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Title Authors Year Publication name < 2018 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 รวม
1. A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Online Soft Drink Advertisements Suphaborwornrat W.
Punkasirikul P.
2022 LEARN Journal: Language Education and Acquisition Research Network
1 (15), pp. 627-653
2. ASEAN Policy Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic: Adaptation and Experimentation Policy: A Study of ASEAN Countries Policy Volatility for COVID-19 Pandemic Purnomo E.P.
Agustiyara A.
Nurmandi A.
Dewi A.
Rosa E.M.
Bayu A.H.
Erviana R.
2022 SAGE Open
1 (12), pp.
3. Collaborative governance for forest land use policy implementation and development Roengtam S.
Agustiyara A.
2022 Cogent Social Sciences
1 (8), pp.
4. Complex Citizenship from Below among Cross-border Families in a Thai-Lao Border Community Phukongchai P.
Lapanun P.
Suppatkul P.
2022 Journal of Mekong Societies
1 (18), pp. 198-223
5. Contemporary and future research of digital humanities: a scientometric analysis Chansanam W.
Ahmad A.R.
Li C.
2022 Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
2 (11), pp. 1143-1156
6. Developing a faculty-librarian collaboration model to support teaching and research at Vietnamese universities Tuamsuk K.
Nguyen T.L.
2022 Library Management
1-2 (43), pp. 93-107
7. Digital learning ecosystem at educational institutions: A content analysis of scholarly discourse Nguyen T.L.
Tuamsuk K.
2022 Cogent Education
1 (9), pp.
8. Factors influencing employee engagement towards the organisation of Thai university personnel Ayuwat D.
Hong-Ngam J.
Narongchai W.
Samorna S.
Pasuta K.
Kingsawat K.
Thinpru S.
Sonman K.
Auraiampai N.
2022 International Journal of Business and Globalisation
2 (30), pp. 232-245
9. Factors Influencing New Media Exposure of Political News by Youths in Isan Society Jitsaeng K.
Chaikhambung J.
2022 Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice
2 (10), pp. 86-101
10. How Actor-Networks Work in Community Adaptation under Special Economic Zone Development: A Case Study of Mukdahan, Thailand Thammawat P.
Chamaratana T.
2022 Journal of Mekong Societies
2 (18), pp. 191-213
11. Institution of organisation and organic Jasmine rice production extension of the district agriculture offices in Thung Kularonghai Nityasuiddhi P. 2022 International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management
3 (9), pp. 322-340
12. Korean-popular Facebook fan page analytics in Thailand Chansanam W.
Tuamsuk K.
Kwiecien K.
Oh S.G.
2022 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
5 (12), pp. 5291-5303
13. Male and Female Language in the Openings of Short Stories: A Transitivity Approach<sup>1</sup> Jittho A.
Tongpoon-Patanasorn A.
2022 Journal of Mekong Societies
1 (18), pp. 175-197
14. Meishan scroll paintings and ancestor worship of the Flat Land Yao people in Gongcheng Yao Autonomous District, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China Liao F.
Apirating P.
Kotchapakdee P.
Buarabha H.
2022 Asian Ethnicity
3 (23), pp. 541-555
15. Metacognitive Knowledge in Performing a Speaking Task: A Report From High and Low Proficient Thai University Students Thawarom T.
Wilang J.D.
Singhasiri W.
2022 Journal of Language Teaching and Research
3 (13), pp. 609-619
16. Metadata Integration Framework for Data Integration of Socio-Cultural Anthropology Digital Repositories: A Case Study of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre Buranarach M.
Buranasing W.
Rungcharoensuksri S.
Sarawasee P.
Ngootip T.
Chansanam W.
2022 Informatics
2 (9), pp.
17. Ontology Rules for Library Research Services Recommendation System Ruger Y.
Kabmala M.
Chansanam W.
2022 International Journal of Information and Education Technology
9 (12), pp. 831-839
18. Rethinking free skilled labour migration policies in CLMV countries: a qualitative systematic review Daovisan H.
Phukrongpet P.
Chamaratana T.
2022 Asian Education and Development Studies
4 (11), pp. 617-632
19. Scientometrics of Poverty Research for Sustainability Development: Trend Analysis of the 1964–2022 Data through Scopus Chansanam W.
Li C.
2022 Sustainability (Switzerland)
9 (14), pp.
20. The Association between Linguistic Competence Components and Listening Comprehension of Thai EFL Learners Singhkum S.
Patanasorn C.
2022 Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
2 (14), pp.
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