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121. Community- based approaches to cancer prevention in rural Thailand based on experiences of accredited health professionals Saranrittichai K. 2020 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
1 (21), pp. 7-12
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2020 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
1 (103), pp. 44-48
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Tanangteerapong D.
Chindaprasirt P.
2020 Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials
(), pp.
125. Comparison of computed tomography angiography (CTA) findings in post-endovascular aortic aneurysm repair CTA between persistent and transient type II endoleak Wongwiwatchai J. 2020 Siriraj Medical Journal
1 (72), pp. 67-73
126. Comparison of different transbronchial biopsy sampling techniques for the diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary lesions with radial endobronchial ultrasound-guided bronchoscopy: A prospective study So-Ngern A.
Kanoksil W.
2020 Respiratory Investigation
(), pp.
127. Comparison of free fatty acid conversion yields for esterification assisted by single- and dual-frequency sonication Seithtanabutara V.
Wongwuttanasatian T.
2020 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
(), pp.
128. Comparison of intraocular pressure changes after viewing laptop computer and tablet computer: A pilot study Ratanapakorn T.
Puntumetakul R.
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Eungpinichpong W.
2020 International Journal of GEOMATE
67 (18), pp. 202-207
129. Comparison of male reproductive parameters in mice with type 1 and type 2 diabetes Arun S.
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2020 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine
1 (47), pp. 20-33
130. Comparison of nutritional screening and diagnostic tools in diagnosis of severe malnutrition in critically ill patients Rattanachaiwong S. 2020 Clinical Nutrition
(), pp.
131. Comparison of quality of life between patients undergoing trans-oral endoscopic thyroid surgery and conventional open surgery Kasemsiri P.
Piromchai P.
Ratanaanekchai T.
2020 BMC Surgery
1 (20), pp.
132. Comparison of TNC and standard extender on post-thaw quality and in vivo fertility of Thai native chicken sperm Phasuk Y.
Vongpralub T.
2020 Cryobiology
(92), pp. 197-202
133. Composite guar gum-silver nanoparticle hydrogels as self-healing, injectable, and antibacterial biomaterials Patramanon R.
Kulchat S.
2020 Materials Today Communications
(24), pp.
134. Connections of (m, n)-bi-quasi hyperideals in semihyperrings Pibaljommee B. 2020 Thai Journal of Mathematics
Special Issue (2020), pp. 39-48
135. Constraint handling technique for four-bar linkage path generation using self-adaptive teaching–learning-based optimization with a diversity archive Bureerat S.
Sleesongsom S.
2020 Engineering Optimization
(), pp.
136. Construction of polluted aerosol in accumulation that affects the incidence of lung cancer Jenwitheesuk K.
Jenwitheesuk K.
2020 Heliyon
2 (6), pp.
137. Cost-effectiveness of denosumab for high-risk postmenopausal women with osteoporosis in Thailand Pongchaiyakul C.
Nanagara R.
2020 Journal of Medical Economics
(), pp.
138. Credit derivatives design to facilitate loan purchase agreements in the secondary loan market in Thailand Charoontham K. 2020 Journal of Asia Business Studies
(), pp.
139. Critical Care Bed Capacity in Asian Countries and Regions Patjanasoontorn B. 2020 Critical Care Medicine
(), pp. 654-662
140. Cultural intercourse of the Lao Vieng ethnic groups that reflects on the architectural style and the use of space in the korat house Wang W. 2020 Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences
1 (41), pp. 160-168
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