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21. Amiodarone vs. digoxin for ventricular-rate control in patients with atrial fibrillation at the emergency department Sricharoen P.
Sawanyawisuth K.
Sittichanbuncha Y.
2020 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
1 (103), pp. 40-43
22. A model of farmers intentions towards organic farming: A case study on rice farming in Thailand Aungvaravong C. 2020 Heliyon
1 (6), pp.
23. A multiscale investigation elucidating the structural complexities and electrochemical properties of layered-layered composite cathode materials synthesized at low temperatures Wiriya N.
Limphirat W.
Srilomsak S.
Meethong N.
2020 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
10 (22), pp. 5439-5448
24. Analysis of a school-based health education model to prevent opisthorchiasis and cholangiocarcinoma in primary school children in northeast Thailand Laithavewat L.
Khuntikeo N.
Andrews R.H.
Yongvanit P.
Banchonhattakit P.
Sithithaworn P.
2020 Global Health Promotion
1 (27), pp. 15-23
25. Analysis of Domestic Energy consumption: A Case Study for North-eastern Region of Thailand Wongwuttanasatian T. 2020 Test Engineering and Management
(83), pp. 369-374
26. Analyze Facial Expression Recognition Based on Curvelet Transform via Extreme Learning Machine Katanyukul T.
Polpinit P.
2020 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
(936), pp. 148-158
27. An Analogue of DP-Coloring for Variable Degeneracy and its Applications Nakprasit K. 2020 Discussiones Mathematicae - Graph Theory
(), pp.
28. An anthocyanins-rich corn derived herbal tea improves memory, oxidative stress status and the functions of cholinergic and monoaminergic systems in Hippocampus Wattanathorn J.
Thukham-Mee W.
Muchimapura S.
Kirisattayakul W.
2020 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
1 (103), pp. 113-119
29. An Approach Combining an Efficient and Global Evolutionary Algorithm with a Gradient-Based Method for Airfoil Design Problems Bureerat S. 2020 Smart Science
(), pp.
30. An efficient adaptive thresholding function optimized by a cuckoo search algorithm for a despeckling filter of medical ultrasound images Chiewchanwattana S.
Sunat K.
2020 Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing
(), pp.
31. An efficient stripped cover-based accelerator for reduction of attributes in incomplete decision tables Wongthanavasu S. 2020 Expert Systems with Applications
(143), pp.
32. An estimated quantitative lateral flow immunoassay for determination of artesunate using monoclonal antibody Kitisripanya T.
Tanaka H.
Putalun W.
2020 Biomedical Chromatography
2 (34), pp.
33. A new approach for reduction of attributes based on stripped quotient sets Wongthanavasu S. 2020 Pattern Recognition
(97), pp.
34. A new environment-friendly supramolecular solvent-based liquid phase microextraction coupled to high performance liquid chromatography for simultaneous determination of six phenoxy acid herbicides in water and rice samples Seebunrueng K.
Srijaranai S.
2020 Microchemical Journal
(152), pp.
35. A new low-density lipoprotein cholesterol estimation model from a linear regression model and an artificial neural network Sothornwit J.
Charoensri S.
Pattanapairoj S.
Kotruchin P.
Pongchaiyakul C.
2020 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
4 (103), pp. 346-352
36. A new species of Boholina (Crustacea, copepoda, calanoida) and a first record for stygobiotic calanoid fauna from a cave in Thailand Boonyanusith C.
Athibai S.
2020 ZooKeys
904 (2020), pp. 1-22
37. A new tocotrienol from the roots and branches of Allophylus cobbe (L.) Raeusch (Sapindaceae) Lekphrom R.
Kanokmedhakul S.
2020 Natural Product Research
7 (34), pp. 988-994
38. An impact of microscopic positive margin on incomplete response after I-131 treatment in differentiated thyroid cancer Theerakulpisut D.
Ratanaanekchai T.
2020 Annals of Nuclear Medicine
(), pp.
39. An Incremental Kernel Extreme Learning Machine for Multi-Label Learning with Emerging New Labels Kongsorot Y.
Horata P.
2020 IEEE Access
(8), pp. 46055-46070
40. An investigation of sulfate effects on compaction characteristics and strength development of cement-treated sulfate bearing clay subgrade Pimraksa K.
Chindaprasirt P.
2020 Road Materials and Pavement Design
(), pp.
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