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1. Anaesthetic considerations in Shrinking Man syndrome: two case reports. Xu Y
Hong Y
Liu X
Zhou L
Jiang C
2023 BMC anesthesiology
1 (23), pp. 20
2. A neonatal case of congenital blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm with KMT2C gene duplication. Li J
Wang J
Rong L
Zhou L
Hong Y
Zhu L
Fang Y
2023 Annals of hematology
1 (102), pp. 227-229
3. A "turn-on" inverse opal photonic crystal fluorescent sensing film for detection of cysteine and its bioimaging of living cells. Li H
Han B
Ma H
Li R
Hou X
Zhang Y
Wang JJ
2023 Mikrochimica acta
2 (190), pp. 49
4. Barbel regeneration and function divergence in red-tail catfish (Hemibagrus wyckioides) based on the chromosome-level genomes and comparative transcriptomes. Zhou YL
Gong GR
Liu M
Li Z
Guo XF
Wei WY
Zhang XJ
Mei J
Zhou L
Wang ZW
Gui JF
2023 International journal of biological macromolecules
(), pp. 123374
5. Borneol-driven meningeal lymphatic drainage clears amyloid-β peptide to attenuate Alzheimer-like phenotype in mice. Wu Y
Zhang T
Li X
Wei Y
Wang S
Liu J
Li D
Ye T
2023 Theranostics
1 (13), pp. 106-124
6. Brain activation and individual differences of emotional perception and imagery in healthy adults: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) study. Zhou L
Wu B
Deng Y
Liu M
2023 Neuroscience letters
(), pp. 137072
7. Brain endothelial CXCL12 attracts protective natural killer cells during ischemic stroke. Wang S
de Fabritus L
Kumar PA
Werner Y
Ma M
Li D
Siret C
Simic M
Li B
Kerdiles YM
Hou L
Stumm R
van de Pavert SA
2023 Journal of neuroinflammation
1 (20), pp. 8
8. Characterization and discrimination of volatile organic compounds and lipid profiles of truffles under different treatments by UHPLC-QE Orbitrap/MS/MS and P&T-GC-MS. Ma Y
Yao J
Zhou L
Zhao M
Liu J
Marchioni E
2023 Food chemistry
(410), pp. 135432
9. Coupled retrieval of heavy metal nickel concentration in agricultural soil from spaceborne hyperspectral imagery. Sun Y
Chen S
Dai X
Li D
Jiang H
Jia K
2023 Journal of hazardous materials
(446), pp. 130722
10. Decellularized tympanic membrane scaffold with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for repairing tympanic membrane perforation. Lu Y
Li J
Hou N
Zhou L
Quan X
Tang Y
Luo X
Huang S
Ma R
2023 Artificial organs
1 (47), pp. 62-76
11. Discrimination of chrysanthemum varieties using lipidomics based on UHPLC-HR-AM/MS/MS. Zhou L
Ma Y
Yao J
Zhang M
Fu H
Yang J
Liu J
Zhao M
Marchioni E
2023 Journal of the science of food and agriculture
2 (103), pp. 837-845
12. Dissolved organic matter evolution can reflect the maturity of compost: Insight into common composting technology and material composition. Kong X
Luo G
Yan B
Su N
Zeng P
Kang J
Zhang Y
Xie G
2023 Journal of environmental management
0 (326), pp. 116747
13. Efficient Strategy for U(VI) Photoreduction: Simultaneous Construction of U(VI) Confinement Sites and Water Oxidation Sites. Cao X
Yu K
Zhang Y
Li N
Wang P
Zhou L
Gong X
Wang H
Yang F
Zhu W
He R
2023 ACS applied materials & interfaces
1 (15), pp. 1063-1072
14. Enjoyment of Chinese and mathematics and school performance in Chinese children and adolescents. Chen X
Zhou J
Li D
Liu J
Dai Y
Zhou T
2023 Child development
1 (94), pp. 126-141
15. Establishment and characterization of two Epstein-Barr virus-positive gastric cancer cell lines with epitheliotropic M81 strain undergoing distinct viral and altered cellular expression profiles. Xu M
Zhang L
Feng J
Yang S
Wang Y
Chen M
Zhou L
Zhang J
Qin Q
2023 Journal of medical virology
1 (95), pp. e28387
16. High Throughput Confined Migration Microfluidic Device for Drug Screening. Yang Z
Zhou Z
Si T
Zhou L
Chin YR
Zhang L
Guan X
Yang M
2023 Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
(), pp. e2207194
17. Histopathologic and proteogenomic heterogeneity reveals features of clear cell renal cell carcinoma aggressiveness. Li Y
Lih TM
Dhanasekaran SM
Mannan R
Chen L
Cieslik M
Wu Y
Clark DJ
Kołodziejczak I
Hong R
Chen S
Zhao Y
Chugh S
Caravan W
Naser Al Deen N
Hosseini N
Newton CJ
Krug K
Xu Y
Cho KC
Hu Y
Zhang Y
Kumar-Sinha C
Ma W
Calinawan A
Wyczalkowski MA
Wendl MC
Wang Y
Guo S
Zhang C
Le A
Dagar A
Hopkins A
Cho H
Leprevost FDV
Jing X
Teo GC
Liu W
Reimers MA
Pachynski R
Lazar AJ
Chinnaiyan AM
Van Tine BA
Zhang B
Rodland KD
Getz G
Mani DR
Wang P
Chen F
Hostetter G
Thiagarajan M
Linehan WM
Fenyö D
Jewell SD
Omenn GS
Mehra R
Wiznerowicz M
Robles AI
Mesri M
Hiltke T
An E
Rodriguez H
Chan DW
Ricketts CJ
Nesvizhskii AI
Zhang H
Ding L
2023 Cancer cell
1 (41), pp. 139-163.e17
18. Impact of fentanyl analgesia on the accuracy of HVPG measurements in patients with cirrhosis: a prospective, multicenter study. Zhang H
Yang L
Yu Z
Li D
Li L
Li S
Yan J
Li X
2023 Hepatology communications
1 (7), pp. e0002
19. Impact of response patterns for patients with advanced acral melanoma treated with anti-programmed death-1 monotherapy. Zhou L
Shao L
Gao S
Cui C
Chi Z
Sheng X
Tang B
Mao L
Lian B
Yan X
Wang X
Bai X
Li S
Guo J
Si L
2023 The British journal of dermatology
1 (188), pp. 112-121
20. Improved thermal stability of roselle anthocyanin by co-pigmented with oxalic acid: Preparation, characterization and enhancement mechanism. Huang J
Hu Z
Chin Y
Pei Z
Yao Q
Chen J
Li D
Hu Y
2023 Food chemistry
(410), pp. 135407
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