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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. American Indian and Alaska Native violence prevention efforts: a systematic review, 1980 to 2018. Rollman JE
Thomas M
Mercer Kollar LM
Ports KA
Clelland C
Satter DE
David-Ferdon C
2024 Injury epidemiology
0 (8), pp. 72
2. [A multicenter prospective study on early identification of refractory pneumonia in children]. Xu D
Zhang AL
Zheng JS
Li F
Qian GC
Shi HB
Jin XH
Huang LP
Mei JG
Mei GH
Xu Z
Fu H
Lin JJ
Zheng Y
Hua LL
Yang M
Tong JM
Chen LL
Zhang YY
Yang DH
Zhou YL
Lan YL
Feng JY
Chen X
Gong M
Chen ZM
Wang YS
2024 Zhonghua er ke za zhi = Chinese journal of pediatrics
4 (62), pp. 317-322
3. Emotional and behavioral outcomes among youths with mental disorders during the first Covid lockdown and school closures in England: a large clinical population study using health care record integrated surveys. Parlatini V
Frangou L
Zhang S
Epstein S
Morris A
Grant C
Zalewski L
Jewell A
Velupillai S
Simonoff E
Downs J
2024 Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology
1 (59), pp. 175-186
4. Parameterized absorptive electron scattering factors. Thomas M
Cleverley A
Beanland R
2024 Acta crystallographica. Section A, Foundations and advances
0 (80), pp. 146-150
5. Perianal and Scrotal Porokeratosis Ptychotropica. Case Report of an Unusual Condition, and Review of the Literature. Thomas M
Escudero MM
Howard V
Jones-Caballero M
2024 Actas dermo-sifiliograficas
2 (115), pp. T196-T197
6. Reduced fertility in an adenomyosis mouse model is associated with an altered immune profile in the uterus during the implantation period. Bourdon M
Maget AS
Jeljeli M
Doridot L
Marcellin L
Thomas M
Chêne C
Chouzenoux S
Batteux F
Chapron C
Santullli P
2024 Human reproduction (Oxford, England)
1 (39), pp. 119-129
7. Secondary solution for breast reconstruction following total DIEP flap loss: A single-center experience after 3270 DIEP flaps. Musmann RJ
Andree C
Munder B
Hagouan M
Janku D
Daniels M
Aufmesser-Freyhardt B
Becker K
Oramary A
Bromba A
Stockhausen N
Wolter A
Fertsch S
2024 Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS
(92), pp. 11-25
8. Two-component nematic superconductivity in 4Hb-TaS. Silber I
Mathimalar S
Mangel I
Nayak AK
Green O
Avraham N
Beidenkopf H
Feldman I
Kanigel A
Klein A
Goldstein M
Banerjee A
Sela E
Dagan Y
2024 Nature communications
1 (15), pp. 824
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