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21. A Lung Granuloma Case Possibly Associated with a Working Environment: A Case Report Chaiear N.
Samerpitak K.
Intarawichian P.
Wonglakorn L.
2021 Safety and Health at Work
(), pp.
22. A manganese hexacyanoferrate framework with enlarged ion tunnels and two-species redox reaction for aqueous Al-ion batteries Kaewmaraya T. 2021 Nano Energy
(84), pp.
23. A mean extragradient method for solving variational inequalities Nimana N. 2021 Symmetry
3 (13), pp.
24. Amino acid, phytochemical compositions and antioxidant activity of inky cap mushroom (coprinus radiata) Kraiklang R.
Mahaweerawat U.
Somdee T.
2021 Asian Journal of Chemistry
1 (33), pp. 53-56
25. Amino-based magneto-polymeric-modified mixed iron hydroxides for magnetic solid phase extraction of phenol residues in environmental samples Burakham R. 2021 Journal of Chromatography A
(1643), pp.
26. A mobile game-based learning system with personalised conceptual level and mastery learning approach to promoting students' learning perceptions and achievements Panjaburee P.
Srisawasdi N.
2021 International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation
1 (15), pp. 29-49
27. Analysis of Daily Variation for 3 and for 30 Days of Parasite-Specific IgG in Urine for Diagnosis of Strongyloidiasis by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Eamudomkarn C.
Kopolrat K.
Sithithaworn J.
Laha T.
Sithithaworn P.
2021 Acta Tropica
(218), pp.
28. Analysis of measles vaccination refusal on social media (Facebook) among anti-vaccine communities in Indonesia Rungreangkulkij S. 2021 Kesmas
1 (16), pp. 21-27
29. Analysis of precipitation and streamflow data for drought assessment in an unregulated watershed Lohpaisankrit W. 2021 Environment and Natural Resources Journal
2 (19), pp. 112-121
30. Analysis of the Genetic Effects to Frogs (Fejervarya limnocharis) after Acute Lead Exposure in Vivo Tengjaroenkul B.
Boonmee S.
Neeratanaphan L.
2021 Nature Environment and Pollution Technology
1 (20), pp. 105-112
31. Analyzing the rotational motion of a rectangular board via smartphone sensors: A conservation-of-mechanical-energy approach Pimanpang S. 2021 Physics Education
2 (56), pp.
32. An economic assessment of the information system for the surveillance of liver fluke and cholangiocarcinoma of the fluke free Thailand project (Isan cohort) Saiyut P. 2021 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
1 (26), pp.
33. An efficient distributed algorithm for target-coverage preservation in wireless sensor networks So-In C. 2021 Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications
2 (14), pp. 453-466
34. An energy-efficient fuzzy-based scheme for unequal multihop clustering in wireless sensor networks So-In C. 2021 Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing
1 (12), pp. 873-895
35. An epidemic prediction from analysis of a combined HIV-COVID-19 co-infection model via ABC-fractional operator Nonlaopon K. 2021 Alexandria Engineering Journal
3 (60), pp. 2979-2995
36. Anesthetic efficiency of Spilanthes acmella on anesthesia, haematocrit and histopathology of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Rujinanont N. 2021 AACL Bioflux
2 (14), pp. 695-703
37. A new species of rangabradya (Copepoda, harpacticoida, ectinosomatidae) from a cave in satun province, southern thailand Boonyanusith C.
Athibai S.
2021 ZooKeys
(1009), pp. 45-66
38. An improved cellular automata-based classifier with soft decision Wongthanavasu S. 2021 Journal of Internet Technology
6 (21), pp. 1701-1715
39. An Inconvenient Truth of Clinical Assessment and Indocyanine Green Angiography Precise Marking for Indeterminate Burn Excision Surakunprapha P.
Jenwitheesuk K.
Winaikosol K.
2021 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open
(), pp.
40. An internal class III PDZ binding motif in HPV16 E6* protein is required for Dlg degradation activity Vaeteewoottacharn K. 2021 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects
5 (1865), pp.
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