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501. Physio-biochemical traits in improved ‘KDML105’ jasmine rice lines containing drought and salt tolerance gene under drought and salt stress Pamuta D.
Siangliw M.
Sanitchon J.
Pengrat J.
Siangliw J.L.
Toojinda T.
Theerakulpisut P.
2022 Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research
1 (82), pp. 97-110
502. Physiological and Metabolic Responses of Gac Leaf (Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) Spreng.) to Salinity Stress Jumpa T.
Beckles D.M.
Songsri P.
Pattanagul K.
Pattanagul W.
2022 Plants
19 (11), pp.
503. Physiological and Proteomic Responses of Cassava to Short-Term Extreme Cool and Hot Temperature Santanoo S.
Vongcharoen K.
Banterng P.
Vorasoot N.
Jogloy S.
Roytrakul S.
Theerakulpisut P.
2022 Plants
17 (11), pp.
504. Physiological Responses of Interspecific and Intergeneric Hybrids of Sugarcane under Early Drought Stress Conditions Leanasawat N.
Lontom W.
Songsri P.
Kosittrakun M.
2022 Asian Journal of Plant Sciences
1 (21), pp. 49-55
505. Phytochemicals from twigs of Afzelia xylocarpa and their antioxidation kinetics of oxymyoglobin Pitchuanchom S.
Mahiwan C.
Chotichayapong C.
Kanokmedhakul S.
Poopasit K.
Nontakitticharoen M.
2022 Natural Product Research
10 (36), pp. 2615-2619
506. Planar graphs without mutually adjacent 3-, 5-, and 6-cycles are 3-degenerate Sittitrai P.
Nakprasit K.
2022 Discrete Mathematics
9 (345), pp.
507. Plant Growth Promoting Activities of Spore-Forming and Vegetative Cells of Salt-Tolerant Rhizobacteria under Salinity Condition Kidtook T.
Ekprasert J.
Riddech N.
2022 Environment and Natural Resources Journal
3 (20), pp. 257-265
508. Pleco-based Feedstock for Black Soldier Fly Maggot: Potential Management for Invasive Pleco Fish (Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps) in Tempe Lake, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia Haedar K.A.
Ainurridho M.
Pagdee A.
2022 EnvironmentAsia
2 (15), pp. 152-158
509. Positivity and monotonicity results for discrete fractional operators involving the exponential kernel Mohammed P.O.
Srivastava H.M.
Mahmood S.A.
Nonlaopon K.
Abualnaja K.M.
Hamed Y.S.
2022 Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering
5 (19), pp. 5120-5133
510. Post-Quantum Chebyshev-Type Integral Inequalities for Synchronous Functions Arunrat N.
Nakprasit K.M.
Nonlaopon K.
Agarwal P.
Ntouyas S.K.
2022 Mathematics
3 (10), pp.
511. Post quantum Ostrowski-type inequalities for coordinated convex functions Wannalookkhee F.
Nonlaopon K.
Budak H.
2022 Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
(), pp.
Nonlaopon K.
Tariboon J.
Budak H.
2022 Journal of Mathematical Inequalities
3 (16), pp. 1129-1144
513. Potent Ca<inf>V</inf>3.2 channel inhibitors exert analgesic effects in acute and chronic pain models Kamau P.M.
Li H.
Yao Z.
Han Y.
Luo A.
Zhang H.
Boonyarat C.
Yenjai C.
Mwangi J.
Zeng L.
Yang S.
Lai R.
Lei L.
2022 Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
(153), pp.
514. Preconcentration of triazole fungicides using effervescent assisted switchable hydrophilicity solvent-based microextraction prior to high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis Palasak J.
Buppasang R.
Kachangoon R.
Vichapong J.
Burakham R.
Santaladchaiyakit Y.
Srijaranai S.
2022 Microchemical Journal
(182), pp.
515. Preface Zhang Y.D.
Senjyu T.
So-In C.
Joshi A.
2022 Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
(286), pp. v
516. Preparation, characterizations, dielectric properties and nonlinear behavior of (Na<sup>+</sup><inf>1/3</inf>Ca<sup>2+</sup><inf>1/3</inf>Yb<sup>3+</sup><inf>1/3</inf>)Cu<inf>3</inf>Ti<inf>4</inf>O<inf>12</inf> ceramics Jumpatam J.
Boonlakhorn J.
Putasaeng B.
Chanlek N.
Thongbai P.
2022 Solid State Sciences
(132), pp.
517. Preparation of purified spent coffee ground and its reinforcement in natural rubber composite Tapangnoi P.
Saeoui P.
Naebpetch W.
Siriwong C.
2022 Arabian Journal of Chemistry
7 (15), pp.
518. Preventing extinction in Rastrelliger Brachysoma using an impulsive mathematical model Prathumwan D.
Trachoo K.
Maiaugree W.
Chaiya I.
2022 AIMS Mathematics
1 (7), pp. 1-24
519. Production of 2G and 3G biodiesel, yeast oil, and sulfonated carbon catalyst from waste coconut meal: An integrated cascade biorefinery approach Leesing R.
Somdee T.
Siwina S.
Ngernyen Y.
Fiala K.
2022 Renewable Energy
(199), pp. 1093-1104
520. Production of fructan synthesis/hydrolysis of endophytic bacteria involved in inulin production in Jerusalem artichoke Khamwan S.
Boonlue S.
Mongkolthanaruk W.
2022 3 Biotech
11 (12), pp.
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