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12141. Sustainable Solvents (Perspectives from Research, Business and International Policy) Hunt A.J. 2017 RSC Green Chemistry
49 (2017-January), pp. 1-358
12142. Sweet Sorghum and Upland Rice: Alternative Preceding Crops to Ameliorate Ethanol Production and Soil Sustainability Within the Sugarcane Cropping System Toomsan B.
Kaewpradit W.
2017 Sugar Tech
1 (19), pp. 64-71
12143. Synergistic effect of forbesione from Garcinia hanburyi in combination with 5-fluorouracil on cholangiocarcinoma Hahnvajanawong C.
Boonmars T.
Wattanawongdon W.
Salao K.
Wongwajana S.
Anantachoke N.
Reutrakul V.
2017 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
12 (18), pp. 3343-3351
12144. Synthesis and characterization of electroactive Gellan gum spongy-like hydrogels for skeletal muscle tissue engineering applications Srisuk P.
Correlo V.M.
2017 Tissue Engineering - Part A
17-18 (23), pp. 1-12
12145. Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic Sm-doped BiFeO<inf>3</inf> nanopowders and their bulk dielectric properties Thongbai P.
Yamwong T.
Maensiri S.
2017 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
(437), pp. 51-61
12146. Synthesis and magnetic properties of bacterial cellulose-ferrite (MFe2O4, M = Mn, Co, Ni, Cu) nanocomposites prepared by co-precipitation method Mongkolthanaruk W.
Pinitsoontorn S.
2017 Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
3 (8), pp.
12147. Synthesis and optical properties of MnS-ZnS and MnS-CdS nanoparticles in montmorillonite Kabilaphat J.
Poosimma P.
Khaorapapong N.
2017 Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
2 (17), pp. 1420-1427
12148. Synthesis, characterization and performance validation of hybrid cation exchanger containing hydrated ferric oxide nanoparticles (HCIX-Fe) for lead removal from battery manufacturing wastewater Praipipat P.
Padungthon S.
2017 Key Engineering Materials
(718), pp. 67-71
12149. Synthesis of low-temperature calcium sulfoaluminate-belite cements from industrial wastes and their hydration: Comparative studies between lignite fly ash and bottom ash Rungchet A.
Chindaprasirt P.
Pimraksa K.
2017 Cement and Concrete Composites
(83), pp. 10-19
12150. Synthesis of polypropylene fiber/high-calcium fly ash geopolymer with outdoor heat exposure Chindaprasirt P.
Rattanasak U.
2017 Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
7 (19), pp. 1985-1992
12151. Synthesis of Silica-supported Nanoiron for Cr(VI) Removal: Application of Box-Behnken Statistical Design (BBD) Tanboonchuy V. 2017 Sains Malaysiana
4 (46), pp. 655-665
12152. Synthesis, thermodynamic and kinetic studies of the formation of LiMnPO<inf>4</inf> from a new Mn(H<inf>2</inf>PO<inf>2</inf>)<inf>2</inf>·H<inf>2</inf>O precursor Noisong P.
Danvirutai C.
2017 Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
1 (129), pp. 123-134
12153. System dynamics modelling for BIM adoption in Thai architectural and engineering design industry Ngowtanasuwan G. 2017 Construction Innovation
4 (17), pp. 457-474
12154. Systemic abnormalities associated with retinal vein occlusion in young patients Sinawat S.
Ratanapakorn T.
Sinawat S.
Yospaiboon Y.
2017 Clinical Ophthalmology
(11), pp. 441-447
12155. System-wide analysis of health financing equity in Cambodia: A study protocol Asante A.D.
Limwattananon S.
Jan S.
2017 BMJ Global Health
1 (2), pp.
12156. Targeting hexokinase II as a possible therapy for cholangiocarcinoma Seubwai W.
Phoomak C.
Cha'on U.
Boonmars T.
Wongkham S.
2017 Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
2 (484), pp. 409-415
12157. Taurine supplementation ameliorates the adverse effects of perinatal taurine depletion and high sugar intake on cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury of adult female rats Kulthinee S.
Michael Wyss J.
Roysommuti S.
2017 Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
(975), pp. 741-755
12158. Taurine supplementation reduces renal nerve activity in male rats in which renal nerve activity was increased by a high sugar diet Kulthinee S.
Wyss J.M.
Roysommuti S.
2017 Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
(975), pp. 27-37
12159. Taxonomy and phylogenetic position of Fimbristylis fusiformis, a new species of Cyperaceae from Thailand Chantaranothai P. 2017 Blumea: Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Plant Geography
1 (62), pp. 47-52
12160. Taxonomy for the Design and Development of Learning Environments to Enhance Digital Literacy in Higher Education Somabut A.
Chaijaroen S.
2017 Proceedings - 2017 6th IIAI International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics, IIAI-AAI 2017
(), pp. 774-779
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