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1. Acidogenic phase anaerobic digestion of pretreated sugarcane filter cake for co-digestion with biogas effluent to enhance the methane production Wongarmat W.
Sittijunda S.
Mamimin C.
Reungsang A.
2022 Fuel
(310), pp.
2. Anaerobic co-digestion of biogas effluent and sugarcane filter cake for methane production Wongarmat W.
Reungsang A.
Sittijunda S.
Chu C.-Y.
2022 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
3 (12), pp. 901-912
3. An Alternative Approach to Improve the Butanol Production Efficiency from Sweet Sorghum Stem Juice Using Immobilized Cells Combined with an In Situ Gas Stripping System Thanapornsin T.
Laopaiboon P.
Laopaiboon L.
2022 Fermentation
9 (8), pp.
4. An Approach for Incorporating Glycerol as a Co-Substrate into Unconcentrated Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolysate for Improved Lipid Production in Rhodotorula glutinis Ngamsirisomsakul M.
Kongkeitkajorn M.B.
Amnuaypanich S.
Reungsang A.
2022 Fermentation
10 (8), pp.
5. Antioxidant and Anticancer Potential of Bioactive Compounds from Rhinacanthus nasutus Cell Suspension Culture Klanrit P.
Klanrit P.
Phetcharaburanin J.
Thanonkeo P.
Apiraksakorn J.
Klanrit P.
2022 Plants
15 (11), pp.
6. Application of a modified membrane-trapping technique to determine fish microflora species from Thai silver BARB (Barbonymus gonionotus) Phupaboon S.
Ratha J.
Piyatheerawong W.
Yunchalard S.
2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
4 (27), pp.
7. Application of mild-subcritical alkaline water extraction: optimum condition for phenolic antioxidant extracted from cold-pressed defatted KDML 105 rice bran and its phenolic profile Punnongwa W.
Sae-Eaw A.
Sripui J.
Thawornchinsombut S.
2022 Food Research
1 (6), pp. 120-131
8. Assessment of organosolv, hydrothermal, and combined organosolv and hydrothermal with enzymatic pretreatment to increase the production of biogas from Napier grass and Napier silage Jomnonkhaow U.
Sittijunda S.
Reungsang A.
2022 Renewable Energy
(181), pp. 1237-1249
9. Biocircular platform for renewable energy production: Valorization of waste cooking oil mixed with agricultural wastes into biosolid fuels Tumma A.
Dujjanutat P.
Muanruksa P.
Winterburn J.
Kaewkannetra P.
2022 Energy Conversion and Management: X
(15), pp.
10. Biohydrogen and Methane Production from Sugarcane Leaves Pretreated by Deep Eutectic Solvents and Enzymatic Hydrolysis by Cellulolytic Consortia Miftah A.K.
Sittijunda S.
Imai T.
Salakkam A.
Reungsang A.
2022 Fermentation
8 (8), pp.
11. Butanol Production by a Novel Efficient Method Using Mixed Cultures of Clostridium beijerinckii and Arthrobacter sp. in Stirred-Tank and Gas-Lift Bioreactors Daengbussadee C.
Laopaiboon L.
Laopaiboon P.
2022 Fermentation
4 (8), pp.
12. Characterisation and Evaluation of Columnar Basalt Geoheriatge in Thailand: Implication for Geotourism Management in Post-Quarrying Area Singtuen V.
Anumart A.
2022 Quaestiones Geographicae
1 (41), pp. 37-50
13. Characterisation of potholes formed on bedrock sandstones at Loei Dun, Phetchabun Geopark, Thailand Singtuen V.
Junjuer T.
2022 Geologos
1 (28), pp. 39-50
14. Characteristics and nutritional value of silkworm (Bombyx mori) pupae-fortified chicken bread spread Karnjanapratum S.
Kaewthong P.
Indriani S.
Petsong K.
Takeungwongtrakul S.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
15. Cigarette Butts Valorization: Activated Hydrochar for Methylene Blue Removal Phasukarratchai N.
Yattipat B.
Muengkrajang P.
Permpoon S.
Reungsang A.
2022 Chiang Mai Journal of Science
4 (49), pp. 1063-1075
16. Clostridium thailandense sp. nov., a novel CO<inf>2</inf>-reducing acetogenic bacterium isolated from peatland soil Chaikitkaew S.
In-Chan S.
Singkhala A.
Tukanghan W.
Mamimin C.
Reungsang A.
Birkeland N.K.
O-Thong S.
2022 International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
2 (72), pp.
17. Co-digestion of sugarcane bagasse, microalgal biomass and cow dung for biohydrogen and methane production Toinoi N.
Reungsang A.
Salakkam A.
2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
2 (27), pp.
18. Comparison of biodiesel production using a novel porous Zn/Al/Co complex oxide prepared from different methods: Physicochemical properties, reaction kinetic and thermodynamic studies Sun C.
Hu Y.
Sun F.
Sun Y.
Song G.
Chang H.
Lunprom S.
2022 Renewable Energy
(181), pp. 1419-1430
19. Composite flour cracker enriched with banana flour: Formulation optimization and properties Say M.
Fuangpaiboon N.
Hirunsorn P.
Tangwongchai R.
2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
3 (27), pp.
20. Conceptualizing a Gluten-Free Instant Noodle Prototype Using Environmental Sustainability Aspects: A Cross-National Qualitative Study on Thai and Danish Consumers Sae-Eaw A.
Wongsaichia S.
Naruetharadhol P.
Ketkaew C.
2022 Foods
16 (11), pp.
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