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15821. Root characteristics of individual tillers and the relationships with above-ground growth and dry matter accumulation in sugarcane Songsri P.
Jongrungklang N.
2020 Pakistan Journal of Botany
1 (52), pp. 101-109
15822. Root-zone cooling by cold energy from LNG regasification process for quality improvement of flower and bulb of Hippeastrum Hongpakdee P. 2020 Horticulture Environment and Biotechnology
(), pp.
15823. Safety of retigabine in adults with partial-onset seizures after long-term exposure: focus on unexpected ophthalmological and dermatological events Tiamkao S. 2020 Epilepsy and Behavior
(102), pp.
15824. Screening and characterisation of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) producing lactic acid bacteria isolated from Thai fermented fish (Plaa-som) in Nong Khai and its application in Thai fermented vegetables (Som-pak) Tanamool V.
Hongsachart P.
Hongsachart P.
Soemphol W.
2020 Food Science and Technology
2 (40), pp. 483-490
15825. Searching for ‘pockets of effectiveness’ in weak governance states: Preliminary examination of the securities and exchange commission of Myanmar Draper J. 2020 Australian Journal of Public Administration
2 (79), pp. 225-241
15826. Seasonal population dynamics and a role as natural vector of Leucocytozoon of black fly, Simulium chumpornense Takaoka &amp; Kuvangkadilok Pramual P.
Tangkawanit U.
2020 Acta Tropica
(211), pp.
15827. Seasonal variation in lycopene and β-carotene content in Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) spreng. (gac fruit) genotypes Songsri P.
Suriharn B.
Lertrat K.
Lomthaisong K.
Patanothai A.
2020 Pakistan Journal of Botany
1 (52), pp. 235-241
15828. Secrecy Performance in the Internet of Things: Optimal Energy Harvesting Time Under Constraints of Sensors and Eavesdroppers So-In C. 2020 Mobile Networks and Applications
1 (25), pp. 193-210
15829. Seed priming with hydrogen peroxide alleviates the effects of drought stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings Pattanagul W. 2020 Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca
1 (48), pp. 273-283
15830. Self-adaptive many-objective meta-heuristic based on decomposition for many-objective conceptual design of a fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle Panagant N.
Pholdee N.
Bureerat S.
2020 Aerospace Science and Technology
(100), pp.
15831. Self-calibrating sensor with logic gate operation for anthrax biomarker based on nanoscaled bimetallic lanthanoid MOF Othong J.
Boonmak J.
Jungsuttiwong S.
Youngme S.
2020 Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
(316), pp.
15832. Self-care ability among the community-dwelling elderly: A qualitative study in the community context of Khon Kaen province, Thailand Kuhirunyaratn P. 2020 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
4 (103), pp. 337-345
15833. Serum coiled-coil domain containing 25 protein as a potential screening/diagnostic biomarker for cholangiocarcinoma Proungvitaya T.
Limpaiboon T.
Jusakul A.
Titapun A.
Patrakitkomjorn S.
2020 Oncology Letters
1 (19), pp. 930-942
15834. SET index forecast using bayesian belief networks Wongthanavasu S. 2020 KST 2020 - 2020 12th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology
(), pp. 30-35
15835. Severe thalassemia syndrome caused by Hemoglobin Pak Num Po AEBart’s disease: A hematological, molecular, and diagnostic aspects Singha K.
Wiangnon S.
Fucharoen G.
Jetsrisuparb A.
Komwilaisak P.
Fucharoen S.P.
2020 International Journal of Laboratory Hematology
4 (42), pp. e173-e176
15836. Significant enhancement of dielectric permittivity and percolation behaviour of La<inf>2-: X</inf>Sr<inf>x</inf>NiO<inf>4</inf>/poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites with different Sr doping concentrations Meeporn K.
Thongbai P.
2020 RSC Advances
5 (10), pp. 2747-2756
15837. Significantly improved non-ohmic and giant dielectric response in CaCu<inf>3</inf>Ti<inf>4</inf>O<inf>12</inf>ceramics by incorporating Portland cement Phromviyo N.
Thongbai P.
Amornkitbamrung V.
Chindaprasirt P.
2020 Materials Research Express
6 (7), pp.
15838. Simple magnetization of Fe<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf>/MIL-53(Al)-NH<inf>2</inf> for a rapid vortex-assisted dispersive magnetic solid-phase extraction of phenol residues in water samples Boontongto T.
Burakham R.
2020 Journal of Separation Science
(), pp.
15839. Simultaneous determination of Hg(II) and Cu(II) in water samples using fluorescence quenching sensor of N-doped and N,K co-doped graphene quantum dots Chanthai S. 2020 Arabian Journal of Chemistry
2 (13), pp. 3714-3723
15840. Simultaneous manganese adsorption and biotransformation by Streptomyces violarus strain SBP1 cell-immobilized biochar Supanchaiyamat N.
Hunt A.J.
Ngernyen Y.
Ratpukdi T.
2020 Science of the Total Environment
(713), pp.
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