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41. An optimized agar plate culture improves diagnostic efficiency for Strongyloides stercoralis infection in an endemic community Sengthong C.
Intuyod K.
Hongsrichan N.
Pinlaor S.
2020 Parasitology Research
4 (119), pp. 1409-1413
42. A novel delay-dependent asymptotic stability conditions for differential and riemann-liouville fractional differential neutral systems with constant delays and nonlinear perturbation Mukdasai K. 2020 Mathematics
1 (8), pp.
43. A novel deletion in the fibrinogen beta chain (FGB) gene causing hypofibrinogenemia Komwilaisak P.
Sosothikul D.
Suphapeetiporn K.
2020 Thrombosis Research
(186), pp. 26-29
44. A novel hybrid Harris hawks-simulated annealing algorithm and RBF-based metamodel for design optimization of highway guardrails Bureerat S. 2020 Materialpruefung/Materials Testing
3 (62), pp. 251-260
45. A novel hybridized metaheuristic technique in enhancing the diagnosis of cross-sectional dent damaged offshore platform members Pholdee N.
Bureerat S.
2020 Computational Intelligence
1 (36), pp. 132-150
46. A novel polyherbal chicken soup improves memory, oxidative stress and cholinergic function in animal model of menopause Thukham-Mee W.
Wattanathorn J.
Muchimapura S.
2020 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
1 (103), pp. 120-126
47. A novel SNP rs11759328 on Rho GTPase-activating protein 18 gene is associated with the expression of Hb F in hemoglobin E-related disorders Tepakhan W.
Yamsri S.
Srivorakun H.
Fucharoen G.
Fucharoen S.P.
2020 Annals of Hematology
1 (99), pp. 23-29
48. A novel two-phase approach for solving the multi-compartment vehicle routing problem with a heterogeneous fleet of vehicles: A case study on fuel delivery Sukto S. 2020 Decision Science Letters
1 (9), pp. 77-90
49. Antibiotic susceptibility profiles of lactic acid bacteria from the human vagina and genetic basis of acquired resistances Sirichoat A.
Buppasiri P.
Panya M.
Lulitanond V.
2020 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
7 (21), pp.
50. Anticancer effects of a traditional Thai herbal recipe Benja Amarit extracts against human hepatocellular carcinoma and colon cancer cell by targeting apoptosis pathways Sripanidkulchai B.O. 2020 Journal of Ethnopharmacology
(254), pp.
51. Anticholinergics and benzodiazepines on cognitive impairment among elderly with Alzheimer's disease: A 1 year follow-up study Kanjanarach T. 2020 BMC Research Notes
1 (13), pp.
52. Anticipating of potential climate and land use change impacts on floods: A case study of the lower Nam Phong river basin Sri-Amporn W.
Chindaprasirt P.
2020 Water (Switzerland)
4 (12), pp.
53. Antidote activity and protective effects of Lysiphyllum strychnifolium (Craib) A. Schmitz extract against organophosphate pesticide in omethoate-treated rats Sukprasert S.
Deenonpoe R.
Prasopdee S.
Daduang S.
2020 Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine
(), pp.
54. Antihypertensive Effect and Safety Evaluation of Rice Bran Hydrolysates from Sang-Yod Rice Sangartit W.
Pakdeechote P.
Kukongviriyapan V.
Senaphan K.
Boonla O.
Kukongviriyapan U.
2020 Plant Foods for Human Nutrition
1 (75), pp. 89-95
55. Anti-inflammatory activity of the dietary supplement Houttuynia cordata fermentation product in RAW264.7 cells and Wistar rats Senawong G.
Yunchalard S.
Sattayasai J.
Senawong T.
2020 PLoS ONE
3 (15), pp.
56. A panel of protein kinase high expression is associated with postoperative recurrence in cholangiocarcinoma Thanee M.
Namwat N.
Phetcharaburanin J.
Klanrit P.
Khuntikeo N.
Titapun A.
Loilome W.
2020 BMC Cancer
1 (20), pp.
57. A parasitic impedance effect study using a discharge probe for FICBE testing based on CDM waveform verification Sa-Ngiamsak C. 2020 Journal of Electrostatics
(107), pp.
58. A personalised mobile learning system for promoting STEM discipline teachers’ TPACK development Srisawasdi N.
Chaipah K.
2020 International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation
2 (14), pp. 215-235
59. Application of bio-based solvents for biocatalysed synthesis of amides with Pseudomonas stutzeri lipase (PSL) Hunt A.J. 2020 Pure and Applied Chemistry
4 (92), pp. 579-586
60. Application of mathematically calculated tumor contact surface area (CSA) as a predictive factor of renal function after partial nephrectomy for solitary renal mass Chotikawanich E. 2020 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
2 (103), pp. 69-74
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