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161. Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Film Electrodes for Microfluidic Bioelectrochemical Sensing Platforms Triroj N.
Porntheeraphat S.
Amornkitbamrung V.
2020 Analytical Chemistry
5 (92), pp. 3650-3657
162. Diaper Dermatitis: Prevalence and Associated Factors in 2 University Daycare Centers Techasatian L. 2020 Journal of Primary Care and Community Health
(11), pp.
163. Dielectric properties, nonlinear electrical response and microstructural evolution of CaCu<inf>3</inf>Ti<inf>4-x</inf>Sn<inf>x</inf>O<inf>12</inf> ceramics prepared by a double ball-milling process Boonlakhorn J.
Thongbai P.
2020 Ceramics International
4 (46), pp. 4952-4958
164. Dietary rambutan peel powder as a rumen modifier in beef cattle Wanapat M. 2020 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
5 (33), pp. 763-769
165. Dietary sources of melatonin and benefits from production of high melatonin pasteurized milk Johns N.P.
Johns J.R.
2020 Journal of Food Science and Technology
(), pp.
166. Differences in Duration and Degree of Cytomegalovirus DNAemia Observed With Two Standardized Quantitative Nucleic Acid Tests and Implications for Clinical Care Meesing A. 2020 The Journal of infectious diseases
2 (221), pp. 251-255
167. Different concentrations of cysteamine, ergothioneine, and serine modulate quality and fertilizing ability of cryopreserved chicken sperm Phasuk Y.
Vongpralub T.
2020 Poultry Science
2 (99), pp. 1185-1198
168. Different expression and subcellular localization of vesicular inhibitory amino acid transporter in ducts of major salivary glands: An in situ study in mice Kondo H.
Hipkaeo W.
2020 Archives of Oral Biology
(113), pp.
169. Different paths for inclusion in Thailand: improving special teachers as leaders in the development of inclusive education Kantavong P.
Kiettikunwong N.
2020 Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs
1 (20), pp. 74-84
170. Discrete localization patterns of Arf6, and its activators EFA6A and BRAG2, and its effector PIP5kinaseγ on myofibrils of myotubes and plasma membranes of myoblasts in developing skeletal muscles of mice Chomphoo S.
Kondo H.
Hipkaeo W.
2020 Acta Histochemica
3 (122), pp.
171. Discrimination between tuberculous and bacterial pyomyositis in magnetic resonance features Panitchote A.
Chowchuen P.
2020 European Journal of Radiology Open
(7), pp.
172. Distinct roles between complex defect clusters and insulating grain boundary on dielectric loss behaviors of (In<sup>3+</sup>/Ta<sup>5+</sup>) co-doped CaCu<inf>3</inf>Ti<inf>4</inf>O<inf>12</inf> ceramics Boonlakhorn J.
Srepusharawoot P.
Thongbai P.
2020 Results in Physics
(16), pp.
173. Diurnal oscillation of circadian clock gene transcripts in rice leaves under osmotic stress conditions Lontom W.
Theerakulpisut P.
2020 Chiang Mai Journal of Science
3 (47), pp. 431-440
174. Does Colectomy Improve Type 2 Diabetes? Punchai S. 2020 Obesity Surgery
6 (30), pp. 2429-2433
175. Does the Export-led Growth Hypothesis Hold for Myanmar? Charoenrat T. 2020 Global Business Review
(), pp.
176. Doping effect of manganese on the structural and electrochemical properties of Li<inf>2</inf>FeSiO<inf>4</inf> cathode materials for rechargeable Li-ion batteries Wiriya N.
Srilomsak S.
Meethong N.
Limphirat W.
2020 Radiation Physics and Chemistry
(171), pp.
177. DP-4-colorability of planar graphs without adjacent cycles of given length Nakprasit K. 2020 Discrete Applied Mathematics
(277), pp. 245-251
178. Dried rumen digesta pellet can enhance nitrogen utilization in thai native, wagyu-crossbred cattle fed rice straw based diets Cherdthong A. 2020 Animals
1 (10), pp.
179. Dual-responsive shape memory and self-healing ability of a novel copolymer from epoxy/cashew nut shell liquid and polycaprolactone Kasemsiri P.
Jetsrisuparb K.
Knijnenburg J.T.
Chindaprasirt P.
2020 Polymer Testing
(81), pp.
180. Dynamic coordinated scheduling for supply chain under uncertain production time to empower smart production for Industry 3.5 Jamrus T. 2020 Computers and Industrial Engineering
(142), pp.
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