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Title Authors Year Publication name < 2017 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 รวม
41. An interpretation of a simple portal dark matter model on Fermi-LAT gamma-ray excess Pongkitivanichkul C. 2021 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
1 (1719), pp.
42. A novel chaotic Henry gas solubility optimization algorithm for solving real-world engineering problems Pholdee N.
Panagant N.
Bureerat S.
2021 Engineering with Computers
(), pp.
43. A novel comprehensive metric to assess effectiveness of COVID-19 testing: Inter-country comparison and association with geography, government, and policy response Kuster A.C. 2021 PLoS ONE
3 (16), pp.
44. A Novel Feature Selection Method for High-Dimensional Mixed Decision Tables Wongthanavasu S. 2021 IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
(), pp.
45. Anti-metastatic effects of cationic KT2 peptide (a Lysine/Tryptophan-rich peptide) on human melanoma A375.S2 cells Boonsiri P.
Daduang S.
Rungsa P.
Tavichakorntrakool R.
Tavichakorntrakool R.
Daduang J.
2021 In Vivo
1 (35), pp. 215-227
46. Anti-mucin 1 chimeric antigen receptor T cells for adoptive T cell therapy of cholangiocarcinoma Sujjitjoon J.
Chieochansin T.
Wongkham S.
Junking M.
Yenchitsomanus P.
2021 Scientific Reports
1 (11), pp.
47. An Unusual Case of Odynophagia Piromchai P. 2021 Dysphagia
1 (36), pp. 157-158
48. A plant-derived TRPV3 inhibitor suppresses pain and itch Boonyarat C. 2021 British Journal of Pharmacology
7 (178), pp. 1669-1683
49. Application of a rainfall-runoff model for flood generation in the Huai Sangka Catchment, Thailand Lohpaisankrit W. 2021 Engineering and Applied Science Research
2 (48), pp. 121-130
50. A randomized, double blind clinical study to assess the effects of a gamma-oryzanol-enriched rice bran oil on lipid profile in the hypercholesterolemic patients Phunikom K.
Sattayasai J.
Tiamkao S.
Gaysonsiri D.
2021 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
2 (104), pp. S64-S69
51. A review of climate-change impact and adaptation studies for the water sector in Thailand Srisutham M. 2021 Environmental Research Letters
2 (16), pp.
52. Aromatic glycosides from Eulophia andamanensis Ruchirawat S.
Kanchanapoom T.
2021 Phytochemistry Letters
(42), pp. 24-26
53. Artificial intelligence development for detecting prostate cancer in MRI Aphinives C.
Aphinives P.
2021 Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
1 (52), pp.
54. Artificial neural network with histogram data time series forecasting: A least squares approach based on wasserstein distance Zhu K. 2021 Studies in Computational Intelligence
(897), pp. 351-362
55. A simple and sensitive colorimetric sensor for cadmium (II) detection based on self-assembled trimethyl tetradecyl ammonium bromide and murexide on colloidal silica Mukdasai K.
Santaladchaiyakit Y.
Srijaranai S.
Mukdasai S.
2021 Microchemical Journal
(160), pp.
56. A simple numerical scheme for generation of weighting factors for multiobjective optimisation Bureerat S.
Pholdee N.
2021 Soft Computing
2 (25), pp. 1631-1646
57. Assessing antiepileptic drugs in women with epilepsy during pregnancy in srinagarind hospital, Khon Kaen University, Thailand Tiamkao S.
Phunikom K.
2021 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
2 (104), pp. S77-S80
58. Assessing students' satisfaction towards agricultural learning services of the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Borisutdhi Y. 2021 International Journal of Agricultural Technology
1 (17), pp. 103-114
59. Assessing the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) via the Quintuple Helix Innovation Framework, with Special Regard to Smart City Discourse, Civil Participation, and Environmental Performance Wongthanavasu S.
Kamnuansilpa P.
Draper J.
2021 International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development
1 (13), pp. 97-116
60. Associated factors of early-onset pulmonary hypertension and clinical difference between early- and late-onset pulmonary hypertension in Thai systemic sclerosis Pussadhamma B.
Mahakkanukrauh A.
Suwannaroj S.
Nanagara R.
Foocharoen C.
2021 Modern Rheumatology
3 (31), pp. 649-656
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