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12121. Stigmatizing attitudes toward people living with HIV among general adult Thai population: Results from the 5<sup>th</sup> Thai National Health Examination Survey (NHES) Kessomboon P.
Taneepanichskul S.
Aekplakorn W.
2017 PLoS ONE
11 (12), pp.
12122. Stochastic forward-looking prediction for entropy-based multimodal fused data Wongthanavasu S. 2017 Journal of Internet Technology
4 (18), pp. 935-943
12123. Strain gauge based sensor for real-time truck freight monitoring Saengprachatanarug K.
Kamwilaisak K.
2017 Engineering and Applied Science Research
4 (44), pp. 208-213
12124. Strength and behaviour of small-scale reinforced high calcium fly ash geopolymer concrete beam with short shear span Topark-Ngarm P.
Chindaprasirt P.
Sata V.
2017 Key Engineering Materials
(718), pp. 191-195
12125. Structural and physical properties of Ge-doped CuCrO<inf>2</inf> delafossite oxide Thongbai P.
Kamwanna T.
2017 Ceramics International
(43), pp. S417-S422
12126. Structure, characterization, and magnetic/ electrochemical properties of Ni-doped BiFeO<inf>3</inf> nanoparticles Prasoetsopha N.
Pinitsoontorn S.
Maensiri S.
2017 Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
1 (8), pp.
12127. Study of CO<inf>2</inf> adsorption on iron oxide doped MCM-41 Youngme S. 2017 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
(245), pp. 8-15
12128. Subsets of inflammatory cytokine gene polymorphisms are associated with risk of carcinogenic liver fluke opisthorchis viverrini-associated advanced periductal fibrosis and cholangiocarcinoma Surapaitoon A.
Suttiprapa S.
Mairiang E.
Khuntikeo N.
Pairojkul C.
Bethony J.M.
Brindley P.J.
Sripa B.
2017 Korean Journal of Parasitology
3 (55), pp. 295-304
12129. Subtype identification of human Blastocystis spp. isolated from Lao People's Democratic Republic Sanpool O.
Laymanivong S.
Thanchomnang T.
Sadaow L.
Phosuk I.
Maleewong W.
Intapan P.M.
2017 Acta Tropica
(168), pp. 37-40
12130. Successful treatment of chrysosporium keratitis with voriconazole Thanathanee O.
Bhoomibunchoo C.
Anutarapongpan O.
Suwan-Apichon O.
Yospaiboon Y.
2017 International Medical Case Reports Journal
(10), pp. 93-95
12131. Suitable Study of CBG Fuel by Considering in Wobbe Index from Compressed Bio-Methane Gas Plant, Khon Kaen University, Thailand Benjapiyaporn C.
Jongpluempiti J.
Vengsungnle P.
2017 Energy Procedia
(138), pp. 278-281
12132. Sulforaphene in Raphanus sativus L. var. caudatus Alef increased in late-bolting stage as well as anticancer activity Pocasap P.
Weerapreeyakul N.
Tanthanuch W.
Thumanu K.
2017 Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine
11 (7), pp. 998-1004
12133. <sup>1</sup>H NMR-based metabolomics approach reveals metabolic alterations in response to dietary imbalances in Megalobrama amblycephala Prisingkorn W. 2017 Metabolomics
2 (13), pp.
12134. Supplementary irrigation for cassava planted in the late rainy season of Northeastern Thailand Polthanee A.
Srisutham M.
2017 Asian Journal of Crop Science
4 (9), pp. 100-108
12135. Supplementing rooster sperm with Cholesterol-Loaded-Cyclodextrin improves fertility after cryopreservation Chankitisakul V.
Vongpralub T.
2017 Cryobiology
(74), pp. 8-12
12136. Supporting skill acquisition in cochlear implant surgery through virtual reality simulation Wijewickrema S.N.R.
Zhou Y.
Piromchai P.
2017 Cochlear Implants International
2 (18), pp. 89-96
12137. Suppression of mRNAs encoding CD63 family tetraspanins from the carcinogenic liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini results in distinct tegument phenotypes Hipkaeo W.
Piratae S.
Sotillo J.
Smout M.J.
Sripa B.
Brindley P.J.
Loukas A.C.
Laha T.
2017 Scientific Reports
1 (7), pp.
12138. Surface barrier layer effect in (In + Nb) co-doped TiO<inf>2</inf> ceramics: An alternative route to design low dielectric loss Thongbai P.
Maensiri S.
2017 Journal of the American Ceramic Society
4 (100), pp. 1452-1459
12139. Survivability of immobilized Lactobacillus plantarum cells within bacterial cellulose in mamao juice Leenanon B. 2017 International Food Research Journal
3 (24), pp. 939-949
12140. Sustainability of Space for Creating Income (SCI) in Row House Type: Supporting Earning Activities, Material Utilization Tonmitr N. 2017 Energy Procedia
(118), pp. 248-252
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