao Y
Garrison NA
Giron CG
Green RE
Haggerty L
Hoekzema K
Hourlier T
Kenny EE
Koenig BA
Kolesnikov A
Korbel JO
Kordosky J
Koren S
Lee H
Lewis AP
Magalhães H
Marco-Sola S
Marijon P
McCartney A
McDaniel J
Mountcastle J
Nattestad M
Nurk S
Olson ND
Popejoy AB
Puiu D
Rautiainen M
Regier AA
Rhie A
Sacco S
Sanders AD
Schneider VA
Schultz BI
Shafin K
Smith MW
Sofia HJ
Abou Tayoun AN
Thibaud-Nissen F
Tricomi FF
Wagner J
Walenz B
Wood JMD
Zimin AV
Bourque G
Chaisson MJP
Flicek P
Phillippy AM
Zook JM
Eichler EE
Haussler D
Wang T
Jarvis ED
Miga KH
Garrison E
Marschall T
Hall IM
Li H
Paten B
2023 Nature
7960 (617), pp. 312-324
5. A dual-mode sensor based on colorimetric and Tyndall effect of gold nanoparticles for ultra-sensitive detection of Hg. Li D
Wen Q
Zhou Y
Li D
Xi H
Huang G
Liang J
Xiao X
Zhu W
2023 Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
4 (39), pp. 565-571
6. affects the virulence of and the uptake of multiple carbon sources present in different host niches. Zeng L
Huang Y
Tan J
Peng J
Hu N
Liu Q
Cao Y
Zhang Y
Chen J
Huang X
2023 Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology
(13), pp. 1136698
7. Aggression and Depression in Chinese Early Adolescents: Same-Domain and Cross-Domain Effects in Friendships. Zhou J
Chen X
Li D
Liu J
Wei L
Yang P
French D
2023 Research on child and adolescent psychopathology
3 (51), pp. 343-354
8. Alterations in white matter integrity and network topological properties are associated with a decrease in global motion perception in older adults. Yan S
Zhang Y
Yin X
Chen J
Zhu Z
Jin H
Li H
Yin J
Jiang Y
2023 Frontiers in aging neuroscience
(15), pp. 1045263
9. [Analysis of the safety and diagnostic efficiency of CT-guided percutaneous biopsy of pancreatic space-occupying lesions using large needle:comparison of trans-organ biopsy approach and non-trans-organ biopsy approach]. Wang M
Zhou ZG
Li S
Gao F
Gao MY
Gao JB
2023 Zhonghua yi xue za zhi
5 (103), pp. 364-369
10. [Analysis on quality value transmitting of Qinggusan reference sample of classical prescription based on quantitative fingerprint technology]. Xu X
Wei T
Xue Q
Ai J
Li G
Liu Z
Li D
Hou J
Jin H
Liu Y
Liang X
2023 Se pu = Chinese journal of chromatography
2 (41), pp. 142-151
11. An Amphiphilic Molecule-Regulated Core-Shell-Solvation Electrolyte for Li-Metal Batteries at Ultra-Low Temperature. Shi J
Xu C
Lai J
Li Z
Zhang Y
Liu Y
Ding K
Cai YP
Shang R
Zheng Q
2023 Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
(), pp. e202218151
12. A novel TGGT1_316290 mRNA-LNP vaccine elicits protective immune response against toxoplasmosis in mice. Li D
Zhang Y
Li S
Zheng B
2023 Frontiers in microbiology
(14), pp. 1145114
13. A Review on Low-Molecular-Weight Gels Driven by Halogen-Effect. Zhang Y
Wang J
Liao Y
Xie X
2023 Chemistry, an Asian journal
(), pp. e202300097
14. Arsenic-Loaded Biomimetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Enhanced Ferroptosis-Inducing Therapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Liu J
Li X
Chen J
Zhang X
Guo J
Gu J
Mei C
Xiao Y
Peng C
Hu X
Zhang K
Li D
Zhou B
2023 ACS applied materials & interfaces
5 (15), pp. 6260-6273
15. A science mapping-based review of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers. Antwi-Afari MF
Li H
Chan AHS
Seo J
Anwer S
Wu Z
Wong AYL
2023 Journal of safety research
(85), pp. 114-128
16. A self-training subspace clustering algorithm based on adaptive confidence for gene expression data. Li D
Liang H
Qin P
Wang J
2023 Frontiers in genetics
(14), pp. 1132370
17. Atmospheric wet deposition of trace metal elements: Monitoring and modelling. Li D
Zheng J
Yang M
Meng Y
Yu X
Zhou H
Tong L
Wang K
Wang X
Xiao H
2023 The Science of the total environment
(893), pp. 164880
18. A "turn-on" inverse opal photonic crystal fluorescent sensing film for detection of cysteine and its bioimaging of living cells. Li H
Han B
Ma H
Li R
Hou X
Zhang Y
Wang JJ
2023 Mikrochimica acta
2 (190), pp. 49
19. Balancing Compatibility and Gelability for High-Performance Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Physical Gels. Ruan H
Jiang Q
Qiu Y
Zhang Y
Liao Y
Xie X
2023 Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids
2 (39), pp. 771-779
20. Ball-milled magnetic sludge biochar enables fast aerobic granulation in anoxic/oxic process for the treatment of coal chemical wastewater. Li D
Yan S
Yong X
Zhang X
Zhou J
2023 The Science of the total environment
(), pp. 163241
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