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481. The effects of foot reflexology on blood pressure and heart rate: A randomized clinical trial in stage-2 hypertensive patients Kotruchin P.
Mitsungnern T.
2021 Journal of Clinical Hypertension
3 (23), pp. 680-686
482. The first report of the effect of glyphosate on chromosomal aberrations in the threatened sapgreen stream frog (Sylvirana nigrovittata) in vivo Chukanhom K.
Tengjaroenkul B.
Neeratanaphan L.
2021 International Journal of Environmental Studies
2 (78), pp. 319-331
483. The immediate effect of the abdominal drawing-in maneuver technique on stature change in seated sedentary workers with chronic low back pain Puntumetakul R.
Neubert M.S.
Boucaut R.
2021 Ergonomics
1 (64), pp. 55-68
484. The impact of Logistics 4.0 on corporate sustainability: a performance assessment of automated warehouse operations Sureeyatanapas P. 2021 Benchmarking
(), pp.
485. The impacts of macroeconomic and financial indicators on stock market index: Evidence from Thailand Wianwiwat S. 2021 International Journal of Trade and Global Markets
2 (14), pp. 197-205
486. The importance of community perceptions and capacity building in payment for ecosystems services: A case study at Phu Kao, Thailand Pagdee A. 2021 Ecosystem Services
(47), pp.
487. The influences of travel expenses on the indicator factors of sustainability in gms member countries Nonthapot S. 2021 Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism
1 (12), pp. 233-242
488. The Menger algebra of terms induced by order-decreasing transformations Changphas T. 2021 Communications in Algebra
(), pp.
489. The most appropriate titanium mesh cage size for anterior spinal reconstruction after single-level lumbar total en bloc spondylectomy: a finite element analysis and cadaveric validation study Paholpak P.
Sirichativapee W.
Wisanuyotin T.
Kosuwon W.
2021 Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research
1 (16), pp.
490. The Outstanding Features of Innovative Riceberry Product Influence on Purchasing Intention of Elderly Consumers in Thailand Jaroenwanit P. 2021 GMSARN International Journal
1 (15), pp. 21-26
491. The perioperative and anesthetic adverse events in Thailand (PAAd Thai) study of anesthetic equipment malfunction or failure: An analysis of 2,206 incident reports Sriraj W.
Punjasawadwong Y.
2021 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
2 (104), pp. 286-292
492. The Phase Structure, Microstructure, Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of 0.99(K<inf>0.45</inf>Na<inf>0.52</inf>Li<inf>0.03</inf>)(Nb<inf>0.94</inf>Sb<inf>0.06</inf>)O<inf>3</inf>-0.01BiScO<inf>3</inf> Ceramics with NiO Doping Pinitsoontorn S.
Bongkarn T.
2021 Integrated Ferroelectrics
1 (214), pp. 56-68
493. The prevalence of anconeus epitrochlearis muscle and Osborne's ligament in cubital tunnel syndrome patients and healthy individuals: An anatomical study with meta-analysis Chaiyamoon A. 2021 Surgeon
(), pp.
494. Therapeutic dosage ranges and chronic adverse effects of tacrolimus in thai kidney transplant patients Vannaprasaht S.
Preechagoon Y.
2021 International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics
Special Issue 1 (13), pp. 13-16
495. Thermodynamics and kinetics of cationic/anionic dyes adsorption on cross-linked chitosan Chanajaree R.
Sriuttha M.
Wittayanarakul K.
Wittayanarakul K.
2021 Journal of Molecular Liquids
(322), pp.
Punrattanasin P.
2021 International Journal of GEOMATE
81 (20), pp. 162-170
497. The use of functional performance tests by primary health-care providers to determine walking ability with and without awalking device in community-dwelling elderly Suwannarat P.
Kaewsanmung S.
Thaweewannakij T.
Amatachaya S.
2021 Physiotherapy Theory and Practice
1 (37), pp. 64-72
498. The use of lower limb loading ability as an indicator for independence and safety in ambulatory individuals with spinal cord injury Amatachaya P.
Thaweewannakij T.
Manimmanakorn N.
Mato L.
Amatachaya S.
2021 European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
1 (57), pp. 85-91
499. The utility of upper limb loading device in determining optimal walking ability in ambulatory individuals with spinal cord injury Amatachaya P.
Arayawichanon P.
Thaweewannakij T.
Amatachaya S.
2021 Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal
1 (41), pp. 55-63
500. Three-dimensional ultrastructure reconstruction of tendinous components at the bifurcation of the bovine superficial digital flexor tendon using array and STEM tomographies Tangkawattana P.
Ueda H.
Watanabe T.
2021 Journal of Anatomy
1 (238), pp. 63-72
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