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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Ability of the Seventh Cervical Vertebra Wall Distance to Determine Mobility Deficits of Older Adults. Amatachaya S
Suwannarat P
Wiyanad A
Chokphukia P
Sooknuan T
Amatachaya P
2023 Journal of aging and physical activity
(), pp. 1-8
2. Alteration of STK11 Expression Associated With Cholangiocarcinoma Progression. Sirithawat P
Jusakul A
Kongpetch S
Thanee M
Srichanchara P
Panjaroensak S
Kimawaha P
Janthamala S
Aphivatanasiri C
Techasen A
2023 In vivo (Athens, Greece)
4 (37), pp. 1638-1648
3. Anemia in an ethnic minority group in lower northern Thailand: A community-based study investigating the prevalence in relation to inherited hemoglobin disorders and iron deficiency. Pyae TW
Sanchaisuriya K
Athikamanon S
Sanchaisuriya P
Srivorakun H
Chaibunruang A
Fucharoen S
2023 PloS one
6 (18), pp. e0287527
4. Behavioral Determinants of Physical Activity Among Secondary School Students Aged 14-15 Years in Cambodia. Konharn K
Po S
Karawa J
Sangpara P
Johnson LD
2023 Journal of physical activity & health
(), pp. 1-9
5. BiTNet: Hybrid deep convolutional model for ultrasound image analysis of human biliary tract and its applications. Intharah T
Wiratchawa K
Wanna Y
Junsawang P
Titapun A
Techasen A
Boonrod A
Laopaiboon V
Chamadol N
Khuntikeo N
2023 Artificial intelligence in medicine
(139), pp. 102539
6. Blockade-of-Binding Activities toward Envelope-Associated, Type-Specific Epitopes as a Correlative Marker for Dengue Virus-Neutralizing Antibody. Keelapang P
Kraivong R
Pulmanausahakul R
Sriburi R
Prompetchara E
Kaewmaneephong J
Charoensri N
Pakchotanon P
Duangchinda T
Suparattanagool P
Luangaram P
Masrinoul P
Mongkolsapaya J
Screaton G
Ruxrungtham K
Auewarakul P
Yoksan S
Malasit P
Puttikhunt C
Ketloy C
Sittisombut N
2023 Microbiology spectrum
(), pp. e0091823
7. "But not the music": psychopathic traits and difficulties recognising and resonating with the emotion in music. Plate RC
Jones C
Zhao S
Flum MW
Steinberg J
Daley G
Corbett N
Neumann C
Waller R
2023 Cognition & emotion
(), pp. 1-15
8. Ca/Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase II Inhibitor KN-93 Enhances Chondrogenesis of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Delays Chondrogenic Hypertrophy. Wuttisiriboon K
Tippayawat P
Daduang J
Limpaiboon T
2023 In vivo (Athens, Greece)
2 (37), pp. 667-678
9. CAR T in patients with large B-cell lymphoma not fit for autologous transplant. Kuhnl A
Kirkwood AA
Roddie C
Menne T
Tholouli E
Bloor A
Besley C
Chaganti S
Osborne W
Norman J
Gibb A
Sharplin K
Cuadrado M
Correia de Farias M
Cheok K
Neill L
Latif AL
González Arias C
Uttenthal B
Jones C
Johnson R
McMillan A
Sanderson R
Townsend W
2023 British journal of haematology
1 (202), pp. 65-73
10. Changes in the chemical compositions and biological properties of kombucha beverages made from black teas and pineapple peels and cores. Phung LT
Kitwetcharoen H
Chamnipa N
Boonchot N
Thanonkeo S
Tippayawat P
Klanrit P
Yamada M
Thanonkeo P
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 7859
11. Chronic Strongyloides stercoralis infection increases presence of the Ruminococcus torques group in the gut and alters the microbial proteome. Tran NTD
Chaidee A
Surapinit A
Yingklang M
Roytrakul S
Charoenlappanit S
Pinlaor P
Hongsrichan N
Anutrakulchai S
Cha'on U
Pinlaor S
2023 Scientific reports
1 (13), pp. 4216
12. Comparison of a Urine Antigen Assay and Multiple Examinations with the Formalin-Ethyl Acetate Concentration Technique for Diagnosis of Opisthorchiasis. Worasith C
Techasen A
Duenngai K
Intuyod K
Kopolrat KY
Sithithaworn J
Loilome W
Crellen T
Haswell MR
Sithithaworn P
2023 The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
1 (109), pp. 159-165
13. Corrigendum to "Curcumin-loaded nanocomplexes: Acute and chronic toxicity studies in mice and hamsters" [Toxicol. Rep. 8 (2021) 1346-1357/ S221475002100127X]. Jantawong C
Priprem A
Intuyod K
Pairojkul C
Pinlaor P
Waraasawapati S
Mongkon I
Chamgramol Y
Pinlaor S
2023 Toxicology reports
(11), pp. 35
14. Determination of Body Composition in Community-Dwelling Older Adults With and Without Sarcopenia Using Data From Practical Measures. Amatachaya S
Chokphukiao P
Poncumhak P
Intaruk R
Thaweewannakij T
Amatachaya P
2023 Journal of aging and physical activity
(), pp. 1-10
15. Development of a Prognostic Score for Cholangiocarcinoma Patients Using a Combination of Biochemical Parameters. Min-Oo HH
Aung TM
Wongwattanakul M
Maraming P
Proungvitaya T
Proungvitaya S
2023 In vivo (Athens, Greece)
3 (37), pp. 1145-1155
16. Diagnostic performance of Strongyloides-specific IgG4 detection in urine for diagnosis of human strongyloidiasis. Wongphutorn P
Worasith C
Kopolrat KY
Homwong C
Sithithaworn J
Eamudomkarn C
Techasen A
Tippayawat P
Pitaksakurat O
Hongsrichan N
Crellen T
Sithithaworn P
2023 Parasites & vectors
1 (16), pp. 298
17. Effects of Home-Based Boxing Training on Trunk Performance, Balance, and Enjoyment of Patients With Chronic Stroke. Kerdsawatmongkon J
Nualnetr N
Isariyapan O
Kitreerawutiwong N
Srisoparb W
2023 Annals of rehabilitation medicine
1 (47), pp. 36-44
18. Effects of modified long stick exercise on hyperkyphosis, muscle imbalance and balance control in elderly community-dwelling women with hyperkyphosis. Chankavee N
Amatachaya S
Hunsawong T
Thaweewannakij T
Mato L
2023 Journal of back and musculoskeletal rehabilitation
5 (36), pp. 1151-1162
19. Epidemiology of strongyloidiasis determined by parasite-specific IgG detections by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay on urine samples using Strongyloides stercoralis, S. ratti and recombinant protein (NIE) as antigens in Northeast Thailand. Eamudomkarn C
Ruantip S
Sithithaworn J
Techasen A
Kopoolrat KY
Worasith C
Wongphutorn P
Bethony JM
Laha T
Sithithaworn P
2023 PloS one
4 (18), pp. e0284305
20. Exploring the benefits of nature-based interventions in socio-economically deprived communities: a narrative review of the evidence to date. Harrison H
Burns M
Darko N
Jones C
2023 Perspectives in public health
(), pp. 17579139231170768
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