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1. 1′-Acetoxychavicol Acetate from Alpinia galanga Represses Proliferation and Invasion, and Induces Apoptosis via HER2-signaling in Endocrine-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells Mahalapbutr P. 2022 Planta Medica
2 (88), pp. 163-178
2. 2,5-Diethyl-2,5-Dimethyloxolane (DEDMO) as a Nonpolar, Nonperoxide-Forming Ether Solvent for Organic Synthesis Sangon S.
Supanchaiyamat N.
2022 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
14 (10), pp. 4486-4493
3. 3D Silk Fibroin-Gelatin/Hyaluronic Acid/Heparan Sulfate Scaffold Enhances Expression of Stemness and EMT Markers in Cholangiocarcinoma Wongwattanakul M.
Daduang J.
Limpaiboon T.
2022 In Vivo
3 (36), pp. 1155-1167
4. Abundant solitary wave solutions to a perturbed Schrödinger equation with Kerr law nonlinearity via a novel approach Nonlaopon K. 2022 Results in Physics
(35), pp.
5. Acalypha indica-induced transient glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency with acute haemolysis Teawtrakul N.
Mitsungnern T.
2022 BMJ case reports
3 (15), pp.
6. Achieving robustness across different ages and cultivars for an NIRS-PLSR model of fresh cassava root starch and dry matter content Maraphum K.
Saengprachatanarug K.
Wongpichet S.
Posom J.
2022 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
(196), pp.
7. Acid and alkali modifications of tapioca starches: Physicochemical characterizations and evaluations for use in tablets
Pongjanyakul T.
2022 Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
(68), pp.
8. Acidogenic phase anaerobic digestion of pretreated sugarcane filter cake for co-digestion with biogas effluent to enhance the methane production
Sittijunda S.
Reungsang A.
2022 Fuel
(310), pp.
9. A comparison of pre-service teachers’ variable misconceptions in various computer-programming preferences: findings to teacher education course Panjaburee P.
Srisawasdi N.
2022 Journal of Computers in Education
2 (9), pp. 149-172
10. A comparison of surgical site infections in children after stoma reversal between purse-string and linear closure
Chusilp S.
Tanming P.
Areemit S.
2022 Pediatric Surgery International
1 (38), pp. 149-156
11. A comparison of using a smartphone versus a surgical microscope for microsurgical anastomosis in a non-living model Jianmongkol S. 2022 Archives of Plastic Surgery
1 (49), pp. 121-126
12. A comprehensive mathematical structuring of magnetically effected Sutterby fluid flow immersed in dually stratified medium under boundary layer approximations over a linearly stretched surface Botmart T. 2022 Alexandria Engineering Journal
12 (61), pp. 11889-11898
13. A COVID-19 disruption: The great acceleration of digitally planned and transformed behaviors in Thailand Naruetharadhol P. 2022 Technology in Society
(68), pp.
14. Acroquinolones A and B, two polyphenolic isoprenylated acetophenone-quinolone hybrids with anti-proliferative activities from Acronychia pedunculata (L.) Miq Lekphrom R.
Senawong T.
2022 Natural Product Research
11 (36), pp. 2743-2752
15. A Cross-Sectional Study on the Quality of Life in Women with Endometrioma Amnatbuddee S.
Temtanakitpaisan T.
Buppasiri P.
2022 International Journal of Women's Health
(14), pp. 9-14
16. Activated carbons derived from sugarcane bagasse for high-capacitance electrical double layer capacitors Phakkhawan A.
Horprathum M.
Nijpanich S.
Pimanpang S.
Klangtakai P.
Amornkitbamrung V.
2022 Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
2 (33), pp. 663-674
17. Activity of 3,19-isopropylidinyl andrographolide against herpes simplex virus type 1 in an animal model Pientong C.
Aromdee C.
Suebsasana S.
Khunkitti W.
Proyrungroj K.
Ekalaksananan T.
2022 Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy
(30), pp. 1-7
18. Acute effects of whole body vibration and weighted vest on muscle strength and balance in elderly Manimmanakorn N.N.
Manimmanakorn A.
2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
1 (27), pp.
19. Adapting Fleming-Type Learning Style Classifications to Deaf Student Behavior Kokaew U. 2022 Sustainability (Switzerland)
8 (14), pp.
20. Adaptive multiple imputations of missing values using the class center Phiwhorm K.
Saikaew C.
Polpinit P.
Saikaew K.R.
2022 Journal of Big Data
1 (9), pp.
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