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1. A Study on Logistical Distribution Management and Safety in Thailand’s Highway Work Zone: The case of Logistics Drivers Mahasirikul N.
Aksorn P.
Srinavin K.
Ngowtanasuwan G.
2022 Journal of Distribution Science
3 (20), pp. 23-31
2. Government Construction Project Budget Prediction Using Machine Learning Kusonkhum W.
Srinavin K.
Leungbootnak N.
Aksorn P.
Chaitongrat T.
2022 Journal of Advances in Information Technology
1 (13), pp. 29-35
3. Place Identity of Chinese-Thai People in Korat Town<sup>1</sup> Thungsakul N.
Hiranteeyakul M.
2022 Journal of Mekong Societies
1 (18), pp. 28-51
4. The effects of lighting in a long-term care center for visual conditions and illuminance levels on the elderly Seesophon S.
Buranruk O.
Chaiyakul Y.
2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
1 (27), pp.
5. The influencing factors of area-based infrastructure project sustainability in Thailand Aksorn P.
Phansri B.
2022 Environment, Development and Sustainability
(), pp.
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